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Cutthroat Elimination To Decide Final 3


“It’s the final day and the final workout before the final weigh-in,” Michelle said. “It’s game on.” The four finalists knew one of them would be going home and it was sure to be a tough last chance workout.

Shannan took Chris to complete muscle failure on five different exercises while Marty carried Michelle on his back as he went for a run around the gym. Pati managed to laugh during her one on one session but nobody had any doubt about her dedication. “She won’t give up,” Michelle insisted. As for Munnalita, in one of the more bizarre training techniques on the show, Shannan let his charge fire punches at him and Munnalita definitely had the eye of the tiger. As the contestants thanked their trainers, Pati shed a few tears, but Michelle humbly explained that the trainers had only provided the tools.

“Only three of you can compete as finalists for The Biggest Loser title,” Ajay announced at the weigh-in. At 105 kilos (a loss of 4.9kg) Marty definitely had a good shot at survival. “I just hope and pray it’s enough,” he said. When Pati weighed in at 84.8 kilos (a loss of 600 grams) the room fell silent. “Whatever happens, happens,” she said, knowing it would be difficult to stay above the yellow line with such a low number. Munnalita looked shattered by her friend’s result.

“I don’t really think he’s got that much weight to lose,” said Marty as Chris climbed the scales and he was right. Losing 3.2 kilos (89.9kg) was impressive but far below Chris’ best. Munnalita hugged Marty who whispered ‘kick his arse!’ They realised there still might be a chance to push Chris under the yellow line and save Pati. But their dreamed ended when Munnalita’s weight appeared as 85 kilos (a loss of 1.6kg). “It meant that one of us would be going home,” said Pati while her friend could only stand on the scales and say ‘that is very disappointing’.

Negotiations immediately took place between Marty and Pati with the oldest competitor being wary. He was still able to recall a time when both the girls had tried to oust him from the competition. “There’s no stopping me,” Munnalita told Chris, convincing him that she definitely had the will and determination to see it through. The Outsider was impressed with her grit and realised that either girl could be a threat at the finale.

“Dreams destroyed and alliances annihilated,” Ajay said in the elimination room, building the tension. It would all come down to the votes of Chris and Marty. “It’s very hard for me to say that I deserve it over her,” Pati said, turning to her friend, while Munnalita said, ‘whichever one they vote to keep in is going to come straight after them.’ The comment made Ajay chuckle but there’s some serious business to attend to tomorrow night. Will it be Munnalita or Pati to make the Final 3? Make sure you join us tomorrow night when The Biggest Loser continues on Network Ten.