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Hidden down a dirt lane a few hundred yards north of State Road 12, three miles west of Havana, stands  a house that has sturdily endured the test of time and weather. The Nicholson Farmhouse was built in 1828 and is now a historic site. Also nestled within the 45 acres surrounding the Farmhouse are four other restored homes for dining. These, along with the Nicholson home comprise the 650-seat dining facility. In addition to dining, you will find a gift shop, a barn, shed with antique farm implements, and a gazebo, all for your enjoyment.

This restaurant is rated as one of Florida’s TOP 200 by FLORIDA TREND magazine and is renowned for its delicious aged-to-perfection grilled steaks of all sizes that are cut on-site. They also serve grilled chicken, fish, pork loin, lamb chops, grouper, and shrimp. As a special beginning, you will find boiled peanuts on the table for your enjoyment as you are making a decision on your meal and reading over our "Newspaper" menu.

On any typical weekend you will find the mule wagon riding guests over the grounds. Also, for the kid's enjoyment we now have pony rides!  After Dinner and a ride, come on over to the Gift Shop. There you will find the famous Farmhouse steak sauce and salad dressings, Minky Bears, Beanie Babies, Porcelain Dolls, and much more. 


Looking for the perfect place for that special occasion? Join us at the  Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant. We specialize in hosting special event parties, weddings, rehearsals, receptions, banquets, bus tour groups, school field trips, birthday parties, and seminars/workshops. For your use, the Farmhouse can accommodate you with a large screen for your videos, or presentations, a podium, a microphone, and don’t forget the mules and wagon. With all of the separate dining facilities, and rooms in each of the facilities, we can accommodate all groups; small, and large. Let us help you make that important event even more memorable.

One thing to remember – you may wish to call ahead for reservations. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Call us at 539-5931. Nicholson’s does not serve alcoholic beverages, however, guests over 21 are welcome to bring their own. Nicholson’s has set-ups and wine glasses for a minimal fee.

Our Mission

To never loose sight of what is really important -- good ole southern hospitality, excellent food, excellent service, and a memorable occasion for all.

Contact Information

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200 Coca Cola Avenue, Havana, FL 32333
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Sales: TERESA CARPENTER,  850/539-5931
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Routes to Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant:

 From Quincy, Florida: go 4 blocks north of U.S. 90 to East King Street, which is SR-12.  Turn right and follow SR-12 east for about 9 miles.  The Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant is on the left.

From Tallahassee, Florida:
(OPTION # 1)  Go north on U.S. 27* to Havana, Florida.  At the first red light, turn left on East 9th Avenue which is SR-12.  Follow SR-12 west for about 3 miles.  The Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant is on the right.
(OPTION # 2) Go west on U.S. 90 to Midway.  Turn right on SR-159.  Turn left on SR-270.  Turn right on SR-12.  The Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant is on the left about a mile from the turn onto SR-12.

From Bainbridge, Georgia:  Go south on U.S. 27 to Havana, Florida.  At the second red light turn right on East 9th Avenue, which is SR-12.  Follow SR-12 east for about 3 miles.  The Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant is on the right.

From Thomasville Georgia:  Go west on U.S. 84 to Cairo.  Turn left on SR-111 and follow the instructions from Cairo.

From Cairo, Georgia: Follow SR-111 to the Florida State line.  After carefully traversing the "Y" intersection, turn left on U.S. 27 and continue south to Havana, Florida.  At the second red light, turn right on East 9th Avenue which is SR-12.    Follow SR-12 east for about 3 miles.  The Nicholson Farmhouse Restaurant is on the right.

This map is based on one produced by mapping software provided for free public use by the U.S. Bureau of the Census (http://tiger/ NOTE:  All distances prefaced by "about" are very approximate.

* U.S. 27 is not labeled on the map above, but is the red (or darker) line running roughly parallel to SR-63 ("Old Bainbridge Road")  U.S. 84 and SR-111 aren't labeled either.

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