Enumerated by W. M. Warren

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GRAFF, David 69 Married Md. Farmer February, Brain Fever
WRIGHT, George 1   Ills.   August, Unknown
COSTS (Corts?), Barton 4   Ills.   March, Unknown
CASSELL, Sarah 45 Married Ky.   December, Cancer
MATTHEWS, Miranda 1/12   Ills.   March, Ericepalis
WARNER, Amanda 1   Ills.   August, Fever
CRAIG, George 48 Married Va. Farmer August, Congestive Fever
CRAIG, Nancy 3/12   Ills.   August, Unknown
McDONALD, Daniel 63 Married Pa. Farmer March, Unknown
LITER, James 3/12   Ills.   February, Liver Complaint
CONN, Eunice 22   Ills.   August, Fever
SIMMS, Harriet 22   Ky.   August, Fever
FRIZELL, Joseph 52   England None July, Cholera
CRAIG, Rebecca 65 Married Ky.   July, Fever
SCOTT, Mrs. 68 Widow Pa.   July, Fever
OBANNION, John 50 Married Va. Farmer October, Unknown
HOAGLAND, Julia 1   Ills.   August, Teething
SWAYNE, Margaret 23 Married Ills.   December, Typhoid Fever
NESBIT, Martha 19   Ills.   December, Typhoid Fever
EADS, Theophilus 1/12   Ills.   December, Croup
ENNIS, Rebecca 25 Married Ills.   August, Liver Complaint
SIMMS, William 10/12   Ills.   July, Lung Fever
PARROTT, Richard 11   Ills.   March, Congestive Chill
PARROTT, Tyre 10   Ills.   April, Lung Fever
LEWIS, Milton 20   Pa. Farmer May, Congestive Chill
HEDSPITH, James 1   Ills.   September, Unknown
ROY (Ray?), Martin 52 Married Ky. Shoemaker May, Pleurisy
WISWELL, Joseph 52 Married Mass. Painter November, Erisipalis
WILHOIT, Elijah 1   Ills.   January, Croup
MOULY (Morely?), Nancy 80 Married Ky.   November, Dropsy
TANDY, Willis 62 Married Ky. Farmer September, Liver Complaint
DOCKNER, John 30 Married Germany Clockmaker January, Consumption
NEAL, Anna 3   Ills.   January, Croup
MATTINGLY, Nancy 1   Ills.   March, Whooping Cough
SMITH, Robert 6/12   Ills.   January, Liver Complaint
PARK, Thomas 4/12   Ills.   December, Whooping Cough
POLLARD, Nancy 66 Widow Vt.   March, Palsey
SWETT, Benjamin 37 Married N. H. Farmer May, Congestive Chill
McCARTY, William 5   Va.   October, Scarlet Fever
WILLSON, Rosana 36 Married Va.   February, Cancer
HOMER, John 1   Ills.   February, Whooping Cough
LOWER, May 1   Ills.   November, Lung Fever
DAVIS, Dorinda 5   Ia.   May, Unknown
KILLIAM, William 40 Married England Farmer March, Typhoid Fever
MASTERS, Mary 3/12   Ills.   January, Winter Fever
ROE, George 59 Married Va. Farmer May, Lung Fever
FUNK, Newton 20   Ills. Farmer April, Lung Fever
FAY, Catharine 26 Married Tenn.   February, Unknown
DENBY, William 2   Ills.   Affection Brain
TURNER, Fernando 22   Mo. Student October, Accident
HALL, John 11   Ills.   April, Fever
HARVEY, Mary 8   Ills.   April, Lung Fever
FLEGG, William 2/12   Ills.   April, Unknown
STRICKLAND, Selden 1   Ills.   December, Lung Fever
MASSY, Harriet 1   Ills.   December, Inflamation Brain
CHILDS, Henry 1   Ills.   June, Flux
MEISENHEIMER, Nancy 29 Married Ky.   August, Unknown
WRIGHT, George 5/12   Ills.   December, Croup
McLAUGHLIN, Jesse 1/12   Ills.   December, Lung Fever
COMBS, John 52 Married Va. Farmer September, Cholera
SHEPPARD, Lewis 48 Married N. C. Farmer January, Liver Complaint
BIRDRELL, Mary 1/12   Ills.   October, Unknown
JOHNS, Edith 12   Md.   September, Congestive Chill
ROBERTS, Delila 8/12   Ills.   July, Unknown
DAVENPORT, Mary 10/12   Ills.   July, Summer Complaint
STALEY, John 65 Married Md. Farmer November, Liver Complaint
TUCKER, John 23   Va. Laborer January, Small Pox
KEPLINGER, Lucretia 5/12   Ills.   August, Summer Complaint
CLAYTON, Minerva 2   Ills.   September, Summer Complaint
RUNNELS, Margaret 8/12   Ills.   February, Hives
WELCH, Hamlin 40 Married O. ? Physician April, Consumption
WELCH, Hamlin 5/12   Ills.   April, Brain Disease
DICKINSON, Emily 2   Ills.   May, Lung Fever
HARVEY, Emma 2   Ills.   August, Brain Disease

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