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In this section, you'll find articles written by the various members of the HPS staff. Spotlight articles focus specifically on translations and reflections heard on various Hello!Project radio shows.

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  Fujimoto Miki - DokiMiki Night Summary 2007.04.16
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  Fujimoto Miki - DokiMiki Night Summary 2007.04.16  
  Written by Kibune & H!P46, updated: 23-Apr 2007  
  Step aside, Redford. Miki is the real "Natural"!


Miki begins with a notice about the CBC Radio "Radiossu Campaign Premiere", but more on this in the ending. She thanks the people who attended the Morning Musume concerts in Asahikawa and Sapporo (on April 14 and 15, respectively), but rather than addressing them as "the people who came", she addresses them as "the people who visited". This is one proud Hokkaidou representative. =D

The opening letter is from a prospective, but reluctant surgery patient congratulating Miki for GAM's first tour. He found an enlarged copy of the tour schedule pinned up in the doctor's office. The doctor's cell phone went off, and the ringtone was "Romantic Ukare Mode". It was a woman he was dating on the other end, but they got into a fight, and it seemed that they broke up. The doctor then said the following: "I'll be fine because Miki-chan is here for me!" Miki sympathizes with the listener for being appointed to a bothersome doctor. She speculates that the doctor probably has her on his computer desktop, and maybe included her name in his thesis! There are some doctors in the Fujimoto Miki Thread of this forum. I wonder if their Miki love spills over into their workplace too. XD

Tieing in with the opening letter, the first song of the night is the inspiration for the doctor's ringtone, "Romantic Ukare Mode".


The current status is no gold stars and a solitary black star, courtesy of the lovely Matsuura Aya who failed last week. It must have been on purpose! In fact, every time that we've heard Aya do the question (three times including last week) she's failed! You'd think Miki would have learned from it! XD So onto today's:

furansu no pan wa furansupan, de wa, nihon no pan wa nani pan?
French bread is French (style) bread (crusty outside, airy inside). So then, what bread is Japanese bread?

This one is actually possible to do without knowing much Japanese. If you leave "pan" in the translation instead of translating it to "bread" then the question is "French pan is French pan. So then, what pan is Japanese pan?" We hope that some of you reading this will be able to do this one, especially with that massive hint! XD

The unwise man H!P46 wrote the question summary for 07-02-05 which contained the oh-so-prophetic words "You're unlikely to hear a quicker Doki Miki Question this year"! Well, ignore that because he was proved wrong this week and take heed of this: you're unlikely to hear a quicker Doki Miki Question. Ever! The answer is, of course, Japan! =D

Miki says that her initial thought was about the other kind of pan (that's actually a pan to you and us!) so she was thinking along the lines of "frying pan" but then thought it was a world away from French bread! XD But she's suspicious about something... why was it so easy? She thinks the staff have something hidden up their sleeve! =D

The good news, Miki's undone Aya's terrible work last week and now has a brand new shiny gold star to keep the black one company! =D


The first letter asks Miki if she has seen the film Hotel Rwanda yet. The listener noticed the book Miki posted on the DokiMiki Night site for March 12. The title is Ikasarete, a Japanese translation of the book Left to Tell: One Woman's Story of Surviving the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculée Ilibagiza. It was the book that Miki read in the bath at the time *meow!*. When Miki bought the book, she was moved even by the description on the book cover. The book was quite thick and she wondered if she would be able to complete it, but she went for it anyways. Reading the book, she's still shocked that such an atrocity took place so recently (1994). She also gets scared when she approaches the more disturbing passages. As for Hotel Rwanda, she has yet to see it, but will do so. Currently, Miki is reading a book recommended by a friend, Donkanryoku, but hasn't gone beyond the fifth page! XD

The second letter asks Miki to describe any roadbumps and other happenings during GAM's album recording sessions. Miki admits that the album is still not finished! Just over a month before the release date, and there's still recording to be done! Also, with conflicting schedules, Miki and Aya record their vocals separately and at different times. But she believes it will turn out wonderfully in the end. We think so too. =D

The third letter asks Miki if she ever submitted a mail to a radio program. The listener suggested that she secretly send one to Sayumi's "Konya mo Usa-chan Peace!" for the "Dajarenboo Shougun" corner, where listeners send in puns. Miki doesn't think the she can write a good pun. She thinks that GakiKame are better at it, though. Above all, Miki wants Sayumi to take on more challenging backwords phrases and tongue twisters. She wants this settled for once and for all, with a result not so favourable to Sayumi. =P

The fourth letter asks if the old DokiMiki Night CM (1) could be revived on Sayumi's show just like when it aired during Ishikawa Rika's old show "Chanchaka Charmy". Miki says it will happen soon (and it did on April 19!). Sayumi refers to Miki as cunning and wants to do a CM like that. Miki remembers that she recorded so many situations for the CM that it felt like a penalty game. She likes the angry character the most. She also prefers Sayumi to say something embarrassing if she does record a CM. =P

