As seen in the latest issue of TORTS, myself and John Brown at the USNM are compiling a collection of specimens in alchohol to use for future DNA analysis. We will be happy to provide collecting kits and instructions to anyone interested in contributing to this important project. For more information, please visit the tortriciDNA page. The long awaited "Olethreutine Moths of Australia" by Marianne Horak has been released! This promises to be the most important volume on the Olethreutinae published in the last 20 years. Visit CSIRO's website for more details here. The light brown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana) has been found in California! This moth is an economic pest in other parts of the world and has the potential to cause significant economic loss due to its wide range of hosts. Visit the LBAM page for more information on this new discovery.
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