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Extracting DNA
Transforming Plants
Transforming E.Coli (1)
Transforming E.Coli (2) (PDF)
Transforming E.Coli (3)
Tranforming E. Coli (4)
Introduction of genes into mammalian cells
Electroportation into embryonic stem (ES) cells
Protocols including DNA from thymus
Micropipettor use illustrated
Screening bacterial colonies by PCR
Restriction enzyme digesiton of DNA
Agarose gel electrophoresis
PCR Mutagensis
Protocol Online - Lots of protocols
iProtocol - more protocols


pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit
Eduardo Kac - Transgenic art, including GFP rabit
Laura Cinti - Hairy Cactus
Luciferase transformed bacteria kit
Carloina ampicillin resistance transformation
Carolina glow-in-the-dark transformation kit
Microvenus - DNA sequence art (more on Joe Davis)
Modern Biology DNA analysis kits
BioBricks - DNA logic components
DNA Logic Elements (and more on Ron Weiss)


Cheap Electrophoresis from ScienceKit.Com ($50)
Modern Biology, Inc. - electrophoresis & PCR equipment
Camp Micro - bio supplies (agar plates, loops, etc.)
Nanolight - Luicferases, luciferins, fluorescent proteins
Ward's - Biotech equipment (electrophoresis, plasmids, micropipets, PCR)
Lab Scientific - all kinds of life science research products
Fermentas - Ligation & transormation kits, restriction endonucleases, nucleotides, oligonucleotides
Plantmedia - Biokits, electrophoresis, lab equipment
Carolina - DNA markets, plasmids, restriction enzymes, kits, equipment
Edvotek - Biotech educational equipment
Fotodyne - biotech educaitonal kits
ScienceKit - lots of affordable equipment

Oligonucleotide Synthesis:

Bioneer (Korea)
Fisher Oligos
SynGen, Inc.
TriLink BioTechnologies
U. Calgary University Core DNA Services (Canada)

Custom Gene Synthesis

BioS&T ($499 minimum)
DNA2.0 Inc. ($500 minimum)
GeneScript ($500 minimum)
Retrogen ($1000 minimum)
Gene Art (UK)

DNA Sequencing:

Cornell BioResource Center
Gene Art (UK)

Gene Probes:


Other Sites:

The Arts & Genomics Center
Biotech Hobbyist Magazine
Biomolecular Teaching Guide
Ontogenesis - Biotech Art Blog
J. Craig Venter Institute
Bioinformatics.Net - Info on sequence analysis, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics
Sequencing Explanation - In Flash

For more information, email thomas at dnahack.com

Interesting thought, from Michael Schrage in the June 2003 Technology Review: "Maybe bathtub biotech will be the next to capture the mindshare of the techie tinkerers. Maybe bioinformatics and the diffusion of genetic engineering technologies will inspire a new generation of bio-hackers. Certainly the technologies are there for those inclinded to genetically edit their plants or pets. Maybe a mouse or E. coli genome becomes the next operating system for hobbyists to profitably twiddle. Perhaps this decade will bring a Linus Torvalds or Bill Gates of bio-hackerdom -- a hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur who can simultaneously innovate and market his or her DNA-driven ideas."