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On the 10th of February 2004, Bersirc was sold. The original author of Bersirc, Jamie Frater, left the following message to viewers of bersirc.com:

As of 10 February, 2004, Bersirc has been sold. It was sold for an undisclosed sum to Mr. N. Copeland
who resides in the U.S.A. I have been told by Mr. Copeland that Bersirc development will continue.

I was the author of Bersirc from 1999 and it provided me with years of true pleasure. In the course 
of development I was able to work with some fantastic people. I have spent so many hours on IRC that 
I couldn't begin to count them. During that time I have made some great friends. It is my plan to 
continue chatting on IRC as time permits. My current nickname is either WraithX or WraithWk and I 
can be found on EFnet.

I wish to thank every person that helped me with ideas and snippets of code.

I am no longer contactable on my bersirc email addresses. From now you should use jamie@frater.com

-- Jamie Frater

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Frater for his work with Bersirc. It's a great client.

Also note we did allow Mr. Frater to keep his bersirc email, it forwards to the address above.

We hope you all enjoy the new versions!


How much did you pay for Bersirc?

An undisclosed sum that began with a $, ended with a .00 and was in U.S. currency.

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