Thursday, April 19, 2007
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Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Album: Mack Daddy
Date: 1992
U.S. Chart: 1
Lyrics: View Lyrics
Sir Mix-A-Lot
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Songfacts:   You can leave comments about the song at the bottom of the page.
This is about women with big butts, and the men who love them. Mix-A-Lot got the idea for this when he was watching the Super Bowl on TV. A Budweiser beer commercial came on with models who were way too skinny for his taste.
This started a trend of rap "booty" songs. Wrex-n-Efx had a hit soon after with "Rump Shaker," and rappers have been singing the praises of "the bubble" ever since.
The outrageous video was briefly banned by MTV. This added to the song's popularity, as Mix-A-Lot played up the controversy. Years later, many rap videos featured dancers with big, healthy butts. The dancers in modern hip-hop videos usually have bigger rumps than those in "Baby Got Back." In 1992, it was a lot harder to find models with a juicy bubble.
This opens with 2 Valley Girls disparaging a black woman with a big butt. It was the first successful Valley Girl integration since the Frank Zappa song, "Valley Girl."
This brought Sir Mix-A-Lot national fame. He was locally popular in Seattle before this. After trying to follow this up with other butt-related songs, he fell into obscurity, but remains a big part of rap history. His old mixer is on display at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.
Cameron Diaz dances to this in the movie Charlie's Angels.
A young and nervous Ytossie (from Temptation Island I) was one of the bootie-shaking performers in the video for this song. (thanks, Shelly - Boston, MA)
In 2005, this was used in back-to-school commercials for Target with the lyrics changed to "Baby Got Backpack."
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all men know weather they admitt or not that they cant help but stare if she got a big booty and the curves to go with it
- mandie, Port Royal, PA
great song, lets not forget it was in Jackass The Movie during the "Sweaty Fat F**ks" skit
- Eric, Milltown, IN
This song is quite possibly my Kryptonite. I can sympathize with Aaron on this one; it is unfortunately a staple of high school and college dances. As Murray Head once said, I get my kicks ABOVE the waistline, sunshine.
- Tony, Topeka, KS
Make no mistake,women with big butts are so (deleted).To all those lovely black women out there i say,"keep shakin that booty"
- Terry, Northampton, England
I have this song on my MP3 player and everytime I listen to it, I have to say amen to Sir Mix-a-lot. Every word is the truth (Every word). All the ladies that have big butts should send a video, slide-show, photo montage or anything that shows them shaking their booty to this song. (Just an idea, but a good one I think ;-])
- Blue, New York City, NY
m having an erection rght now cuz this song is so horny
- Jordan, Haddam, CT
Oh Goodness this song is off the heisy i love it cause i have a big butt so the song makes me feel a whole lot better i just luv that song so much luv,pattsie cline
- Patty, New York City, NY
"Donkey" (voiced by Eddie Murphy) sings a version of this to a dragon (with a big butt) in Dreamworks' film Shrek. I like em big myself! Comment from Mr. Obvious: People who take this too seriously are not the intended audience anyway. Turn it off if you're hopelessly drawn to tiny butts! :p
- James, Vidalia, GA
i remember this guy had a song called square dance rap in about 85.. no it wasnt a big a whitey who likes a lovely tight ass.. sorry girls no fries with your big mac today!
- marlow, perth, -
well i like this song. and i got to admit i do have a big butt!! and i like this song. and i dont know why guys like big butts and the chest area of the girls. maybe the guy thinks he can get something out of the woman.
- sarah floyd, bloomingdale, IL
I pesonally love this song!! I weigh 142 pounds so my booty is gigantic. Well sorta normal but that is beside the point. Great song Great rapper great idea.
- Whitney, Hazelhurst, GA
haha what a song!
- kristina, houston, TX
When one of my best friends and I listen to this song, we just sing to the lyrics and laugh while singing.. It is such a funny song.
- Anna, San Francisco, CA
I love this song because i have a big butt and it makes me laugh!! Not all songs are ment to educate or touch a life, some are just to entertain! Ease up on the guy and just enjoy it!
- whitney, Sallisaw, OK
jeeze, another pointless song, yes songs are made for entertainment, but as far as pop, and most newer rap, it's pointless, mindless drivle. please give us something that has some meaning, or make some yourself. please people that have gifts and abilities to write meaningful music, don't deprive us of it.
- Steve, Keene, NH
Actually Mix-A-Lot didn't nessecarilly recede into one hit wonder land. He actually started his own record label in and it's fairly succesful, but thats why he never followed up.
- Max, New York, NY
Also, I think there is more to this song that meets the eye. "Now cosmo says your fat. Well I ain't down with that." It's a message that's telling girls to stay the way they are no matter how much rich, anorexic, flat chested white girls say they're fat. "So ladies, yeah, ladies, yeah, keep that healthy butt. Baby Got Back."
- Max, New York, NY
My favorite use of this song was the episode of Friends where the only way Ross and Rachel could get Emma (their baby daughter) to laugh was to sing this song. Watching Jennifer Aniston sing this song is a hoot!
- Homer, Versailles, IL
I'm a white boy, and even white boys got to shout baby got back.
- Matt, Millbrae, CA
Very nice song to appreciate the women with the larger bottom packs. Of course, this wasn't the FIRST song to cover girls with big butts. There was "Fat-Bottomed Girls" by Queen (one of my favorites), and of course, the song from Spinal Tap, "Big Bottom". Big bottom, big bottom, talk about bum-cakes, my girl's got 'em...
- Alec, Sewell, NJ
i love this song..... i have a big butt :) hahaha
- stephanie, calgary, Canada
i like big butts too (just kidding) but this is a good booty shakin song
- Amanda, MIneral Ridge, OH
My sister and all of my friends say that this is my song. everytine when we go out and this song comes on, they all make a circle and make me get in the middle.
- sandy, mckeesport, PA
the beauty part of this song, other than the fact it's about asses, is that before this, mix-a-lot was making politically charged activist rap. last person i would think to make an activistic song.
- C.J., Tunkhannock, PA
Ahhh, another well thought out, intelligently written, and respectful rap song.
- Tom, Alma, GA
we were in french class and it was the last day and the teacher told everyone to name my theme song and this was the #1 theme song besides for yous a hoe and slave for you.( ppl say i have the biggest but for a white girl)
- Caitlin, sailsbury, NC
There is a metalcore/rapcore cover of this song by Throwdown... And it's great..
-, somewhere?, Other - Europe
i love sir mix a lot he is so so so so i dont know what to say he is a great singer
- Brittany, philadelphia, PA
I'm a wedding Dj, and every wedding I do, WITHOUT FAIL the skinniest white girl in the party will ask for this song.
- Aaron, Algonquin, IL
Played mercilessly and incessantly at karaoke bars worldwide.
- Matt, Albuquerque, NM
This is a great song that me and my friends dance to all the time, plus, I have also mastered the bird(haha). Anyways if you haven't heard this song yet, go download it!
- Rosie, Waco, TX
This is a great song. One of my favorite songs of all times. The part when they used "Me So Horny" (the famous line from the hooker from Full Metal Jacket).
- Jared, Norwalk, OH
I like big butts and I can not lie!!! I love J. Lo
- Dave, Eau Claire, WI

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