I grew up in Rockingham County, living for most of my life in the Midway community. I attended Bethany School from seventh through eighth grade and graduated from Rockingham County Senior High School in 1992. During my time in high school I was a member of the swim team for three years and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. After high school I attended Rockingham Community College for three years, earned my Associate of Arts degree and then transferred to Elon College (now Elon University). That was the first time I'd ever lived outside of Rockingham County. I proceeded to spend the next four years changing majors twice. I ended up getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Historical Studies in 1999, having spent seven years in college learning from some of the best minds in the field.

A year after graduating from Elon, I found the opportunity to work for a weekly news magazine in Asheville. I spent a year and a half living there.  During my stint as a reporter I got to cover a lot of unique stories (the We Still Pray Rally and the night spent looking for ghosts at the Grove Park Inn readily come to mind) and met some pretty interesting people, including Bill Cosby and Israeli war hero Gershon Salomon. Later on I worked as a substitute teacher: mostly at Asheville High School but I also spent some time working with special-needs students at one of the elementary schools.

It was also while living in Asheville that I began dating Lisa, who was working on her Masters degree in Music Education at the University of Georgia. Two days before Thanksgiving in 2001 I asked her to be my wife in a pretty offbeat way. We were married the following July, in a ceremony that saw friends come from as far away as Australia, Belgium and Brooklyn.  When it came time to remove Lisa's garter I scared everyone by pulling out a garter snake instead (don't worry: it was only rubber :-).

We now live in Reidsville. I am working as a master control technician at WGSR-Star 39 in addition to doing freelance website design. I am also attempting something of a career as a writer and an independent filmmaker: toward that goal, a friend and I founded KWerky Productions two years ago.  With two short movies on my belt I'm now at work on a full-length feature film that we hope to complete by the end of 2007.  I've also started writing a nonfiction book that is spiritual in nature.

And then came the suggestion in early July of 2006 that I should run for an at-large seat on the Rockingham County Board of Education. I spent the next month thinking about it, praying about it, talking it over with some of my closest friends. And in the end, I felt that this really was something that I was being led to at least make a sincere effort toward doing. So I filed to run... having never run for public office before but looking forward to all the challenges that come with being a candidate.

So here we are: I'm now on the ballot and you are looking at this website, which I'm hoping will convince you that I'm worth casting a vote for this coming November. If I win, I'll do my best to fulfill my office. If I lose, that's okay too, because I'll know that I gave it my best shot and at least got to put some issues on the table.

And that, my friends, is my life in a nutshell :-)

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