Death Penalty & Prison Issues

Thanks to Rick Halperin, AI Texas, 
and his Death Penalty News & Updates,
this section can and will be constantly updated!

Impending Executions in the USA

Number of People Executed in the USA in 2007: 13
(As of April 11)

USA executions 2007 (January-June)

USA executions 2006  (July-December)

USA executions 2006 (January-June)

USA executions 2005 (July-December)

USA executions 2005 (January-June)

USA executions 2004 (July-December)

USA executions 2004 (January-June)

USA executions 2003 (July-December)

USA executions 2003 (January-June)

USA executions 2002 (July-December)

USA executions 2002 (January-June)

USA executions 2001 (July-December)

USA executions 2001 (January-June)

USA executions 2000 (July-December)

USA executions 2000 (January-June)

USA executions 1999 (July-December)

USA executions 1999 (January-June)

USA executions 1998 (July - December)

USA executions 1998 (January - June)


Prisoners on this Website:

Zolo Agona Azania, Indiana Death Row

Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl, Indiana Death Row

Gamba Mateen Rastafari, Indiana Death Row

Ralph Trent Stokes, Pennsylvania Death Row

Nanon's Writings
(Nanon Williams is no longer on TX Death Row)

September 2005
Nikon N. Johnson
Young prisoner seeking friends
(More to come on this website)


Narrative by Rick Halperin, who witnessed

Frank McFarlands execution
in Huntsville, Texas, April 29, 1998

Links to other Websites with
Death Row Prisoners:

Robert Fratta, Texas

Mumia Abu Jamal, Pennsylvania


Indiana Death Row Prisoners

Texas Death Row Prisoners


Emile Duhamel, Texas
Mentally Retarded who died during the heat wave in July 1998

Save Johnny Paul Penry
Mentally Retarded on Texas Death Row



Saga of an American in France
In Pursuit of JUSTICE

Barry Braimah

An Innocent Man Held Prisoner in France (Lallia's Page)

Barry's current address:

Barry Braimah
8674 B-Sud 227
Centre Pen. de Clairvaux
10310 Ville sous La Ferte

Statement by Barry

Memory Page of Sydney Manoka Nzeza


Voice of Indiana's
Political Prisoners


Links to websites about
Political Prisoners:

The Jericho Movement



Penpal Links:

Death Row Inmates
Penpal Requests
The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Penn-Pals - Prison Inmate Services Network


Cyberspace Inmates

Prison Pen Pals


Other Death Penalty & Prison Related Links:

Abolish the Death Penalty

The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

The International Bannister Foundation

Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

TDCJ - Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Death Penalty Information Center

Death Penalty News & Updates

Fight the Death Penalty in the US
This site is both in English and Danish

Justice: Denied
The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

Florida Prisoners
Making the Walls Transparant

Ohioans to Stop Executions

The Other Side of the Wall

The Death Penalty Perspective

Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Correctional Education Connections

A Capital Defender's Toolbox

Justice Page of the Week Winner

Stop Prisoner Rape

Debt to Society
The Real Price of Prisons

The Electronic Activist

Address Directory - Politicians of the World

Crossroad Support Network

Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory

Without Sanctuary
Photographs and postcards of lynching in America.

Personal Links
(Not prison related)


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