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Parents Television Council - Because Our Children Are Watching

L. Brent Bozell's Weekly Syndicated Entertainment Column

PTC Founder, L. Brent Bozell's syndicated column continues to run in some of the nation's top newspapers.


04.12: The Incomplete Anti-Imus Lobby

04.05: Easter Striptease and Chocolate Jesus

03.28: Philosophers and 'South Park'

03.23: "Respectable" NC-17 Movies?

03.16: Consumer Choice Vs. Pointless Publicity

03.08: The Numbers on Moral Decline

03.01: The "24" Quandary

02.23: The Celebrity Asylum

02.15: Walden's Big Idea

02.08: Super Bowl Sideshows

02.01: ABC Goes to Rehab

01.26: The Black Hole of Sundance

01.19: Saints and Swearing

01.11: The Ancient Problem of TV Violence

01.04: Shower After "Adult Swim"



12.28: Hollywood's Four-Letter Word: God

12.21: Tasteless "Black Christmas"

12.14: Trade Publications or Puppets?

12.07: NBC's On-Air War On the FCC

11.30: O.J., "Kramer," and Limits

11.23: 'The Nativity Story' Stands Out

11.16: The CEO of Silliness

11.09: "Heroes" and Horrors

11.02: Nobody Runs Against Hollywood

10:26: Two-Faced Viacom

10:19: Moms vs. Hip-Hop

10:12: Watching Out for the Web

10:05: TV's Serial Killer Chic

09.29: 'Little House' of Horrors

09.21: Madonna's Crucifixion Circus Act

09.14: NBC's 'Crazy Christians' Show

09.07: NBC Slices and Dices 'Veggie Tales'

08.31: Growing the Teens Too Fast

08.24: Roasting the Final Frontier

08.17: Pop Music's Sex Education

08.08: How Will Mel Gibson Make Amends?

08.03: Mel Gibson and the Politics of Bigotry

07.28: Sagging Stars go for Sleazy 'Nip/Tuck'

07.21: World Trade Center: A Masterpiece

07.13: Entertainment and Objectivity

07.06: 'Big Brother' Gets Brutal

06.29: How Low Will Advertisers Go?

06.22: Whining About the "Web Mob"

06.16: Empowering the FCC

06.09: Are Comic Books No Longer for Kids?

06.01: "Sopranos": Syndicating the Syndicate

05.25: Too Much TV for Tots?

05.18: A Sick Video Game About Columbine

05.12: No Passion Against the "Code"

05.04: Sweet Sixteen, Buried in Greed

04.27: The Two-Faced Networks

04.20: "South Park" and "Popetown"

04.06: The Bedford Internet Gambit

03.24: The Arrested Adolescent's Channel

03.16: Spring Break: Hazardous to Your Health?

03.09: Oscar's Thumbs Up for Pimps

03.03: Poisoning Children, Too?

02.23: Sex, Culture, and the College Student

02.17: Cable Choice Now

02.09: Super Bowl: Good News and Bad News

02.02: Too Much Profanity on American Idol

01.26: Rappers Play Dumb

01.20: Old Europe's Golden Globes

01.12: NBC's Desperate Episcopalians

01.05: TV's Ickiest Moments of 2005


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