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Rush Limbaugh tells us he is the "great truth detector". Rush also claims to be an example of patriotism who exhibits a high degree of moral behavior. Thing of it is, Rush Limbaugh evaded serving his country and has no use for truth. Rush Limbaugh is an opportunistic entertainer. Rush Limbaugh has nothing to do with truth and moralism, nor is he an example of patriotic behavior. Rush Limbaugh is self-serving demagogue who will say anything to enrich himself. If Rush's fans applied even a modicum of objective reason, they would realize Limbaugh is duping them for great personal gain. MEGADITTOS!!

Reward yourself with the Limbaugh Letter! It is written specially by Rush. The letter is filled with easy to read talking points. Limbaugh is famous for marshmallow fluff like rhetoric and the letter is no different. Who can be bothered with facts and accuracy? Certainly not Rush Limbaugh and his listeners. The Limbaugh Letter is ideal for blind partisan loyalists who will tolerate anything, no matter how baseless, as long as it supports "the team". You will also help to make Rush Limbaugh and Premiere Radio Networks even wealthier.
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Rush just doesn't care what he says. He tells lies, makes distortions, panders to the prejudices of listeners, etc. What he is really doing is disrespecting and using them for personal gain. If Rush actually valued the truth, fairness and the people who listen to his show, he would not misinform them.
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Rush Limbaugh seems to be incapable or unwilling to comply with the law when it comes to prescription drugs. On Friday, Rush was detained by ICE officials for possessing a bottle of Viagra without a prescription. The matter was turned over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office. Possessing a controlled drug such as Viagra without a prescription is a violation of the law. It is amazing that Rush would not obtain a prescription for his Viagra. The Sherrif's office will file with the State's Attorney. Limabugh's plea deal might well be in jeopardy.  

Rush Limbaugh and others love to pass themselves off as great patriots who wake up every day in support of the troops. Yet they are willing for political and financial motives to place their own interests ahead of the troops, in this case, giving extraordinary and explicit aid and comfort to insurgents who have killed Americans. This is the exact opposite of being a humane and dutiful American who values our fighting men and women. Republicans, democrats, independents... we should come together and rise up against these people. Our troops deserve much better from us.  

Rush Limbaugh and conservatives like him have long waged a crusade to paint the media as liberal. This is done in total denial of the fact the media structure is a corporate one that wants policies and actions the GOP is willing to bring. The coverage chosen by the media and what tone it takes is anything but liberal. How the media "covered" the Iraq war build up is a prime example. Ted Koppel in this video takes ZERO responsibility, covers for Bush and the media and goes on to acknowledge that coverage is crafted to appeal to certain demographics.  

George W. Bush gave a speech on May 15 that stands as a powerful insult to everyone who has paid even a modicum of attention to his failure to lead on immigration over the past 5 years. Whether you think an open border is a good idea or not, there is no excuse for attempting to mislead the people regarding your record. By his very deeds, Bush has demonstrated he does not care about working people, immigrants or national security. George W. Bush has proven that his allegiance is with the short term profit goals of corporations that have funded his campaigns.  

Rush Limbaugh loves to insist that he has a deep understanding of "mainstream America", so much so that he is entitled to speak for us and does so every time he opens up his mouth. Rush Limbaugh is also one of the Bush administration's most prodigous flaks. Seldom does Rush heap anything but praise on Bush and the administration. But how can Rush be speaking for mainstream America when we realize that Bush is doing a very poor job? It is unfortunate that Rush lacks the candor and character to admit the fundamental and very costly failures which continue to mark the Bush presidency? Rush is out of touch and by choice.  

In yet another insult to Americans, particularly those who vote republican, Sen. Bill Frist of Tennesse undermines the "ethics and dignity" image the GOP has cultivated and used to market itself. Bill Frist made statements that amount to outright lies concerning his holdings of HCA stock. Frist likes to say, "the facts speak for themselves". They sure do and when analyzing the statements he made when appearing on CNBC, the facts show Frist to be a liar. Frist claimed he did not know if he held any HCA stock yet he sold the shares shortly after this statement which was also shortly before the stock tanked.  

