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Laser Cooling and Trapping Group

Metastable Xenon Project

Metastable Lifetimes and Frequency Standards

We have made a number of measurements relevant to the creation of a two-photon optical frequency standard with metastable xenon. This idea is outlined in:

  • S. L. Rolston and W. D. Phillips, Proc. IEEE 79, 943 (1991).

We have made measurements of the metastable lifetimes in xenon:

  • M. Walhout, A. Witte, and S. L. Rolston, Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 2843 (1994).
  • M. Walhout, U. Sterr, A. Witte, and S. L. Rolston, Opt. Lett. 20, 1192 (1995).

We have also measured the energy levels relevant to the two-photon transition:

  • U. Sterr, A. Bard, Craig J. Sansonetti, S. L. Rolston, and J. D. Gillaspy, Opt. Lett. 20, 1421 (1995).

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