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When albums were released on vinyl, you had Side A and Side B. When a single was released from an album, you released it on vinyl as a 45rpm single. The 45 also had a Side A and Side B. Side A was the single you were releasing. Side B was another song off the album usually. Over the years, vinyl has gone out of fashion. When cassette singles were sold, they too had Side A and Side B. Now that singles are released primarily on CDs, there is technically no B-Side… however the terminology remains. Now, any additional tracks (be they demos, live tracks, acoustic versions, unreleased material) that are included on a CD single along with the actual single being released is called a B-side.

All the records previously released by a label which are still available for sale.

The only official fan club for Bon Jovi. Though the name of the fan club mentions Jon Bon Jovi, it is a fan club for the entire group. It is run by Jon Bon Jovi’s mother, "Mrs. B" and is based in New Jersey. There are more than 10,000 members from countries all over the world. Their website is

Actor/Friend. Co-starred with Jon Bon Jovi in the longform video for "Destination Anywhere." Jon has subsequently helped out with Kevin and his brother’s band, The Bacon Brothers.

A general term that includes all necessary guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers, drums, microphone stands and cables. (also known as EquipmenRider A legally binding agreement containing all of the necessary ingredients needed for a successful show. Items include exact details of Artists' flights, ground transportation, hotel rooms, insurance needs, backline, hospitality, production, staging etc. (also known as Contract Rider or Production Rider)

New Jersey based musician who has performed as guitarist in Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, as well as solo artist. Bobby covers guitar duty on Jon Bon Jovi solo projects and appearances, both recorded and live and often works with Jon Bon Jovi and/or Bon Jovi and/or other local NJ musicians on charity events.

After the demo is recorded and chosen to be put on an album, all of the basic elements of the track have to be laid out. Vocals, drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. In Bon Jovi’s case, all the instruments are miked up and the amps are placed in isolation so that the recording is based in the full sound of the studio. Each instrument is recorded seperatley and then added to the recording in layers

A staple in the coaching world of the NFL. Baltimore native is in his 28th year of coaching in the NFL. Joined the Baltimore Colts for one year, the Detroit Lions for 2 years, the Denver Broncos for 1 year and then was on the New York Giants coaching staff under Bill Parcells for twelve years and two Super Bowl Championships. He then was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns becoming the youngest ever head coach in the history of the NFL (he was just 38.) Belichick stayed in Cleveland for five years before rejoining Parcells’ coaching staff at the New England Patriots. He went with Parcells to New York to coach the New York Jets for three years, before heading back up to New England, this time as Head Coach of the Patriot, where he currently remains. Belichick’s Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI and remain a dominating force in the league. Bill Belichick is one of Jon Bon Jovi’s closest friends and it was Bill’s career (the constant ups and downs, wins and losses and headstrong determination) that was the inspiration for the song "Bounce" (in fact, the song is dedicated to Bill Belichick and says so in the album credits.) Belichick is at Bon Jovi shows as often as he’s seen on the sidelines!

Broadcast Music Incorporated; music licensing service

Bon Jovi Management. In 1991, after parting ways with manager, Doc McGhee, Jon Bon Jovi took the reigns and created BJM, for the sole purpose of managing all things Bon Jovi. To this date, BJM handles all Bon Jovi and Jon Bon Jovi related activities.

Given name of Jon Bon Jovi. Prior to signing a record deal, he went by this spelling. Subsequent to signing with Mercury Records, he was professionally known as ‘Jon Bon Jovi.’

Professional name taken by John Bongiovi. Lead singer of Bon Jovi. Has also released two solo albums and established acting career. Born March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Raised in Sayreville, NJ. Currently resides in New Jersey. Married (to Dorothea Hurley) with whom he has 3 children: Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis and Jacob Hurley.

Seeks and contracts employment opportunities for artist - artist pays commission. Booking agents in the world or rock’n’roll are the people whose jobs it is to book concert tours for the artists they represent. Booking agents work with the artists management and local promoters.

The BORGATA is a luxury hotel, casino and spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The state-of-the art billion dollar resort opened in 2003 and will play host to BON JOVI mid-November when the band films their DVD on location.

A stringed musical instruments of Greek descent featuring a thin, long, straight neck and a small sound-box usually is the shape of a pear. They are “Plucked” with a “Penna” or sometimes with the players finger nails. Richie Sambora was introduced to the instrument and used it during the recording of THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT.

Built in 1929, the Beaux Arts construction on Delancey Street in New York City’s Lower East Side has over the years been used as a 3-story theatre, a jewelry store, shoe store, haberdashery, lighting showroom and carpet showroom before it was returned to its luster in 1997 and opened as a venue for contemporary live music performances. Bon Jovi used The Bowery Ballroom as the site of the band’s performance for the "Misunderstood" videoshoot.

Musician. NY based musician who helped create off-Broadway phenomenon of STOMP. Worked as backing vocalist, percussionist on Jon Bon Jovi "Destination Anywhere" solo performances. Subsequently worked with Richie Sambora solo projects and Jon Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi charity/acoustic performances.

Keyboardist for Bon Jovi. Has already released two solo albums and is working on musical theatre projects. Born February 7, 1962. Raised in Edison, New Jersey. Currently resides in New Jersey. Married (wife’s name is April) and has three children: Twins Colton Moon and Gabrielle Luna, and Tyger Lily.

A busker is a street performer… traditionally, it was a mime, a clown, a juggler. Overtime, the people you see on streetcorners and/or subway platforms performing music for change were also considered buskers. Bon Jovi took this practice to the next level… when Bon Jovi perform a casual, acoustic set in a public location, it’s considered a busk. Among the most famous Bon Jovi busks were those at London’s Covent Garden and Moscow’s Red Square. Very proficient in the acoustic set-up, Bon Jovi will often ‘busk’ for radio station appearances, small charity appearances and TV appearances.