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Volume 4 - Product Info

Item #:TPBK-16315

May contain some profanity, violence, states of undress and suggestive themes. Genre:
- Fantasy
- Drama

Jun is back on the Internet! This time he is looking for answers concerning a "dream." The closer he gets to understanding the dream, the more he learns about the crazy world of the Rozen Maidens. Jun finds out the answers are hidden within the Rose Mansion. Jun will never be the same once he truly understands his dream.


After a traumatic incident, Jun Sakurada refuses to interact with the outside world and return to school--he even shuts out his sister, his closest friend. Jun spends most of his time online buying spiritual items that are obvious rip-offs. One day he finds a website that curiously enough asks him to put his order in his desk drawer. Thinking it's a joke, Jun plays along. The following day a suitcase arrives containing a doll named Shiku... that comes to life before his very eyes! Welcome to the world of Rozen Maiden, where Jun must enter an all-new reality to protect and serve a living doll...

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By Peach Pit

Character Info

Jun Sakurada
Jun must enter an all-new reality to protect and serve a living doll.