Disaster Profile - Malaysia


Tragic Disasters in Malaysia

  Tragic Date Place Death / Injured
Collapse of  Penang Ferry Terminal bridge - Jeti Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim
The collapse of Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal at Butterworth , Pulau Pinang on July 31st. 1988, which caused 32 deaths and 1674 injured.
31.07.1988 (Sunday) Butterworth, Pulau Pinang 32 / < 1674

Rozlan Ishak, Alias Aziz, Norlen Mohamed (2004). DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE STATE OF PENANG (PDF file). Retreived Feb. 17, 2005.

The Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal bridge collapse occurred on July 31,1988 at the Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal on Butterwoth, Penang, Malaysia.

The collapse caused the deaths of 32 people and injured 1,674 people. It was blamed on overcrowding and the jetty being made out of steel bars that led to the collapse.


Sungai Buloh fireworks factory explosion
An explosion and fire that ruined a fireworks factory belonging to Bright Sparkles Sdn. Bhd. at Sungai Buloh, Selangor on May 7th.1991 causing 22 deaths and 103 injured.


07.05.1991 (Tuesday) Sungai Buluh, Selangor 22 / < 103

Choon Hong III Explosion
Fire and explosion which razed the oil tanker Choon Hong III at Kelang Port on June 20th. 1992 causing 10 deaths. The fire had the potential of spreading to the adjacent Shell Company oil depot.

20.06.1992 (Saturday) Port Kelang, Selangor 10 / --

More than 1,000 people, mostly port workers and their families, were evacuated from the area after the blast on the tanker at around 9 p.m.
(1300 GMT) on Saturday sparked a series of explosions and a huge blaze at the depot....full news



Collapse of Highland Towers
The collapse of Highland Towers Condominium in Hulu Kelang, Selangor on December 11th. 1993, where 48 people were killed.

11.12.1993 (Tuesday) Hulu Kelang, Selangor 48 / --


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The Highland Towers collapse was an apartment collapse that occurred on December 11, 199. in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The collapse of one block caused the deaths of 48 people and led to the complete evacuation of the other two blocks due to safety concerns.

The Highland Towers were three blocks of twelve-story apartments, each block was respectively named Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3. Block 1 collapsed when 10 continous days of rainfall led to a landslide after the retaining wall at the Tower's carpark failed.



Karak Highway landslide
A landslide at Km 34 feeder road to Genting Highlands, Pahang on June 30th. 1995, where 20 people were killed and 22 sustained injuries.

30.06.1995 (Friday) KM 34 Jalan Susur Genting Highland 22 / < 22
  20 tourists were killed and 22 injured when a massive landslide during heavy rains buried vehicles travelling on a different road leading to the resort.

The 5.30pm landslide, said to be the worst in the country's history, was caused by heavy rain since 3pm which caused tons of earth to slip.

Scores of rescue workers managed to dig their way in against uprooted trees
and boulders and reach out to the trapped survivors. The bodies of
several victims were found washed down a ravine about 100m below
what used to be the main road to Genting Highlands. It is believed
the victims dashed out of their cars but were buried as they ran.



Karak Highway accident
A tourist bus plunged into a gorge of 120 meters deep at Km 1.5 Genting Highlands Road , Pahang on July 15th. 1996 , where 17 people were killed.

15.07.1996 (Monday) KM 1.5 Jalan Genting Highland 17 / --

Pos Dipang Mudslide
A sudden flood of mud ravaged an Aborigine Settlement village at Dipang Post, Kampong Sahom, Mukim Kampar , Perak on August 29th. 1996 and claimed 44 lives and destroying 30 houses.

