Archaeological Museum of Florina

The museum was built in the years 1963-1969.

The exhibition includes topographical and architectural plans, excavation photographs, a model of the archaeological site of Petres and a representation of the storage and workshop areas of the same site.

The museum contains collections of sculptures, reliefs and inscriptions, displayed on the ground floor, excavation finds from two cities, Petres and the hill of Ag. Panteleimon in Florina, displayed on the first floor, and a collection of Byzantine antiquities also exhibited on the first floor.

The most important items of the museum are the following:

Prehistoric vases from Ag. Panteleimon (Pateli) and Armenochori, in the district of Florina.

Finds from Petres and the city on the hill of Ag. Panteleimon, near Florina, including vases, figurines and metal tools.

Funerary and votive inscriptions of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, found in the district of Florina.

Marble statue of Artemis. It was found at Petres and dates from the Roman period.

Marble torso of a male statue from Vevi in the district of Florina. Dated to the Roman period.

Inscriptions found in the district of Florina. They include funerary and votive inscriptions and milliaria, dated mostly to the Roman period.

Florina, 53100
West Macedonia
17th Ephorate Of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
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