Here are links to the slides from some darcs-related talks given by David Roundy:

  1. [WWW] FOSDEM talk from February 2006. "Implementing the darcs patch formalism ... and verifying it"

    • This talk covers the patch formalism and the use of GADT type witnesses to enforce patch relationships.

      There's also a [WWW] video (270M) of the talk (albeit a bit blurry) available.

  2. [WWW] Haskell Workshop talk from 2005. "Darcs: Distributed Version Management in Haskell"

    • Talks about experiences of darcs with the Haskell language.

  3. [WWW] CUFP talk from 2005. "The Myth and Reality of using Haskell in the 'Real World'".

    • Addresses experiences with finding contributors for darcs, given that it's written in the Haskell language.

(Note: Anyone who cares to would be welcome to write better summaries...)

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