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Welcome to the world of XPilot. You have joined many others in the search for greater understanding. Here you shall find a compilation of information donated by those who enjoy the thrills of international space age battle, one on one or in team combat. You will learn about the many weapons that you might find, how to activate them, and how to use them effectively. You will also find discussions on maps, strategies, compiling and more. Whether you wish to start to learn the game or are a seasoned pilot with many kills to you name, you may find in these pages answers to unsolved questions. Many topics are covered, so you may wish to see the Outline for fast access to particular subjects. You may find unexpected things along the way scattered throughout...we hope you enjoy them.

To start off your tour through XPilot we suggest you view the chapters below which are the entry points to the topics discussed and then move to the Introduction for articles on several subjects including how the manual works. For an overall view the Outline should be your table of contents guide and lists all topics and pages for review at a glance. One more thing to mention, you may be searching for information which may be listed in the Glossary so check there too (it's where you will find an article on Cannons for instance). For those with advanced computer skills see the Quick Start Page in the How to Get Started section.

Any comments, questions, additions, or suggestions are extremely welcome. Use the comments box to send them while you are visiting this page, or send them to us at our addresses.

Enjoy...and watch out for us in XPilot space....

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