Rush announced his adopt a solider program. This amounts to soliciting money from listeners to buy Rush 24/7 and Limbaugh Letter subscriptions to be "given" to the active troops. Of course the obvious question becomes how generous is Rush really being with this? Rush and Premiere Radio stand to reap millions from the pockets of listeners. Do the troops really benefit? They need things such as flack jackets and up-armored humvees. It is for certain that Limbaugh and Premiere Radio Networks are profiting from the feeling of generosity and patriotism of the listening audience.  

Republicans spoke loudly and often about the rule of law when it came to Bill Clinton and the seriousness of perjury, honesty and obstuction of justice. But now that the question involves republicans, people such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson declare that perjury and obstruction are mere technicalities. This just goes onto the heap of evidence which shows that when it comes to morals, republican politicians have really nothing but empty rhetoric, not consistency. Hypocrisy, moral relativism and dishonesty is what defines the contemporary "Grand Ole' Party".  

Republicans like to insist theirs is the party of ethics and virute. Rush Limbaugh loves to tell them this. However, the prominent GOP politicians in leadership exhibit unethical behavior which includes extortion, influence pedaling, profiting personally from awarding government contracts, violating their security clearance while pursuing political revenge, taking private land, indictments for criminal conspiracy and investigations for insider trading. These sames politicians use faith as a prop to sell themselves into power. The GOP leadership continues to exhibit behavior most of us wouldn't even consider.  

Rush Limbaugh followers just love to insist it is the liberals who engage in name calling and lower the tone of debate, all the while cheering on Limbaugh and holding him up as some sort of example of how to behave. The hypocrisy is galactic. Limbaugh is all about name calling, denigrating people and lowering the tone. These graphics which appear on his site every day are hardly tone elevating. In fact they are quite disparaging. Cmon dittoheads, at least have some intellectual integrity.  

Oil companies such as BP Amoco and Exxon Mobil are scoring galactic profits for themselves by inflating prices and jeopardizing our economy in the process. Instead of acting on behalf of the people, Bush and the GOP power brokers enrich them even further with give aways and tax cuts. Apologists insist it is all supply demand and accounting for costs. But comparing pump price and surging profits shows a close trend. Before the hurricanes, supply of fuel has met demand. What fell short was the thirst for humongous profits... but the oil companies saw to that.  

Denials of Karl Rove's involvement in the leaking of the name of Wilson's wife have been numerous. They have come from a variety of sources including President Bush and Press Secretary Scott McClellan. But now proof is on the record that Karl Rove did indeed play a role, having conversed with Matt Cooper before the Novak piece was printed. But propagandists such as Rush Limbaugh continue to attempt to provide cover for the administration by lying to listeners insisting "it is all just hate against republicans, the President never promised to fire anybody", etc. Their claims are refuted by a look at the record.  

Rush Limbaugh is using his "Limbaugh Letter" to mislead his audience into accepting the spurious charge that Sadam and Al Queda were linked and had operational ties. Rush made the unusual step of making this content available to the public, not restricting it to "24/7" subscribers. An analysis of the Limbaugh Letter article entitled, "Iraq Al Queda Links" shows the amazingly porous nature of what Limbaugh insists constitutes proof of the war justifying link. Meanwhile, over 1700 Americans have died, the public spends more than 1 billion per week and Limbaugh laughs all the way to the bank.  

As National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice suggested Sadam did not have WMDs. But after the decision to invade had been made by administration hawks such as Cheney and Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice took to the airwaves and told a very different story. It is unfortunate for Rush Limbaugh dittoheads to bend over for such waffling. Republicans like to insist they are the honest ones and their idolized politicians are "straight shooters". Contrary to her pre 9/11 findings about Sadam and WMD, Condi made statements to suit the administration. Over 1700 Americans have died so far and Condoleeza Rice was promoted.  

