The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation was established in August, 1961 under the provisions of the Road Transport Corporation Act 1950 with the objective of providing “adequate, efficient, economic and properly coordinated road transport services”. Three Corporations viz., BMTC, Bangalore from 15-08-1997, NWKRTC, Hubli from 01-11-1997 and NEKRTC, Gulbarga from 01-10-2000 were formed out, on a regional basis, with KSRTC doing operations covering Southern Karnataka and interstate areas.

KSRTC operates its services to all villages in the State, which have motorable roads. 92% of the villages in monopoly area (6743 out of 7298) and 44% in non-monopoly area (5158 out of 11789) have been provided with transport facility by KSRTC. At present it has one corporate office, 11 divisional offices, 57 depots, 110 bus stations, 2 bus bodybuilding workshops,
1 printing press, 3 training Institutes and 1 hospital. It operates 5100 schedules with 5400 vehicles (including 164 hired private vehicles) covering 19.50 lakh Kms. and carries on an average 22 lakh passengers daily. About 25000 employees are working in the Corporation.

National & International Recognition

  1. Union Transport Minister’s Trophy for lowest accident during 1996-99, 1997-00 and 1998-01.
  2. Parisara Award 2001 by the State Govt.
  3. Safety Award for 2001-02 by the Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport, India.
  4. IRTE Pince Michale International Road Safety Award 2001.
  5. PCRA Award 2001-02 and 2002-03.
  6. Golden Peacock International Award for 2002 (runners-up).
  7. Golden Peacock Environment Management Award for 2003 (winner).
  8. Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award 2004 (second time).

IT Initiatives & Others

  1. 100% computerization in depots, introduction of ETMs in all its 57 depots covering over 5000 schedules, implementation of Oracle Financials at Central Offices, providing e-mail facility to all depots, divisions and other units, computerization of entire process of recruitment at all levels, introduction of e-tendering process etc., are some of the areas where the Corporation has achieved substantial progress.

  2. One of the important land marks in the history of KSRTC is the introduction of an unique computerized objective Drivers Testing system and bringing transparency in appointment of drivers totally eliminating human element in awarding marks.

  3. The Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act has been followed.

  4. Introduction of a unique scheme called Accident Relief Fund has entitled the dependents of the passenger to receive an immediate compensation of Rs 2.00 lakh in case of accidental death, in addition to the compensation that will be awarded by MACT later.

  5. It has introduced of Service Guaranteed Scheme since 01/11/2002 for its prestigious Airavata (Volvo) and Rajahamsa services. This entitles the passengers to get part refund in fare in case of delay for more than half-an-hour either in departure or in arrival.

KSRTC has reached yet another mile stone in its IT field by introducing a new system named as AWATAR (Any Where Any Time Advance Reservation), by which any passenger can reserve tickets well in advance on-line from any part of the world through internet, to travel from any place to any place on the routes on which the Corporation operates its services. The passengers can reserve their seats using debit or credit card also. KSRTC is the first transport Corporation in India to implement the software of this kind.

On this occasion KSRTC assures its commuters that some more projects of this kind will be taken up in the near future with a view to serve them to the best of its ability and strive hard to reach every village in the State not only through road but also over net.