Studfest XIV: Sydney adult fans of Lego
Getting together in Brisbane!

Studfest XIV, the Place. So cool we did not have time to play pool.

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Lego - beautiful one day, perfect the next. Where else but Queensland? We sallied forth to link up with Brisbane AFOL dudes and dudettes at the Indroopilly Pub.

We BrikWarsed a bit, and in the very best BrikWars tradition, I really don't have a solid grip on what was going on, beyond knowing for certain that a good time was had by all.

Top marks Brisbane AFOLdom, we Studly types had a fabulous time.

(In keeping with my ongoing moral bankruptcy, I have naughtily nicked the summaries below from Lugnet's Australian newsgroup :-)

One of the many MOC tables, including the award winning Snottler.

Ross' gorgeous train and crane gear.

Model Team, Islanders, and MOC space - its all here.

Zac's dudes took up position in the northwest.

Some of James' dudes came down from the northeast, including the tricky rc tank.

Who's were these guys?  Aaron?

Michael's classic dudes hovered in from the southeast.

As the Port Block Yards gunship took off, the PBY Security forces took up positions in one of the buildings.

And honestly, anyone camping in the battlezone was just asking for trouble...

Michael's tank ceased to be a tank, and became an attractive pill box.

Ahh, the wonder of explosive weapons :-)  Note James' tricky blast radius thingie.

Hmmm.  That's an attractive collection of body parts.

Even late in the battle there were new units arriving, this one with an interesting new form of red shielding...

Richie Dulin wrote:

    Wow! A great meet, a great day and a great venue for LUG'OZ 2002. Remarkable MOCs all over the place in just about every theme. Thanks to all the locals for their hospitality, and especially to Mel for the organising.

Richard Parsons wrote:

    Ditto squared. I had a really great time - people, mocs, venue, trades, BrikWars all getting two thumbs up. Just brilliant. Already looking forward to the next one in June 2003!

    Did I say I had nice time? I'm sure I meant to...

Zac Soden wrote:

    Thanks to all you southerners for coming up! And for the immensely enjoyable game of brikwars. On a side note, my friend who brought me down was almost inspired enough to go and start a LEGO collection of his own but instead set out and bought a Warhammer 40K starter kit yesterday....

Michael Dallaston wrote:

    Indeed! Since most of us QLDers only knew the theory, it was good to get some Brikwars experienced players. Special thanks to James, who did most of the mental arithmetic (owww, my head hurts :) )

Melody Brown wrote:

    Well for those who could not make it, I'll write a quick summary :)

    Mel wrote a wonderful detailed chronology of events of the Saturday and Sunday (including the Sunday fest at the pub), which you can read here.

    Everyone from Interstate it was a long way to come, but so great to see and meet you all and to my fellow QLDers, thankyou for coming and I hope you all had a Glorious time! Hope you all got home safe and sound and that your Lego survived too :)

    Also Special Thanks to Kerry for helping me out with organising, transportation and ideas... She's a Cool Cat!

    Can't wait for the next one! I will be there with bells on :P Where shall it be? Melbourne? Tasmania? Adelaide? Sydney? New Zealand? :P

Kevin Hall wrote:

    Thanx to Mel and everyone who turned up and helped to make Sunday a great day... pitty Australia is soooo big... more of these would be GREAT to have...: )

    I wish I could have brought more of my MOCs with me... It was nice to meet people in person too.... and thanx Megan for keeping Andrea company...: )

    Can't wait til the next meet now....

Kerry Raymond wrote:

    Actually Mel's dept store was pretty awesome! If someone has taken some photos of it, please put them on the WWW for everyone to see.

    And, of course, a big thanks to Mel for organising the whole event, including the million phone calls needed to find a venue.

Ross Crawford wrote:

    As you wish. Check this out. Mel's store is here though I didn't get any inside shots 8?(

BrikWars was a rather confused affair - each of us (there being about 6 or eight playing) had out 500pt TL6 armies, Zac had organised terrain (at least I think it was Zac), James distributed objectives, and we had at each other.

Much carnage was had. Many brave heroic and tragically stupid figs met their creator in many new and interesting ways (as well as the slew who did so in very old fashioned but nonetheless very interestng and entertaining ways). The pictures tell the story rather comprehensively. If I recall correctly (which I so seldom do) most of the Sydney dudes died horrible firey deaths or bugged out, and a few did both at the same time. Michael's few remaining Classic space dudes secured their objective, and it was he, Zac and Aaron who had control of the battlefield at the end.

As always, James was the arbiter of truth, justice and probability, and was unanimously acclaimed extremely handy at all three (thanks James).

More MOCs and models, including Kerry's award winning cathedral.

Cars and trucks, Kevin's glorious dragon, castles and cathedrals.

Even Znap and mechandise - this place has EVERYthing!

James arrives with his trademark battletanks.

Richard's Security team arrived in their tricky new gunship.

Zac moved into the fray.

God alone knows what was happening here.

The rocketeers proved handy - everyone seemed focussed on taking out the gro pos and vehicles :-)

Now this was a bit spooky.  A practitioner of the dark arts turned one of the Port Block Yards troopers into .... a teddy!

Carnage ensues.

How did this get here?  This looks like a hasty shot of Port Block! Must have had one more shot on the reel :-)