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Visits to the Haram Sharif in Makkah


       First of all while visiting the Holy Haram Sharif all the pilgrims should keep their emotions under control. Sudden outburst of emotions has led to difficulties for the pilgrims in past as it can be mistaken as mental disturbances etc. Saudi officials/ police authorities are spread out in the Harm Sharif area, even in the civil dress, and any unusual act is always noticed. Also when caught by the police or the Saudi Authorities the pilgrims should be advised not to speak anything as it may be interpreted against him . The pilgrims should rather insist for the presence of an official from the Indian Haj Mission before speaking anything to these authorities.


      The Haram Sharif at Makkah consists of basement, main floor, first floor and terrace. When the crowd gets bigger even the outside spaces are filled up to a long distance. Pilgrims need to be educated about the use of conveyor belts which are used to carry people to the upper floors and the terrace. Not used to the conveyor belts and by holding on to the railings pilgrims tend to create a stampede like situation and in the process hurt themselves. 


       In the Haram Sharif, pilgrims should always carry a plastic bag to keep their sandals/shoes.  Also they can carry a prayer mat in case there is too much rush and have to offer their prayers in the open or by roadside.   


      Outside the Haram Sharif there are very good toilets and wudukhanas and it is not necessary to go every time to the room to wash and come back for prayers. However, care needs to be taken that during the wudu valuables are not snatched or stolen. The Arabic word for "thief" is "Haraami".  


       Losing the way in the vast Haram Sharief is common with pilgrims. Therefore, while entering the Haram Sharief pilgrims should look around from inside the courtyard. There are five coloured gates leading outside. They must remember the colour or name of the gate which leads to their house in Makkah. This is the easiest way to remember. All the gates of the Haram Sharief are numbered for convenience. In any case, pilgrims in difficulty should look for our Task Force officers who, clad in blue INDIA marked jackets, are throughout ready around the Haram for guiding the pilgrims.



  Visits to the Haram Sharif in Makkah
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