About our Trains

2005 has seen the arrival of our fleet of four brand-new Class 222 “Pioneer” Trains. The new four-car, 125mph trains represent a major milestone in Hull Trains’ short but impressive history. In addition to faster journey times, the Class 222s offer even greater passenger comfort and improvements on both First and Standard classes which bring enhancements to each passenger’s individual living space. Increased capacity on the “Pioneers” means that we are now able to accommodate 192 passengers on each train, compared to the 159 seat capacity on our previous fleet.

New fleet named to celebrate modern “Pioneers”

To celebrate the pioneering spirit of its home town, we will be naming our brand new fleet of Class 222 Pioneer Trains after key figures that have helped to shape the modern history of Hull.

The first Pioneer in the fleet, Unit 101, was christened ‘Professor George Gray’, CBE FRS, FRSE, whose work into the creation of new liquid crystals at The University of Hull in the 1970s led to the development of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The naming ceremony was held at Paragon Station in Hull, and Professor Gray, accompanied by members of his family, unveiled the plaque to dedicate the train. The innovative work of Professor Gray had a significant local impact as well as being of worldwide importance, with limitless practical applications, including displays in laptop computers, calculators, microwave ovens and mobile telephones to name but a few.

The second train in our fleet was named after another figure that made his mark on the city. The ‘Professor Stuart Palmer’ was named in a ceremony at Paragon Station in Hull on Tuesday, July 12 at 11.30pm, at which Professor Palmer was joined by members of his family.

Professor Palmer was responsible for major breakthroughs in the field of Ultrasound Bone Densitometry, through his work with his then student Dr. Christian Langton (now Reader in Medical Physics and Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Medical Institute at The University of Hull). His work in this field opened up the practice of Ultrasound for commercial use and is now used worldwide for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis and monitoring foetal development during pregnancy. Although no longer working in Hull, Professor Palmer maintains strong links with the city, and still has a boat moored in the city’s Marina!

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Our new trains all offer the following facilities:

  • First Class and Standard class accommodation
  • Air conditioning
  • Buffet service
  • All no smoking
  • Space for luggage
  • Disabled facilities including space for wheelchairs (booking is recommended through customer services)
  • Mixture of airline and table seating
  • Customer information system
  • Room for up to four cycles


The new trains also house improved catering facilities with improvements in the galley and buffet areas. For more information on the range of food and drink on offer aboard our trains, please see the catering section.