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Kent State University Study

Results and Discussion

A survey by Kent State University 1995 (LORI L. OLIVER, GORDON C NAGAYAMA, RICHARD HIRSCHMAN) was conducted on a sample of 80 normal male volunteers using the "penile plethysmograph". The team carried out hundreds of tests exposing them to nude female adult and child (<12 years) images.

This study is probably the most comprehensive scientific study investigating pedophillia. The experiment was carried out under strict conditions so as to eliminate distortion of the results. Following the study a procedure was introduced to assess whether subjects might be able to consciously inhibit arousal. 46 subjects were able and 34 were unable to completely inhibit their sexual arousal in response to the slide that had been most arousing to them. There was however no significant deviation in the results between these two groups. There was also no significant deviation in the results between between subjects who exhibited a lower general arousability and the rest of the sample. It was agreed that a 3mm change in circumference consituted 'arousal'. Arousal was measured on baseline scales and with reference to previous studies.

It is interesting that the results for part of the study were INVERTED by stating those that were not aroused. Was this in an effort to hide the nature of the findings? 95% is the figure one would expect for arousability to adult female images but it seems the figures for pedophilic arousabilty were masked. 3.7% of the subjects were removed from the results because they admitted to pedophilic behaviour (ie masturbation). The study concludes that "sexual arousal to pedophilic stimuli occurs among a sizable minority of normal men who report no pedophilic behavior ". Since their findings clearly show that 88.8% were aroused by the child images the word should have been majority.

The results of surveys like this smash any theories that pedophiles are but a small minority. Combine this with what we know about internet habits and other factors and you no longer have a minority, like the gay community, you have a huge silent majority. Surveys like this suggest that something like 8 or 9 out of ten men are sexually attracted to young girls as well as women. Shocking? Not really. Women have known that instinctively for years. Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.

Summary of results:

Subjects were recruited via a newspaper advertisement placed in the sports section of the Sunday edition of a newspaper.

Their mean age was 38.3 years.

52 subjects were Caucasian, 25 were African American, 2 were Hispanic, and I was Asian American.

The subjects' mean education was 14.1 years.

28 were never married; 26 were married; 18 were divorced; 6 were separated; and 2 were widowed.

All subjects were assessed with the penile plethysmograph. The experiement was carried out over 8 hours on two consecutive days. Slides of frontal views of nude prepubescent female children, nude adult females, and slides of clothed prepubescent female children were presented, two slides per category per session. Slides were presented for 4 minutes and times lapses were interspersed between slides to allow subjects to return to a state of non-arousal.

Self reported data:

Measured results:

Slide results

Audiotape stimuli:

There were no tapes depicting adult rape or aggression.

For more information about this study, see the full report, Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Paedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men (opens in a new window).

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