Parents Television Council Take Action Alert July 20, 2005

New Fox TV Series Features Graphic and Disturbing Themes


Male Rape/Forced Sodomy:

Det. Strong unbuttons his shirt cuffs and rolls his sleeves up, and then he starts unbuttoning his shirt. "That's right. I want to hear you beg. I want to hear you plead. But mostly I want to hear you scream. That's the last thing I ever want to hear from you."

The scene cuts to the outside of the cabin. Brandt can be heard screaming "Please, please, no! Ahh..." It is implied that Strong raped Brandt.

Brandt, sweaty and out of breath says, "You can open your eyes now. Wouldn't want you to miss the grand finale." He picks up a revolver and spins the chamber.

Brandt: "Go ahead. Do whatever. I don't care. You're weak."

Strong: "I know."

The scene cuts again to outside the cabin, where a gun shot is heard and a flash is seen through the window. Agents break into the cabin and see Strong slumped dead against a wall with a bullet hole in his head and blood on his tee-shirt. Rebecca removes the handcuffs holding Brandt to the bed.

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A man is lighting candles while talking to a woman. As he talks, muffled moans can be heard in the background. As the camera pans out, we see a woman with a gag in her mouth. He tells her "I'd never ask you to give up your control. I'd ask you to beg for it." He quickly puts a leather mask over his face. There are openings in the mask for his eyes and nose, and a zipper where his mouth would be. The camera quickly shows the woman again. She appears to be chained to a table. There is a leather collar around her neck and her arms are bound together. She is fighting to get free. Later, FBI agents break into his apartment. Through the closed door they hear the muffled sounds of a woman screaming and music. Inside the apartment, a woman wearing a skimpy black outfit and knee-high black leather boots is crawling across the floor on her knees. She has a gag in her mouth, and her arms and legs are bound. Behind her is a man wearing a black leather mask. The FBI agents burst into the apartment. Female agent removes the gag from the woman's mouth, she says, "Cole? Is this part of the thing?"

Sexual Innuendo:

FBI agents run a check on the doorman at the S&M club: "George Skoll arrested in '98 for exposing himself on a city bus. Filed an appeal, violation of religious freedom."

"How'd he figure that?"

"Something about comforting people with his rod and staff."

"So in his mind he's saving them."

"…Why kill them?"

"Sending them to heaven?"

Graphic images:

  • An agent is flipping through a photo album containing graphic pictures of crime scenes and autopsies. The first picture the TV audience sees is of a body lying on an autopsy table. The top of the cadaver's skull has been removed, exposing the brain. It also looks like the skin on the torso is flayed open, exposing bloody innards. It also looks as if there is a severed hand on the table near the head, and perhaps the removed portion of the skull lying on the table next to the head (it appears as a bloody mass).

  • Another photo of an obese woman with a deep, gaping opening that runs down her torso to her abdomen. There is no blood on the body, but her innards are exposed. There also appear to be burn marks on her thighs and stomach.

  • Viewers see a photo of two dead women lying together. One woman has blood running from one closed eye. The other eyeball is fully exposed, as if the skin surrounding her eye had been cut off. Her teeth are also fully exposed, as if her mouth or lips had been mutilated. The other woman has bruises and cuts on her face.

  • A photo of a body lying on the ground, face up. The head has been severed and the right arm is also severed, both members are lying on the ground next to the body.

  • A photo that looks like a skeleton lying on the ground. The fleshless skull and hand are clearly visible. The body appears to be partially covered in a jacket, but it appears that the torso is also just the skeletal remains.

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