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Romeo and Juliette

All hail Mike Rayhawk, creator of BrikWars

All hail Mike Rayhawk
Creator of BrikWars

Thanks to ozBricks, without whose hosting this page would not be.

Thanks to ozBricks
without whose hosting
this page would not
have been

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long 16 years after bloody revolution killed the reigning monarch, King Kevin the Boldish (who was probably well loved by his people, and brought down by those who would not share their lollies, or something equally unlikely - after all this is supposed to be fairy tale isn't it? Its not? Did I come into the wrong room again? Sorry...)

The king's son, heir to the throne, and last best hope for a plot line, was spirited away at the height of the squabbling. Raised in small a village, raised to his role, the boy is of age, and ready to take his place on the throne. The earnest monks who have been raising him have sent word to their contacts in the city. But 16 years is a long time indeed. And this boy might complicate things. Who exactly are his friends anyway. Nothing is certain, except that everyone who is anyone is sending a squad to this squalid little speck on the squalid little countryside.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

as a
dispatch a force to
the "king" from the squalid little village to further your
  • religious leader
  • mercenary
  • military leader
  • monarchist
  • patriot
  • republican
  • scheming courtier
  • innocent bystander
  • save
  • snatch
  • stash
  • slave
  • slay
  • schmooze
  • snog
  • smack
  • career
  • vision for mankind
  • purse
  • political ambitions
  • reputation as a nice guy
  • reputation as a not nice guy
  • plan to see the world
(select one)
(select one)
(select one)

TL3 BrikWars (with thanks to James Howse, Gamemaster Extraordinaire, and Mike Rayhawk, creator of BrikWars)

Up to four players field 300 points of TL3 army. 1 commander per army and other troop ratios apply (see rules for details). No magic, no restrictions on numbers of horses. The gamemaster will have some local militia, peasant farmery types and 5 king-candidates. To discover which of the king-candidates is the King, you will require 1 turn of questioning by a hero (or your commander).

You must declare to the gamemaster your political affiliation before battle commences. If you are a Monarchist you can score 75 points by taking the King off the field of play. If you are a Republican you can't score this bonus, you can however kill the King (very handy if someone else is about to snatch him.) You cannot change your affiliation partway through the game.

There will be four special locations. A chapel, this will act as a sick bay with attendant medics. A forge, this will act as a repair bay with attendant mechanics. A barracks, control of this means control of the militia. A Town Hall, control of this means control of the peasants. The game ends when: Someone takes the king out of the playing area (75pts); Someone becomes the last player alive (50 pts); Someone controls all four special locations (10pts per at end); 12 turns have elapsed.

Prologue    Part 1    Part 2    Part 3