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Ohio Bubble Cover

Ohio Bubble, Front View

Ohio Bubble, Side View

This is the Ohio Bubble used in some NIC Units.  The picture isn't the best quality, my apologies.  It is 30.5" long and is 55" from the back over the top and down the front.  It can open from either side.  The pattern below is designed to just sit on the unit and open from either side like the unit itself.  There are no ties on the cover.  This was at the request of the NIC-U nurses... they stated that it would simply be easier to tape the sides as they saw fit.

Ohio Bubble Bassinet Dimensions

Figure 1:  This shows the dimensions of the Ohio Bubble Bassinet.


44/45" wide

1 2/3 yards for part [A]

2/3 yard for part [B]


60" wide

1 yard for part [A]

2/3 yard for part [B]

Ohio Bubble Pattern Layout

Figure 2: 

Sewing: Mark the center top of the arched pieces [B]. From this center mark, measure 9" in both directions around the edge and mark as well. On each long side of [A], mark the center. From this point measure and mark 9" in both directions. This will give the 18" area as shown in Figure 2. This is where [A] and [B] will be matched, pinned, and sewn. Do this to both the fashion fabric and the black fabric.

Now place both pieces with right sides together and matching appropriate parts to one another. Now looking at the diagram [fig.2], see the short side of [A]? Beginning about 8" from the right corner, sew around the entire outside edge with roughly a 3/8" seam allowance. Do this until you are about 12" to 16" from where you began. Stop & secure the stitching. Clip corners. Now turn the cover inside out through this opening. Top stitch 1/8" from edge all around the outside. Push or fluff the black to the inside.