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Parents Television Council - Because Our Children Are Watching

PTC Insider Newsletter

The PTC Insider is one of the PTC's best vehicles for educating and mobilizing its massive grassroots network.  Every month the Insider is sent to over 100,000 top PTC supporters.


The newsletter gives PTC members detailed accounts of ongoing campaigns, exclusive celebrity interviews, "insider" reports on PTC events and press conferences, and previews of yet-to-be-released studies and Special Reports. 

The Insider provides members with the tools and information they need to challenge the entertainment industry directly.

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July 2006 - Sample Issue in pdf Format (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)


Sample Articles

PTC is Lone Voice for Families at Senate Indecency Hearing

TV's Rising Body Count

An Interview with PTC Celebrity Advisory Board Member Tim Conway

Discussing Values and Television Indecency with PTC Supporter Mrs. M. Virginia Schoepe

Bridging the Gap Between Two Cultures: A Conversation with Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye's Deanne Bray

Smallville's John Schneider: "Hollywood's Obligation is to Shape Culture. We Should Shape it for the Better"

Letter from PTC President Brent Bozell Concerning the FCC

PTC's Lovelace Internship Program Trains Future Generation of Leaders

Want To Clean Up TV? Help the PTC Change the Way Advertisers Look at Audiences

Mid-Season Replacements Awash in Raunch and Mid-Season Highlights

Saving Islands of Hope in a Sea of Sleaze

Hollywood Responds to FTC Scrutiny

Saving the World's Largest Archive of Prime-Time Network Television

Good News From Hollywood! And YOU Helped Make It Happen

What Children Are Watching

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