March 31, 2005
Naha 25 years later

25 years ago, Lyn and I hitchhiked into the Lacandon jungle with 150 lbs of video equipment, on the back of a beer truck, to spend a week with the Lacandones in Naha. I spent most of my time in the "god house" with the men, talking with Chan K'in Viejo, the last patriarch of these people who hid in the jungle for 500 years, until they were discovered in this (20th) century by chicle gatherers.

Chan K'in Viejo, 1980 (Quicktime, 18 mb)

Lyn spent most of the time waiting in a thatched palapa, eating canned sardines, not as thrilled by it all as I was. Nevertheless, we returned from that trip richer from the experience, pregnant and broke, ready for a new adventure homesteading an abandoned building in New York City.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Naha for the first time. Of the several hours of tape I shot there in 1980, I only have one clip of Chan K'in acting out a monkey and jaguar hunt, that I intend to show the Lacandones if they are interested. I'll spend several days there with Chip Morris, who is helping their potters market their work. I wish I had more of our tapes to show, but this trip just came up. I'll be shooting and recording this time, and will post what I can when I return.

Posted by Dave at March 31, 2005 02:54 PM