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IDW Publishing began publishing comics based on Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt's classic vampire character Angel in 2005. After the sold-out issues and success of the initial miniseries, ANGEL: THE CURSE, written by Angel novelist and former IDW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Mariotte, the slate of titles based on Angel, Spike and other characters from ANGEL's show expanded.

MATURE READERS Most of these books are recommended for readers over the age of 18.

Issues & Editions:
  • Angel: The Curse #1-5 (W: Jeff Mariotte; A: David Messina) -- June 2005

  • Angel: The Curse TPB (W: Jeff Mariotte; A: David Messina) -- Jan. 2006

  • Spike: Old Times (W: Peter David; A: Fernando Goni) -- Aug. 2005

  • Angel: Old Friends #1-5 (W: Jeff Mariotte; A: David Messina) -- Nov. 2005

  • Spike: Old Wounds (W: Scott Tipton; A: Fernando Goni) -- Jan. 2006

  • Spike vs. Dracula #1-5 (W: Peter David; A: Joe Corroney) -- Feb. 2006

  • Spike: Lost & Found (W: Scott Tipton; A: Fernando Goni) -- April 2006

  • Angel Scriptbooks -- March 2006

  • Angel Spotlight: Illyria (W: Peter David; A: Nicola Scott) -- April 2006

  • Angel Spotlight: Doyle (W: Jeff Mariotte; A: David Messina) -- May 2006

  • Angel Spotlight: Gunn (W: Dan Jolley; A: Mark Pennington) -- June 2006

  • Angel Spotlight: Wesley (W: Scott Tipton; A: Mike Norton) -- July 2006

  • Spike TPB (W: Peter David, Scott Tipton; A: Fernando Goni) -- July 2006

  • Angel Spotlight: Connor (W: Peter David; A: Nicola Scott) -- Aug. 2006

  • Spike vs. Dracula TPB (W: Peter David; A: Joe Corroney) -- Sept. 2006

  • Angel Spotlight TPB -- Nov. 2006

  • Angel-Spike Team-Up Miniseries -- Fall 2006

  • Angel Cover Gallery -- Fall 2006

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