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NEC has supplied various type of integrated systems of OCR/Video Coding System (OCR/VCS), Letter Sorting Machine (LSM), Culler Facer Canceller (CFC), Flat Sorting Machine (FSM), Off-line OCR and Management Information System (MIS) in many mail sorting centers.
Brazil (1999)
NEC has supplied an integrated system of OCR/Video Coding System (OCR/VCS), Letter Sorting Machine (LSM) and Management Information System for Brazil ECT. The main feature of this system is full-address coding by high performance OCR and Off-line Coding System (Off-line OCR and VCS).
The final encoded data by Off-line Coding System are transmitted through Wide Area Network during the transportation time of mail items to Destination sorting Centers.
Poland (2000)
NEC has installed Flat and Letter sorting system which consists of 2 Flat Sorting Machine (FSM), 3 OCR/Video Coding Systems (OCR/VCS), 2 Letter Sorting Machines (LSM) and 1 Culler Facer Canceller (CFC) in Warsaw central mail sorting center of Polish Post.
Finland (1997)
NEC has delivered various types of mail processing systems to six post office (Helsinki, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Seinajoki, Turku). This figure shows the system installed at Turku post office.
Overhead Conveyers (OHC) connect two OCR/Video Coding Systems (OCR/VCS) and one Letter Sorting Machine (LSM). This system enables preliminary sorting by OCR/VCS and secondary sorting by LSM (into 246 bins) simultaneously by feeding mail items from two OCR/VCSs.
Hungary (1990)
To cope with rapidly rising mail volume at its Budapest Letter Sorting Center, the Hungarian Post Office installed one Culler Facer canceller (CFC), two OCR/Video Coding Systems (OCR/VCS), two letter Sorting machines (LSM) and two Buffer Stacker Feeders (BSF) with cross route transport connecting OCR/VCSs and LSMs.
Turkey (1991)
NEC has installed three Facer Cancellers (FC), four Video Coding Systems (VCS) and four Letter Sorting Machines (LSM) at mail handling center in Ankara, Topkapi, Acibadem and Ismir. This figure shows the system configuration installed at Ankara.
Here the FC first examines letters to ensure that stamps have been affixed. It then aligns them to ensure that address are readable and sends them on to the VCS, where bar codes are printed before they are sent to the LSM.
Hong Kong (1989)
The Hong Kong Post Office system includes seven OCR/Coding Systems (OCR/CS), four Video Coding Machines (VSM), thirteen Letter Sorting Machines (LSM) and two management data Acquisition Computers (MDAC) to facilitate system administration. This figure shows the system configuration installed in the General post Office (GPO). Extract Coding method is employed for full-address Video Coding operation by displaying information on the VCD screen.
Indonesia (1998)
NEC has installed two Culler Facer Cancellers (CFC), one OCR/Video coding System/Letter Sorting Machine (OCR/VCS/LSM), four Bundling Machine (BMs) and one Flat Sorting Machine (FSM) for the Surabaya Post Office. This integrated system realized faster operation for both letter and flat mail with a very limited space requirement. Extract Coding method has been applied for VCS operation.
Korea (1995)
NEC has installed automated mail processing systems for East Seoul, Pusan, Taeku, Kwangju, Taejeon, Suwon, Cheongju, and Wonju Mail Center. At East Seoul Mail Center, the automation system has been designed to achieve the maximum operational efficiency: the feeder at each OCR/Video Coding System (OCR/VCS) employs both OCR and on-line VCS to process mail items based on postal codes; operators' walk-distance is shortened because a pair of OCR/VCS stacker modules are facing each other; the Overhead Conveyor (OHC) literally runs above the operators' height to allow easy crisscrossing between OCR/VCSs and LSMs.
Malaysia (1988)
NEC has installed 430 Stand-alone Coding Desks (SCD) and 18 Letter Sorting Machine for POS Malaysia. Keyboard operators working at SCDs punch in address information that is then printed as bar codes in letters sent to LSM. The LSM reads the bar codes and uses the information for detailed sorting.
Taiwan (1996)
The following illustrates Taipei's Central Post Office system NEC supplied, comprising of one Culler Facer canceller (CFC), three OCR/Video Coding Systems (OCR/VCS), three Letter Sorting Machines (LSM) and 24 Video Coding Desks (VCD). Later, NEC won the contract to implement advanced postal automation system to five major post offices (Taipei,Taoyuen, Taichung, Tainan, Kaoshiung). The existing system at Taipei Post Office will be incorporated into the new system scheduled for completion in the year 2000.
Thailand (1995)
This system consists of four OCR/Video Coding systems (OCR/VCS), six Letter Sorting Machines (LSM) and 66 Video Coding Desks (VCD) at Laksi Mail Center. Address may be read either on-line with OCR/VCS or off-line with VCS. A unique "Extract Coding" method has been applied to VCS to process mail which has no postal code.
Japan (1997)
Japan's postal operation has entered into the carrier sequencing stage with the new OCR/Video Coding System/Letter Sorting machine (OCR/VCS/LSM). Now, the OCR/VCS/LSM sorts mail by reading the bar code, which was introduced in Japan for the first time. With the typical combined configuration like below - Culler Facer Canceller (CFC), Stacker Feeder (SF), OCR/VCS/LSM - mail is sorted up to the delivery post office, or all the way to the order of carrier route.