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Kwinana Freeway and Bridges Works

Main Roads Western Australia is project managing the Southern Suburbs Railway Package E on behalf of the Public Transport Authority (PTA) and its New MetroRail Project Team.

Package E comprises the design and construction of the civil, structural and drainage works to accommodate the railway in the Kwinana Freeway median between the Narrows Bridge and Jandakot.

The works, awarded in January 2004, are being designed and constructed by Leighton Contractors Pty Limited and will be completed by early 2006. Other PTA contract packages will then construct the railway infrastructure.

In August 2002, the Government released the Perth Urban Railway Development (PURD) Supplementary Master Plan incorporating the more direct route for the Southern Suburbs Railway within the median of Kwinana Freeway.

Package E is one of eight packages currently set up by the New MetroRail office to deliver the Southern Suburbs Railway.

It is expected that the project, in conjunction with delivery of the other rail packages, will:

· encourage people travelling by car to major activity centres to use public transport;

· be part of an integrated public transport system;

· significantly reduce journey times for all prospective commuters from Jandakot and further south;

· significantly improve the level of service offered by the entire metropolitan rail system; and

· enhance land use opportunities along its route.

Package E is one of the largest design and construction packages in the overall project and comprises rail corridor, bridge and related road works over a 15km section of the Kwinana Freeway (from the Narrows Bridge to Glen Iris). It includes the railway formation and modification works to the Narrows and Mt Henry bridges. Construction activity on Package E will be completed by early 2006.

The detailed description of the entire package of works being carried is as follows:

· Construction of a new southbound railway bridge across the Narrows between the existing two bridges (see detail below)

· Strengthening and realignment of traffic lanes of the northbound Narrows Bridge to accommodate the northbound railway

· Strengthening and widening of the Mount Henry Bridge to accommodate the railway within a median rail corridor

· Removal and replacement of the Canning Highway to northbound Kwinana Freeway dedicated bus bridge

· Modifications to pedestrian and traffic bridges including pier and parapet protection

· Minor realignment of Kwinana Freeway carriageways and ramps on various sections between the Narrows Bridge and the Glen Iris railway tunnel to accommodate the median rail corridor and construction of dedicated bus lanes through areas of heavy congestion between the Narrows and Canning Highway

· Realignment of freeway on and off ramps and intersections to accommodate Leach Highway and South Street railway stations

· Construction of railway formation layer in the railway corridor between Mt Henry Bridge and the Glen Iris railway tunnel

· Installation of freeway and railway drainage requirements

· Construction of concrete barriers and retaining walls to accommodate the realignment and railway corridor

· Construction of noise walls at specific locations



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