2007, 11-16 July AES/ASIH Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri USA
2008, 24-31 July AES/ASIH Meeting, Montreal, Canada
2009, Portland, OR USA
2010, Providence, RI USA
2011, Minneapolis, MN USA
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Welcome to the Home Page of Henry F. Mollet
Research Affiliate, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
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"Dentorama" showing upper dentition of porbeagle embryo Title: "Elasmobranch Research around Monterey Bay Rotating globe with link to world wide distribution map of the pelagic stingray

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New Aug 2005 E-patterns for age-structured animals based on E-triangles for the 21st century.
If I assume that fertility (m) and adult survival (Sa) are constant, then the mean age of reproducing females at the stable age distribution (Ā) is given by the following equation and the E-pattern for any age-structured species is easily calculated (Mollet and Cailliet 2003; Appendix, pdf). Because the elasticity ratio of adult survival to juvenile survival is given by E(Sa)/E(Sj) = (Ā) - 1, it is easy to predict the E(Sa)/E(Sj) ratio using contour plots giving z = E(Sa)/E(Sj) for x = Sa/λ1, y = α, and using ω/α as an additional parameter.
New May 2004 Ebert, D.A., H.F. Mollet, A. Baldridge, T. Thomas, K. Forney, and W.E. Ripley. (2004). Occurrence of the whale shark, Rhincodon typus Smith 1828, in California waters. Northwestern Naturalist 85 , 26-28.
New Dec. 2002 Vital Rates (Life History Table Parameters) and Demographic Analyses
of Northern Pacific Ocean Elasmobranchs with introduction
New Sept. 2002 White shark morphometrics
New April 2002 "Dive the Big Five"
New July 2001 Dyer Island White Shark Slide Show. On June 9, 2001 we saw 12 white sharks between 2-4 m TL at Dyer Island.
(slide 1 shows a map, followed by 17 slides of action)
New April 2001 Pelagic stingray at CAS
Morro Bay White Shark Dissection

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Anatomy of Salmon Shark Embryos Angel Shark Basking Shark Basking Shark Fishery in Monterey Bay
Bibliographies of Elasmobranch Species Blue Shark Bull Shark Dive the Big Five

Demography Special Topic:
E-patterns for age-structured animals based on E-triangles for the 21st century.

Embryo Develop. of the Brown Catshark Embryo Development of the Pelagic Stingray Goblin Shark
Lamnidae Family
(Mackerel sharks, Porbeagles, White shark)
Lateral Line Contributions
Life History Summary for several Elasmobranchs Longfin Mako
Man-Killers of the Ages by H. S. Mazet Manta Ray Megamouth Shark Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Oviparous Sharks (list of ~ 120 egg-laying sharks) Pacific Sleeper Shark Pelagic Stingray Porbeagle Shark
Prickly Sharks captured in Monterey Bay Salmon shark
Sandtiger Shark Sevengill Shark
Sixgill Shark Shortfin Mako Thresher Shark (common) Tiger Shark
von Bertalanffy Growth Function Whale Shark Whale Sharks in Monterey Bay? White Shark Summary with Photographs

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Please send comments or corrections to Dr. Henry F. Mollet
Dentorama shows upper dentition of 323 mm total length porbeagle embryo, © H. F. Mollet. Background credit: Jim Bourdon (Drawing of bicuspid tooth of pelagic stingray). Created October 1995, updated February 2007.

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