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Parents Television Council E-Alerts - Alerts on violence, sex, and profanity in the media. These alerts contain the tools you need to take action against what you find offensive and damaging to our society. Make your voice heard, Sign up for PTC E-Alerts now! Why? Because Our Children Are Watching.

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PTC E-Alert, September 27, 2004

CBS has done it again. On Friday night, September 17, CBS-TV allowed the word "F**K" to be broadcast on a prime-time network show!

This television network must be stopped from continuing to poison our younger generation with filth.

We need you -- and everyone to whom you forward this e-mail -- to file an INDECENCY COMPLAINT against CBS with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

A few months ago, it was the same CBS network that broadcast Janet Jackson's breast-baring stunt during the Super Bowl halftime show.

CBS President Leslie Moonves denounced as "grossly unfair" the FCC's decision to fine the 20 CBS owned-and-operated TV stations $550,000 for that incident.

Well, it obviously wasn't "unfair" enough to teach CBS a lesson. 

Because now CBS has allowed a character on "Big Brother 5" to say "F**K" -- and didn't bleep it out.

And that show aired at 8 pm (7 pm in the midwest) -- the so-called "Family Hour," when millions of children were watching.

Back in March, the FCC warned broadcasters that use of the F-word and similar foul language would be regarded as violating the federal law against broadcast indecency, no matter in what context the words are used.

Since CBS didn't take that warning seriously, CBS must pay the price. My name is Tim Winter and I'm the Executive Director of the Parents Television Council (PTC), the national grassroots organization of nearly a million citizens like you.   

We're leading a campaign to stop the TV industry from pumping out degrading filth on shows that are available to millions of children. And we need you to help us do something about CBS-TV's totally irresponsible and REPEATED violations of broadcast decency standards.

We want to flood the Federal Communications Commission with INDECENCY COMPLAINTS against this use of the "F-word" on CBS.

AND we want to send a copy of your INDECENCY COMPLAINT about this incident to the CBS station in your area that broadcast the show.  By its reckless disregard for the federal law against TV indecency, the CBS network is endangering that station's legal license to broadcast -- because FCC sanctions go against the local station.  The owners and managers of your area's CBS station need to know that the CBS network is running the risk of putting them out of business!

You can file your own INDECENCY COMPLAINT in just a few seconds by going to our Parents Television Council web site --

There you'll find documentation of the foul dialogue CBS broadcast on "Big Brother."

And you'll be able to fill out a very simple form that meets the FCC's requirements for INDECENCY COMPLAINTS.

We need you -- and everyone you forward this message to -- to be part of our fight to clean up TV. 

So please forward this message now to every parent, grandparent and concerned adult in your e-mail address book.


We urgently need you in the fight with us.
Please act now.

Because our children are watching.


Tim Winter, Executive Director, Parents Television Council

P.S.    Please forward this e-mail NOW to everybody in your e-mail address book who should be part of this campaign to protect our children and grandchildren.  And please go immediately to and add your name to the Parents Television Council's "FORMAL INDECENCY COMPLAINT TO THE FCC REGARDING THE CBS BROADCAST OF 'BIG BROTHER.'" The PTC will immediately forward your complaint to all 5 Commissioners of the FCC, and to the CBS station in your area.  The owners and managers of that station need to know that the CBS network is endangering their broadcast license!




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