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Inexpensive Cockroach Trap Proving More Effective Than Sprays

What started as a mistake has turned into the biggest cockroach massacre Las Vegas has ever seen. Since we told you about the homemade bug trap and showed you how well it works with our "bug-cam", the calls and emails have been pouring in.

And thanks to the Saving You Money Team, people are winning the war against the roaches all over town.

"This is nothing but coffee grounds and a little bit of water, that's all that's in there, that's what Jim Snyder said to do, so this is a fantastic idea. I'm not a bug collector, but I'm happy to have them here rather than coming through my door into the house.

Donald Fondriasopolous says this is the worst bug infestation he's seen in 13 years and he's tried everything to keep roaches out of his home.

"It slows them down, but it doesn't do anything near what the coffee grounds do and this is not cheap."

He saw the Saving You Money report on our roach catching pickle jar and decided to give it a try.

"...and like Jim said, put the lid underneath it so that the jar actually tilts against the building and the bugs crawl up there and they fall in and because it's a glass jar they can't crawl their way out."

It's an easy and almost free way to keep the nasty critters out of your house. All you need is a glass jar, and some used coffee grounds and water. The bugs love the smell and the moisture.

Donald only put out one jar to test our theory, but says he'll set more around his house and he's getting his neighbors in on it too.

"This is safe around animals, this is safe around kids, it's as safe as your coffee pot in your kitchen for heaven's sakes."

And now he'll save all the money he used to spend on expensive chemical sprays.

"I'm not saying it's totally useless, but next to it. With the price of this we can go out and have one terrific champagne and steak dinner."

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