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March 9, 2004

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March 9, 2004

With the second edition of "Ask the Falcons," AF.com takes on a variety of your queries ranging from where the Falcons pick in each round of this year's NFL Draft to a complete listing of quarterbacks to start a game for the Birds in their 38-year history.

Q: Before getting to your questions, Atlantafalcons.com would again like to address the multiple people who e-mailed submissions requesting to know if the Falcons were going to draft a specific player(s) or target a specific player(s) in free agency or the draft.
A: It is the long-standing policy of the Atlanta Falcons, as it is with the 31 other NFL teams, not to divulge any sensitive information (i.e. targeted players, potential signings, player rankings, draft grades on college players, etc&) until an actual transactions has been made, at which time a release will be presented to the general public.

Q: The first question this go round comes from a self-proclaimed "Falconmaniac." Falconmaniac is curious to know that, with the NFL Draft in April, in which position will the Falcons draft in each round?
A: Washington, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Houston will participate with the forward-moving rotation in spots 5-10 of the 2004 NFL Draft. The aforementioned order is for round one. For round two, Washington will rotate to the back of the order and take the 10th spot, Detroit will then move up and take the fifth, Cleveland the sixth, Atlanta the seventh and so on. Below is a listing of the Falcons selections as they stand now.

Round 1: 8th pick
Round 2: 7th pick
Round 3: 6th pick
Round 4: 5th pick
Round 4: 29th pick (from Philadelphia)
Round 5: 10th pick
Round 6: 9th pick

*Pick numbers are subject to change, as the NFL has yet to award its supplemental selections.

Q: Our second question comes from an anonymous users, who asks: "Which team has had the most overall picks? I mean as in, (as example, The Chargers have had the #1 pick in the draft (amount) times) and where can I look at information like this?"
A: With six all-time number-one selections the Indianapolis Colts, who were the Baltimore Colts from 1953-83, hold that dubious honor. The Buffalo Bills come in second with five all-time number ones, while the Falcons, Rams and Buccaneers have all had four top picks.

You can find all sorts of information on the subject by visiting the history page of NFL.com's draft section.

Q: With the third question for this installment of "Ask the Falcons," Joey J. is curious to know: "How many Pro Bowls did former Falcons linebacker Jesse Tuggle attend?"
A: In his 14-year NFL career -- all of them with the Falcons -- Jessie "The Hammer" Tuggle was selected to five Pro Bowls: 1992, '94, '95, '97 and '98.

Click here for a complete listing of every Falcons Pro Bowl selection in team history

Q: The next e-mail comes from Kay, who asks: "Who has the most career rushing yards?"
A: If you're talking about the Falcons...with 6,631 yards in his seven years as a Falcon, Gerald Riggs is the Falcons all-time leading rusher. In second is William Andrews, who compiled 5,986 yards on the ground in seven official (one injured) seasons as a Falcon.

For the NFL, Emmitt Smith is the leader in career rushing yards with 17,162, followed by Walter Payton in second with 16,726 and Barry Sanders rounding out the top three with 15,269.

Click here for a listing of the top ten rushers in Falcons history.

Q: Next on the docket is an e-mail from Jay B., who lives in Corinth, Vermont. Jay asks: "How many different quarterbacks have the falcons employed since their inception, how many games did each start, and what were all of their names?"
A: In the Falcons 38-year history, 32 different quarterbacks have started contests for Atlanta during the regular season. Below is an alphabetical listing of all of them, including the seasons in which the played, how many games they started and their record as a starter.

Falcons All-time Starting Quarterbacks
Player Years Starts Record
Dave Archer '84-87 22 9-12-1
Steve Bartkowski '75-85 112 51-61
Bob Berry '68-72 51 19-29-3
Scott Campbell '86-90 11 2-9
Chris Chandler '97-01 67 34-33
Dennis Claridge '66 3 0-3
Steve DeBerg '98 1 0-1
Steve Dils '88 3 0-3
Jeff George '94-96 35 16-19
Tony Graziani '97-00 5 2-3
Bobby Hebert '93-96 27 8-19
Scott Hunter '76-78 13 6-7
Doug Johnson '00- 11 2-9
Randy Johnson '66-70 37 8-28-1
June Jones '77-79 4 1-3
Danny Kanell '99-00 2 0-2
Kurt Kittner '02- 4 1-3
Erik Kramer '87 3 1-2
Bob Lee '73-74 18 10-8
Bruce Lemmerman '68-69 2 0-2
Kim McQuilken '74-77 7 2-5
Hugh Millen '88-90 3 2-1
Chris Miller '87-92 65 23-42
Mike Moroski '79-84 7 2-5
Terry Nofsinger '67 1 0-1
Turk Schonert '86 5 2-3
Dick Shiner '71-73 7 4-3
Steve Sloan '66-67 1 0-1
Pat Sullivan '72-75 5 0-5
Billy Joe Tolliver '91-93; 96-97 9 4-5
Michael Vick '01- 23 12-10-1
Wade Wilson '92 3 1-2

Q: The next query for "Ask the Falcons" is from Chris, who asks a great question: "When will the 2004 NFL schedule be released?"
A: No one can really say. The NFL has no set date for announcing the schedule for the upcoming season. Last season's schedule was released on April 3, 2003, while in 2002, the NFL announced the schedule on March 28. And in 2001, the League released the sked for the upcoming season on April 13. At best guess, you can expect the schedule for the 2004 NFL season to be released by the League sometime in early April.

Q: The last question for this go round comes from Warren, who has always wanted to know the meaning of a 'Franchise' player.
A: As AF.com has it detailed in its free agency section: A club can designate one franchise player in any given year. The salary level offer by a player's old club determines what type of franchise player he is. An "exclusive" franchise player not free to sign with another club is offered a minimum of the average of the top five salaries at the player's position as of April 16 (date varies from year to year), or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater.

If the player is offered a minimum of the average of the top five salaries of last season at his position, he becomes a "non-exclusive" franchise player and can negotiate with other clubs. His old club can match a new club's offer, or receive two first-round draft choices if it decides not to match.

Warren, in other words, a franchise player is one who means a great deal to his team - so much that his team could not stand to lose his services (i.e. have another team sign him via free agency) without significant compensation.






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