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2006-07 Regional Clinic Dates

ASAP Safety Newsletters Now Available Online!
Every issue of the ASAP Safety Program Newsletter, from October 1998 to the present, is now available for viewing or download directly from Little League Online!  (see download instructions on the ASAP newsletter page).

Little Leaguer Newsletter Now Available Online!
The "Little Leaguer" Newsletter is now being delivered electronically.  Click here to see the current and previous issues.  Sign up here to receive your free copy each month.

Coach's Box Newsletter Now Available Online!
The "Coach's Box" Newsletter is now being delivered electronically.  Click here to see the current and previous issues.  Sign up here to receive your free copy each month.


2006 World Series Umpires Announced

Congress Presentations
Did you attend the Umpire Clinics at the recently completed International Congress in Houston, TX?  Would you like to see one or all of the presentations again.  Maybe you could not get away and attend the clinics in Houston.  Well here is a second chance to see what was presented: 

(Because of the file size, it is best to download the Powerpoint presentations to your computer and save before opening.)
  Congress Presentation - Saturday (Powerpoint Format)
Congress Presentation - Saturday  (PDF Format)
Congress Presentation - Sunday (Powerpoint Format)
Congress Presentation - Sunday  (PDF Format)
Congress Presentation - Monday (Powerpoint Format)
Congress Presentation - Monday  (PDF Format)

Volunteer Umpire Reaches the Top
Reaching the Little League Baseball World Series was a dream come true for volunteer umpire Jim Smith of Philadelphia. Read all about Jim’s journey in the story here, reprinted by permission of the South Philly Review.   More...

Interested in becoming a volunteer umpire for your local league? Not sure about that rule you were ask about last season? Why not make plans to attend one of these clinics or schools? Contact your Regional Headquarters for more information.


International Headquarters
Williamsport, PA
570-326-1921 Ext. 245 or 248
  March 31- April 1, 2007 Umpire Clinic
(click to download brochure)
  April 22 - 27, 2007 Umpire School
(click to download brochure)
  September 15, 16, 2007 Umpire Clinic
(click to download brochure)
Central Region
Indianapolis, IN
  February 16-18, 2007 UIC Clinic
  March 2-4, 2007  Rules Clinic
  March 30-April 1, 2007 (Rescheduled from 3/09-3/11) Mechanics Clinic
  May 6-11, 2007 Umpire School
East Region
Bristol, CT
  February 10-11, 2007 Umpire Clinic
  March 28, April 1, 2007 Umpire School
  April 25-29, 2007 Umpire School
  September 19-23, 2007 Umpire School
South Region
St. Petersburg, FL
  January 5-7, 2007 Umpire Clinic
  February 2-4, 2007 Umpire Clinic
  March 28 – April 1, 2007 Umpire School
West Region
San Bernardino, CA
  January 13-19, 2007 Umpire School
  January 20-26, 2007 Umpire School
  February 9-11, 2007 Mechanics Clinic
  February 10-11, 2007 Rules Clinic
  February 23-25, 2007 Mechanics Clinic
  February 24-25, 2007 Rules Clinic
  June 23-29, 2007 Junior Umpire School
Southwest Region
Waco, TX
  January 18-20, 2007 Postponed until 3/2-3/3 Umpire School
  February 16-17, 2007 Umpire Clinic
  March 10-11, 2007 Umpire Clinic
(click to download brochure)
  Little League Umpire Clinic to be held in Calgary, Alberta on March 10 & 11, 2007. Why not plan on attending and learning some rule application and proper mechanics. For more information    More....
Little League E-Rules CD Includes Video
Once again, the Little League Baseball and Softball Rules are available in an electronic form. The Little League E-Rules CD even comes with video!  More....

When is a Catcher’s Throat Protector Not “Dangling?”
Have you ever wondered why Little League rules call for the catcher’s throat protector to be “dangling?” There’s a very good reason, which you’ll find by clicking here and reading the explanation from Andy Konyar, Little League International’s umpire consultant.

Little League World Series Umpire Alumni Association Information Available
The mission of the Little League World Series Umpire Alumni association is to encourage all members of the association to “reach out” into every league and share our expertise and experience. The association supports the training and development of Little League Baseball and Softball volunteers at the local level, through clinics and seminars, to enhance their umpiring skills and to promote the full benefit and enjoyment of the youngsters that play Little League Baseball/Softball. Click here for more info on the Association.

Little League Umpire Registry Now Available Online
The Little League Umpire Registry offers Little League umpires a smart way to stay on top of their game. The 2006 registration is now available online and you can sign up in minutes and start enjoying the benefits. By joining the Umpire Registry, you immediately become part of a unique information network charged with enhancing umpire services for Little League players everywhere. More...

Where are all the volunteer umpires?
Every year local leagues have elections, organizational meetings, registrations, drafts, etc.. Then, a week before the season starts someone asks, “What about umpires?” This story portrays some items leagues should think about in building a viable volunteer umpire program.  More...

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (April 13, 2006) – Volunteer Little League umpires from several U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany and Venezuela finished a week-long camp today at the home of the Little League Baseball World Series. For more information on becoming a better volunteer Little League umpire, check out the links above. Instructing at this year’s clinic were, from left, Jimmy Floyd (Danville, Va.); Andy Konyar (Umpire-In-Chief, Little League International, Lewisburg, Pa.); Jim Goodwin (Bristol, Tenn.); Warren Bye (Pennsville, N.J.); Don Essex (Alexandria, Va.); Roy Smith (Blountville, Tenn.); Mike Messick (Pennsville, N.J.); and Steve Meyer (Dundas, Ontario, Canada).


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