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World War II By The Numbers
This page will list a variety of statistics about the war that many people ask about.

Casualties :
DISCLAIMER : There is a distinction when speaking of casualties. The distinction is that the terms “killed,” “died” and “casualty” can not be used interchangeably

Refers to those killed in action and those that died of wounds sustained in action.

Refers to military personnel that died in accidents or of diseases or other accidents while serving in WWII.

Refers to anyone that is taken out by the enemy and includes wounded and prisoners.

World War II by the Numbers

List of Casualties
Total deaths in WWII? 54,770,000
How many civilians died in WWII? 38,573,000
How many Americans died in WWII? 292,131
How many Americans died on D-Day? 3393
How many casualties (deaths, wounded and prisoners) were there on D-Day? 6,603
How many Americans died on Iwo Jima? 7,000
How Many Americans died on Okinawa? 12,000
How many Americans died in the Pacific? 51,983
How many members of the Japanese military died during WWII? 1,140,429
How many Japanese civilians died in WWII? Variously estimated from 700,000-10,000,000
How many Soviets died in WWII? 7,720,000
How many British died in WWII? 300,000
How many French died in WWII? 173,260
How many Italians died in WWII? 93,000
How many Polish died in WWII? 6,028,000

Home Front
How many boats were produced by Higgins Industries for WWII?

12,964 Navy crafts or (92%) were built by Higgins.
NOTE: 8,865 of those were built in the New Orleans plant.
How many conscientious objectors were there performing alternative service? 37,000
How many Victory Gardens were planted? 20,000,000
How many women worked in defense industries? 6,500,000

How many Americans served in each branch of the military in 1944?
Army 7,994,750
Navy 2,981,365
Marines 475,604
How many Americans were drafted? 11,535,000 (61.2%)
How many Americans volunteered for service? 6,332,000 (38%)
What was the peak strength of U.S. armed forces
during WWII?
What was the peak strength of German armed forces
during WWII?
(including Austria)
What was the peak strength of French armed forces
during WWII?
What was the peak strength of USSR armed forces
during WWII?
What was the peak strength of UK armed forces
during WWII?
What was the peak strength of Japanese armed forces
during WWII?

Pearl Harbor
How many people were killed? 2,403
How many people were wounded? 1,104
How many planes and ships were destroyed or damaged? 188 planes
8 battleships
3 light cruisers
3 destroyers
4 smaller vessels

Women in the War
How many women served in the U.S. military? 350,000
How many African-American women served in the Army? 4,000

African Americans in WWII
How many African Americans served in the military in WWII? 1,200,000
How many African American Medal of Honor recipients were there? 7 total, 6 received their
awards posthumously.
The soldiers received the Medal several decades after the War due to racial disparities identified in a study of the selection methods for the Medal called
the Shaw Study.

Japanese Americans
How many Japanese were interned in the U.S. ? 110,000
How many internment camps were there? 10 Permanent Camps,
16 Temporary Camps
How many Japanese Americans served in the US military? 33,000

Hispanic Americans
How many Hispanic Americans served in the U.S. military during WWII? Between 250,000
and 500,000
NOTE: These estimates are rough because at the time, the military categorized Hispanics under the same heading as whites. The only racial groups to have separate stats kept were Blacks and Asians.

The Cost of War
How much did the War cost the U.S.? $288,000,000,000
How much did the War cost Germany? $212,336,000,000
How much did the War cost France? $111,272,000,000
How much did the War cost U.S.S.R.? $93,012,000,000
How much did the War cost U.K.? $49,786,000,000
How much did the War cost Japan? $41,272,000,000
Direct economic costs of WWII? $1,600,000,000,000
How much was the average base pay for:

$71.33 per month
$203.50 per month

How many Medals of Honor were awarded during WWII? 464 Medals
How many purple hearts were earned during WWII? 800,000 to 1,000,000

The Holocaust
How many Jews were killed under Nazi rule? 5,993,900
How many non-Jews were killed in the Holocaust? Between 16 and 20 million (including the elderly, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Homosexuals, etc.).
How many people were killed at Auschwitz ?  
How many Nazi concentration camps were there? More than 100 camps.
How many Nazi death camps were there? 26 major camps .
NOTE : There were thousands of camps and sub-camps however according to the U.S. Holocaust Museum .