Without any knowledge of their academic achievements or curriculum, Rush Limbaugh attacked a group of Evanston Township High School students for learning about topics of interest to business and government. The students challenged Rush to a debate. It is only fair considering the attack. Limbaugh should want to the opportunity to stand up for himself and his listeners. Instead, Limbaugh chose to display cowardice and won'tstand up to a group of students in a debate. Perhaps if he had not dropped out of college, Rush would value education instead of malign it.  

Rush insists "liberal callers" are welcome as if Limbaugh is running a big open arena for the exchange of ideas. But callers who offer sound arguments to Limbaugh's rhetoric are screened and barred from making it to air. As exhibited by the experience of this would-be caller, the Rush Limbaugh Show is a media business that subjugates truth and perspective to message crafting. The Rush Limbaugh Show is all about selling air time to advertisers. Listeners become highly misinformed in the process.  

In an astonishing confirmation of just how out of touch Rush actually is with the struggles working America faces each day to make ends meet, in the face of higher fuel prices Lord Rush tells working people to simply "go earn more money". With his 250 million dollar contract and short work hours, Limbaugh obviously has no concept of what hard work and meeting a budget is all about. Limbaugh is over-fed, over-medicated, over-paid and way out of touch. He should climb down from his well monied pedastal and think about what his listeners face.  

In one of his most despicable acts to date, Rush told bare faced lies to the troops in Afghanistan insisting, "the left and liberal media want more troop deaths". This was based on an utterly factless representation of a Reuters article. By lying to the troops, Rush insulted them, veterans, citizens and his listeners. There is simply never an excuse to exploit the troops, particularly by lying to them in order to generate fodder for a rabidly partisan talk radio show. And this is all from a man who evaded serving his country because of a boil on his keister.  

Rush Limbaugh insisted "liberals" cannot start businesses because of alleged reliance on government grants. But Limbaugh fails to consider the government gives away BILLIONS of tax dollars each year to businesses not owned by "liberals'. Limbaugh also utterly fails to consider the numerous businessed owned by "liberals" but don't receive government largesse. Limbaugh made these statements to a caller who claims swearing off liberalism was the start of her business success.  

Rush Limbaugh in an impotent attempt to redefine the term neocon, endeavored to brand an entire group of people as racist. It is difficult to believe that Rush actually believes what he is saying here as there is nothing to substantiate his assertion. Then again, reasoned analysis is not what makes Rush so popular. It also ironic for Rush to accuse anyone of racist rhetoric.  

Pervez Musharraf is one of our most important allies in the Middle East. He recognizes that invading Iraq made us less safe and is a mistake. His statement comprises a big story and worthy of discussion yet the media ignored it. It is not a "liberal media". Instead, it is a pandering, corporate one.  

Rush disrespects his listeners by exposing them to another fusilade of hyperbole. This time, Rush was providing cover for the administration's failure to secure the 380 tons of HMX and RDX explosives in Iraq. Rush also fails to remind his listeners that the most likely disposition of the looted explosives is in the hands of insurgents attacking US troops and facilities in Iraq  

The right just loves to use simple, easy to digest accusations like "Kerry is a flip flopper". But this sort of rhetoric, championed by Rush, is a classic example of spin and political myopia. If people such as Rush Limbaugh had any sense of proportion or regard for their flock and truth, they would consider the tremendous flip-flopping displayed by George W. Bush. The list is loooong and growing....  

Halliburton subsidiary KBR has once again been found ripping off taxpayers. Rush Limbaugh says he is the voice of the pople who cares. But Rush has been black room silent about the latest findings of Halliburton malfeasance. Limbaugh should not claim to be a "truth detector". He is nothing more than an opportunist.  

Rush Limbaugh loves to praddle on about John "F'ing" Kerry using an expletive during an interview. Rush however fails to discuss the MANY occasions where members of the Bush administration use gutter language. If Rush had any intellectual integrity, he would from here on out refer to the VP as Dick "F'ing" Cheney.  

Based on his statements, Rush Limbaugh thinks being stripped naked, stacked into piles, being forced into homosexual acts, being menaced by dogs, etc. is just good fun, a great way to blow off some steam and just like what fraternities do for initiation. Now, the Arab world trusts us even less than it did.  

