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Welcome to Hedwig in a Box, formerly the home of the official
Hedwig and The Angry Inch International Fan Club.

Hedwig in a Box was created in 1999 as a fan site devoted to Hedwig and The Angry Inch. I had to make the hard decision to turn the site and fan club into an archive. I will no longer be hosting the old site for the musical play and film, but will maintain this mini site to keep old fans in touch and for new fans to have a place to visit. That is what the forum is for.

The forum which I am proud to be part of will remain open and up to date, and I can be reached from there. A special thanks to Dan for hosting the forum for so long on

Any new play productions can list their shows in the play section for free. Same goes for shadow casts for the movie, in the movie section. The hedhead area can be used to post any new news related to Hedwig.

Note: There's been a lot of spam posts recently. I try and delete them as soon as they pop up. Please do not reply to any of them or click any links related to them. I'd hate for someone to get spyware, viruses or worse on their computers from these nucances.

The old site is still online to a certain degree and can be viewed with the last copy at ARCHIVE.ORG here.

Many thanks to all the hedheads who have help out along the way and to those who still do.

Site and fan club is approved by Hedwig's creators John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask.

Main credits: Fan Club President- Wanda MacRae. Web design by Wanda MacRae.

Last updated: Jan 6th 2007

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Jan 1st 2007

2007 will mark 8 years for the site. In October you will need to visit the url rather than Please bookmark this and make note. I've decided that I will not be renewing the name and will activate this url at that point in time. The site as is will remain on the internet with the web address provided above. Thanks for visiting.


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