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Sansa Troubleshooting


If the bootloader does not load rockbox properly have a look at the return code. The error codes of the bootloader are:
  • 0: "OK"
  • -1: "File not found"
    • check if OF.bin is located in the SYSTEM folder (see SansaE200Install)
    • check if "rockbox.e200" is located in the root directory of the Sansa (see SansaE200Install)
  • -2: "Read failed (chksum)"
  • -3: "Read failed (model)"
  • -4: "Read failed (image)"
  • -5: "Bad checksum"
  • -6: "File too big"

Recovery mode of the Sansa e200

Recovery mode can be used to replace a bad .mi4 image on the player.

Accessing the recovery mode

  • Power off
  • Turn ON lock/hold
  • Hold down record
  • Insert USB cable

You will find a 16MB USB drive now, this is the recovery partition.

A word of caution WARNING

  • Only copy .mi4 files to the recovery partition.
  • Do not format this 16MB drive
  • Do not copy anything except one .mi4 file to the recovery partition. This might turn your shiny toy into a paperweight!
  • Do not copy .rom files to that partition unless you know exactly what you are doing. Again: You might brick your player!
  • Do not try anything else unless you have to. Again: You might brick your player!

You have been warned.

Unbricking a Sansa

See SansaE200Unbrick

Power down

If the sansa hangs and normal power-off does not work, press the power/menu button for about 15 seconds to turn the unit off.

Unable to decrypt the .mi4 file

Did you use mi4code 0.9.30? That's the only one that knows of the keys for the 1.03 version out-of-the-box.

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