Since admitting to drug abuse after it was publically exposed, Rush cited back surgery pain as the reason he began to take drugs illegally. However, this does show some inconsistencies with the discourse on his show and his recreational activities. Regular listeners are encouraged to help here with verifiable proof....  

Rush Limbaugh loves to prop up the administration in regard to the Iraq claims. But Rush always fails to remind listeners of the alarming statements this administration made to garner domestic support for the invasion. It is unfortunate for Rush to leave out very large portions of the debate....  

Rush Limbaugh has made quite a series of bigoted comments. Rush's statements regarding indians are another example of the racist, divisive, simplistic, us vs them mentality and demagoguery he peddles as real analysis. Rush Limbaugh's racist comments mark him as a throwback and cause sensible people to question the merit of what he says in the name of entertainment.    

Rush Limbaugh speaks with a "loud voice". This gives Rush immense power to act on behalf of the public or work against us. Rush Limbaugh has failed his listeners by failing to hold the administration accountable for their claims. Rush Limbaugh should speak for his listeners and ask for proof of the the reasons why Americans are dying and we are spending billions of dollars. Instead, Rush Limbaugh continues to attack those who ask questions....

Rush Limbaugh described the terrorist incidents in Iraq as "little". Rush Limbaugh who knows nothing of military planning, says that we don't need more troops. Rush Limbaugh who evaded the draft and although though Americans are dying and tax payers are paying 1 billions per week, insists we don't need international help in post war Iraq. Rush has no foundation for making these claims and is misinforming his flock...

Right wing propagandists such as Rush Limbaugh don't care what the administration does. But real American's should. The administration told us Sadam posed an imminent threat, had specific quantities of WMD and supported Al-Queda. These claims seem to have been very unjustified. We know Bush lied during his State of the Union Addsress, telling us Sadam tried to procure fissile material in Africa. The administration owes us all an answer.

In yet another installment of the right wing attack on free speech, a conservative web master demands censorship and threatens legal action. Where is Rush Limbaugh the great defender of free speech? One would think the huge patriot Rush, would be all over this. But Rush Limbaugh hasn't bothered to stand up against this throw back to book burning. Nor has Rush bothered to point out the hypocrisy of this threat of a frivolous legal action. Rush Limbaugh isn't really such a big patriot afterall....

The Bush administration is using the war as an opportunity to reward cronies. Rush Limbaugh calls himself the "truth detector". However Rush Limbaugh is eerily silent as Bush uses nation building to reward cronies. Rush Limbaugh is an opportunistic hypocrite...

In spite of the fact that Rush Limbaugh dodged serving in Viet Nam due to a boil on his ass, Rush saw it fit to try to impugn the honorable Viet Nam service of John Kerry. Rush Limbaugh is a despicable demagogue. A listener managed to get onto the air and restore a bit of justice and knock the wind out of Rush's right wing smear campaign.

Message From Rush

Dear gullible fans, I Rush Limbaugh don't care whether or not you know the truth about anything. In fact, I take great pains to see to it that you don't. I tell you what you want to hear. I Rush Limbaugh will generate lies, contortions and baseless hate speech to get you to listen. I Rush Limbaugh don't have much need for facts. Actually I hate them. But do keep listening.. my sponsors just love it.

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Only after being exposed did Rush Limbaugh admit to being a drug addict

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Rush Limbaugh relies upon and feeds into the dumbing down of America. Rush spews propaganda and utters streams of factless gibes. Millions of people watch professional wrestling but it doesn't mean it is good. Millions listen to Rush Limbaugh's radio show and it sure doesn't mean it is good. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Rush Limbaugh's radio program is something like a throwback to the Soviet Propaganda directorate or Tass. Rush Limbaugh wouldn't exist if it were not for the very unliberal media contemporary society labors under. An uninformed electorate is a malleable electorate. Rush Limbaugh for a big fat contract, does his part to keep the public in the dark. Rush Limbaugh is not one of democracy's assets.