29.08.1996 (Thursday) Kampar, Perak 44 / --
Gelinciran Lumpur (Mudslides) di Pos Dipang - Berdasarkan <1996 Climate Summary Malaysia> yang dikeluarkan oleh Perkhidmatan KajiCuaca Malaysia, dilaporkan bahawa pada 30 Ogos 1996, timbunan 
tanah, balak dan runtuhan tanah telah melanda perkampungan orang asli Pos Dipang di Kampar, Perak. Sebanyak 44 orang ditanam hidup-hidup dan memusnahkan perkampungan mereka. Hujan lebat sebelum berlakunya tragedi ini telah menaikkan 
paras air di Sungai Dipang dan dalam beberapa minit sahaja sungai dibanjiri. Aliran air deras membawa bersama lumpur dan pasir yang meruntuhkan 'bank' Hulu Sungai Pusat dan muara Sungai Dipang The aborigine settlement of Pos Dipang near the town of Kampar in northern Perak state lies devastated after a mudslide set off by heavy rain and floods

Typhoon, floods hit west coast of Sabah
The tropical storm Greg hit the west coast of Sabah on December 26th. 1996, killing more than 230 people and destroyed more than 4925 houses.

26.12.1996 (Thursday) Sabah 230 / --

Ribut Tropika Greg - Pada awal pagi 26 Disember 1996, ribut tropika Greg (9627) yang dikesan sebagai satu ' tropical depression' berdekatan 7.4 0N 112 0E pada 24

While Christmas bells were still ringing, Tropical Storm Greg tore into the state of Sabah, Malaysia, at 2 a.m. on December 26, 1996.

It was the worst natural disaster in the last twenty years. It caused flooding in Keningau, about 100 km [62 miles] from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the state of Sabah.

It was estimated that 500 houses were destroyed, 200 people were swept away by floods, and thousands of people were made homeless.



Country Profile for Natural Disasters


The information on natural disasters presented here is taken from EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database. In order for a disaster to be entered into the database at least one of the following criteria has to be fulfilled:

  • 10 or more people reported killed
  • 100 people reported affected
  • a call for international assistance
  • declaration of a state of emergency
Data on natural disasters is presented in three forms:
Top 10 Summarized table Summarized table

Top 10 Natural Disasters in Malaysia
sorted by numbers of people killed and affected

Disaster Date Killed
Wind Storm 26-Dec-1996 270
Epidemic 1991 263
Epidemic Sep-1998 105
Slides 11-Dec-1993 72
Flood 26-Dec-1970 61
Flood Jan-1967 50
Slides 30-Aug-1996 50
Flood 26-Dec-1993 30
Flood 12-Nov-1988 27
Wind Storm 7-Jan-1968 21
Disaster Date Affected
Flood 3-Dec-1965 300,000
Flood 26-Dec-1970 243,000
Flood Jan-1967 140,000
Flood 12-Nov-1988 60,000
Flood 28-Nov-1986 25,000
Flood 26-Dec-1993 25,000
Flood Dec-1983 15,000
Flood 3-Oct-2003 13,800
Wind Storm 7-Jan-1968 10,000
Flood 19-Aug-2001 10,000
Created on: May-5-2004. - Data version: v04.04

Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database,
www.em-dat.net - Université catholique de Louvain - Brussels - Belgium"

For some natural disasters (particularly floods and droughts) there is no exact day or month for the event, and for other disasters (particularly pre-1974) the available record of the disaster does not provide an exact day or month.




Summarized Table of Natural Disasters in Malaysia
from 1965 to 2004

  # of
Killed Injured Homeless Affected Total
Drought 1 0 0 0 5,000 5,000 0

ave. per event

  0 0 0 5,000 5,000 0
Epidemic 9 393 0 0 5,989 5,989 0

ave. per event

  44 0 0 665 665 0
Flood 22 226 0 20,000 860,120 880,120 78,705

ave. per event

  10 0 909 39,096 40,006 3,578
Slides 4 152 35 250 0 285 0

ave. per event

  38 9 63 0 71 0
Wild Fires 1 0 0 3,000 0 3,000 0

ave. per event

  0 0 3,000 0 3,000 0
Wind Storm 4 293 0 3,000