First, I apologize to you in advance for the offensive subject matter of this e-mail -- the new ABC-TV series, "life as we know it." 

It's morally repugnant and EXTREMELY offensive. 


But here's the trouble -- the Disney-owned ABC television network is conducting a huge advertising campaign to promote "life as we know it," and they're reaching millions of children.


AND the help of every friend, family member and colleague in your e-mail address book who shares your moral standards.

Please forward this e-mail to them, so they can join you in protesting against "life as we know it."

We need to DEMAND that the Federal Communications Commission punish the ABC stations that have broadcast this lewd show.
And we need to PROTEST to the SPONSORS who are PAYING FOR it.
In a moment I'll ask you to go to, where you will be able to read detailed documentation of the slimy content of "life as we know it."

For now, though -- since I know many people are literally sickened by reading the details of what millions of children are exposed to on TV -- let me just summarize the content of "life as we know it" for you --

"life as we know it" depicts teen life in the most explicit manner as drenched in sex.
The show's premise is essentially that high school is a sex laboratory.  Displays of the sexual experimentation going on in and around a fictional Seattle high school are in fact the only plot line of the hour-long show, which is broadcast on Thursday nights at 9 -- 8 in the midwest -- when millions of children are watching.
Virtually every scene features vulgar discussions of sexual topics, or explicit displays, or both.  Viewers of the series are invited to become voyeurs watching the dizzying permutations of student-student sex, student-teacher sex, and parent-coach sex.
ABC-TV's advertising blitz for "life as we know it" is an obvious attempt to attract a young audience, yet the show's content is totally inappropriate for family viewing.

That's why the Parents Television Council is waging a campaign to protect children -- this show's targeted audience -- and we need you to join us.

Here's how --

If you and I and enough other responsible and concerned adults file Indecency Complaints with the FCC, the stations that broadcast this show could face stiff fines.

The FCC has sometimes let shows with offensive material off the hook by finding that it was "incidental" to the larger "context" of the show.

But on "life as we know it," smutty sex and profanity aren't incidental.  They ARE the context.

And ABC's pandering to youthful viewers and the show's relatively early time-slot SHOULD weigh heavily against it at the FCC, which has said that impact on children in the viewing audience may be a factor in determining indecency.

In brief, the FCC should find "life as we know it" indecent, and the FCC is supposed to enforce the federal law against broadcast TV indecency shown before 10 p.m., when children might be watching.

So please help us flood the FCC with complaints about "life as we know it" by taking two action steps NOW:

FIRST, forward this e-mail now to every relative, friend and colleague in your e-mail address book who will share your alarm over such corruption on TV.

SECOND, submit your Indecency Complaint against "life as we know it" today at

And when you go to and sign the Indecency Complaint to the FCC, a copy of your protest will also be sent to the SPONSORS of the show.

It's shocking and dismaying that an array of nationally-known companies -- including Pizza Hut (owned by Yum! Brands), Burger King and S.C. Johnson (with commercials for its brands, Glade Plug-Ins and Ziploc bags) -- are paying for the wall-to-wall smut on "life as we know it."

These companies receive billions of dollars from families -- in many cases parents who buy their products for their children.  Can you believe that the management and Boards of Directors and shareholders of these companies want their advertising departments to turn around and spend millions on commercials for corrupt trash like "life as we know it"?

When you submit your protest against "life as we know it" at, I'm going to make absolutely sure that the Parents Television Council puts the FACTS about "life as we know it" into the hands of the top-level management of Yum! Brands, Burger King and S.C. Johnson.

The men and women who run those companies must take responsibility for the content of the TV programs they spend millions to sponsor.

Finally, a copy of your Indecency Complaint to the FCC, will also be sent to your local ABC-TV station.

The owners and managers of the station that broadcasts for ABC into your community need to be put on notice that the network's irresponsibility in broadcasting such material as "life as we know it" may be endangering their business -- because FCC fines are paid by the station, not the network.

If our protests cause ABC's approximately 200 local stations to start putting pressure on the network to clean up its programming act, the impact on ABC would be enormous.  

So please forward this e-mail now to your friends and family, so the FCC INDECENCY COMPLAINT, the PROTEST TO SPONSORS, and the WARNING TO ABC'S LOCAL STATIONS will be multiplied many, many times over!

We need you and a lot of other decent folks to take immediate action. Please don't delay.

You've probably read in the paper or heard on the TV news about the recent study published in Pediatrics magazine that documents how children who watch a lot of TV with sexual content are about twice as likely to start having sex in the subsequent year as those with little exposure to televised sex.

Those are the stakes in this fight:  Our children's safety and moral welfare.

That's why we urgently need you in the fight with us.

Please act now.

With urgent thanks,

Because our children are watching.

Tim Winter, Executive Director, Parents Television Council

P.S. Go now to to file your FCC INDECENCY COMPLAINT and to generate your WARNING to "life as we know it's" SPONSORS and to your local ABC station This is how, TOGETHER, the Parents Television Council will stop the flood of filth, depravity, foul language and sick, ultra-violence on TV -- overwhelming grassroots pressure brought to bear on one network, one show, and one sponsor at a time.