The Battle of Sedgemoor 1685

After the disasterous defeat of the Duke of Monmouth's army at Sedgemoor retribution was swift and harsh. The following is a list of some of Monmouth's army some of whom were reprieved though many were hung. MONMOUTH's Rebels


West Country Smugglers and Excisemen

Bridgwater roads

A list of trustees from an Act for repairing the roads around Bridgwater 1727

Bridgwater Names

Bridgwater riots of 1717

John Oldmixon in Bridgwater 1716-1730

Bridgwater and the insurrection of 1381

Bridgwater names from 'Somerset Harbours'

The Burgess of Bridgwater in the 13C

Squibbs History of Bridgwater

Bridgwater in the Later Days

Siege of Bridgwater 1645

Commonality of Bridgwater

Ancient Bridgwater and the River Parrett

St Katherines Ile

Bridgwater Wills 1310-1497

S G Jarman History of Bridgwater

Bridgwater 1779 Market House Act

Bicknoller Land Sale

A list of names from a Bicknoller land sale

Combe St Nicholas names

List of names from History of Combe St Nicholas

Curry Rivel names

14C Curry Rivel Names


POOLE names

List of names from Poole Dorset 1798

Sidmouth names

List of Sidmouth names

Somerset Harbours

More names from 'Somerset Harbours'

Taunton names

Taunton market trustees

More names from a book on Taunton Market

Taunton charters, seals, maces and Arms

Book of Taunton names

Taunton Canal Names (by Waterway to Taunton)

Taunton 17th Century Tokens 

 trull names

Trull poor law accounts

West monkton names

West Monkton manor

Yeovil names

Yeovil Churchwardens Accounts

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