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About Paid Accounts

I have to pay to use Minilog? That's stupid!
No, of course not. Paying for web services is annoying, we agree. That's why nearly all of Minilog's functionality is available free of charge. However, if you're happy with the service you're being provided, show your support and get a paid account.

It takes money to run websites (for servers, colocation, and bandwidth), and this seems like a better way to pay for it than blasting you with pop-up banner ads and spamming you with advertisements. We will get rid of the Google Ads when we get enough revenue from paid accounts to cover our costs.

Well, how much does it cost?
The rates are as follows ( charges in GBP. Conversions to USD below, are as of 2005-03-29 @ 11:10. Yes, the dollar REALLY sucks at the moment. But we try to make up for it.):
    12 Months£15.00$28.00
    6 Months£8.00$15.00
    2 Months£3.00$5.50
That works out to about £1.25/month (roughly $2.34/month) for the year plan. That'll hardly break the bank. The most annoying part will likely be pulling out your wallet, finding your credit card, and typing in your information.

Pay using PayPal
Paypal is our preferred method of receiving payments. You can pay using credit card or e-check. Most users can use this now.

Paying for a new account
If the journal that you want to give paid status to doesn't exist yet, the first thing you need to do is to go to the journal creation page and create the journal first. YOU NEED TO DO THIS if the account doesn't already exist.

Paying for an existing account
To pay for an account you already have, or a friend already has, use this form:

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Other forms of payment
You can also pay by:
  • Credit card (via Paypal - see above)
  • E-Cheque (via Paypal - see above)
  • Personal cheque (create a support ticket for help with this)

So what cool features will I get?
  • Insane amounts of user pictures --- You're able to upload up to 3000 pictures of yourself (6000 with a permanent account!), and choose which one to use on each entry, in addition to your current mood/music, etc. So, say you're feeling angry: in addition to the angry mood & icon, you can also choose to use your angry picture, which will then show up on everybody's journal that lists you as a friend for that one particular angry entry.

  • Personalised domain name --- As well as having your journal at, it'll also be available at Shorter and more personal.

  • Customise your journal --- In addition to just being able to pick the style of your journal and the colour theme, you'll also be able to create your own style using whatever HTML you like. This will also let you be able to make new styles that match your website that you can then easily embed, never revealing that you're using Minilog as your journal mechanism.

  • Text Messaging --- If you have a pager or mobile phone, you can get text messages (or numeric messages) right from Minilog. You can set it to allow all users, registered users, or only your friends to page you. This is especially useful if you don't want to expose your mobile number to everybody, but want to be able to get messages on it. Combined with the "friends only" option, it's just really cool.

  • Automatic Poll/Survey/Booths --- You can quickly and easily make voting polls and full surveys inside your journal entries, embedded right within your text.

These are being worked on and will be available to paid users in the future:
  • Counters & Statistics --- So you'll know when your visitors read your journal, how often, and what type of visitor they are; anonymous, another Minilog user, or one of your friends. (However, you won't have access to know exactly who is reading your journal... that would be a privacy invasion for the reader.)

  • Customise the comments page and comments links --- Currently the comments page only has one layout, but we're planning on making it fully customisable. Soon you'll be able to make a style for comment pages as well.

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