The fifth letter is from a staff member of Morning Musume's recent Fan Club Tour in Hawaii. He helped set up the live stage. When he saw Miki and Yoshizawa Hitomi performing as Miki-pink and Hito-pink, it looked like Yossi was a little embarrassed while Miki seemed to be enjoying herself. The listener wants to know if Miki actually likes doing cutesy stuff like that. He also asks about Miki's thought on the tour. Miki felt embarrassed as Miki-pink but since it was a one-time thing at a fan club tour, she went all out. During the rehearsal, Miki and Yossi couldn't get through "Rainbow Pink" without laughing. Miki messed up her dialogue on-stage! It was mainly an issue with the timing, since they weren't delievering their lines as fast as in the orginal track. So in the middle of Miki's lines, the "I JUST FALL IN LOVE..." part came. Yossi was quick to respond and sang the first line, but Miki was caught off-guard so she entered later (2) =P. Still, she will gladly take such an opportunity for her fans, especially when she can do it with Yossi one last time. *awwwww*

The sixth and last letter of the night mentions GAM's appearance at the April 1 Rakuten Eagles match versus the Orix Buffaloes. The listener praises Miki and Aya for their success with the opening festivities. He also thanks them for the two grand-slam home runs the Eagles made in ONE inning (3), referring to the duo as the "goddesses of victory". Now, this is the part that ticks me (Kibune) off a bit. This dude's question is the same kind of question I submitted last week! There goes my chance of getting a letter read on air (for now =P). The question is about the ceremonial pitches thrown by the women. Miki's throw went directly into the catcher's glove while Aya's throw sailed high and to the right. The listener (and I) want to know what happened there on the mound. The listener also asks if Miki practiced throwing before that day. Miki was told about throwing the ceremonial pitch on just that day. She originally thought GAM was just going to perform the song "Daisuki Rakuten Eagles". So no, she didn't practice before that day. Once she got a hold of the ball, she found it quite heavy. It was already hurting her arm just by holding it XD. When Miki made the strike, she wasn't thinking what a wonderful strike she made. She was thinking she might have a natural gift! Miki and Aya even got to take their gloves and balls home. It was a great experience for Miki, and a great memory to add to her notoriously underpopulated memory bank. =P

What? You want to hear "Shanimuni Paradise" right now? No worries. Miki's got ya covered. =D


The quickfire corner is back! Like previously, Miki doesn't hang about after each suggestion in order to get as many read as possible - that means 10! No more, no less. This week's question, set just under a month ago is: Mikitty has penned a song about her feelings. And the title is...

Let's Do Shumi Hakken! (Let's find a hobby!)
(Miki's "Let's Do Daihakken!")
Miki still hasn't found one! XD

Romantic ja nai n de Ukareta Shi nante Kakemasen Mode (Unromantic, Can't Write Merry Lyrics Style)
(Miki's "Romantic Ukare Mode")
This gets a chuckle out of Miki but she thinks it's is more a lyric than a song title! XD

Ai no Mama ni Wagamama ni Miki wa Aya Dake wo Kizudukenai (Selfishly for love, Miki only won't hurt Aya.)
(B'z's "Ai no Mama ni Wagamama ni Boku wa Kimi Dake wo Kizudukenai")
This makes Miki feel kinda bad. =D

Shoujiki Shindoi (tough frankness)
(This is the title of a variety show on TV Asahi presented by Kinki Kids' Doumoto Tsuyoshi.)
Miki thinks this one is very. very Miki and thinks she could do it in character.

Ookina Niku de Motenashite (Welcome me with great meat) H!P spent 1 hour trying to de-perversify this line! XD
(C-ute's "Ookina Ai de Motenashite")
Miki really, really loves this one but move on quickly regardless!

22 (Ni Juu Ni) Sai no Gosurori ~Chotto Kibishii Version~ (22 Year Old Goth/Loli ~Quite Grim Version~)
(Abe Natsumi's "22sai no Watashi")
Miki wants to know what other versions there are.

Egao YES Yakiniku (Smile YES Yakiniku)
(Morning Musume's "Egao YES Nude")
Miki says it's nice and moves on!

Dou mo Kou mo Shumi Naissu yo Mikitty
You could interpret this two ways: one is that naissu is taken from the English "nice" to make:
"Any old hobby would be nice, Mikitty!"
or you can go the Toyko specific route where ssu is a contraction of desu so that's:
"Either way Mikitty has no hobbies!"
which I think is what it is. But either way is pretty funny and true.
(Miki with C-ute's Okai and Hagihara's "Samui kara Fuyu da mon! ~Dou mo Kou mo Naissu yo Mikitty~)
Miki says thank you as it's really her feelings.

Sakura Niku (Dokushou) (Sakura Meat (Vocal Solo))
(Moriyama Naotarou's "Sakura (Dokushou)")
This one has Miki scratching her head as to what type of song it would be but she'd like to try singing it anyway! =D

Nantettatte Tsundere (tsundere (4) all the way)
(Koizumi Kyouko's "Nantettatte Aidoru")
Miki thinks this one's jolly/cheerful. (H!P jots down the word for "cheerful"! XD)

The winner this week is... well, you should be able to tell just from the way Miki got so excited when she read it the first time! =D It's the "ookina niku de motenashite" one. Miki thinks both the song and the choreography of the C-ute original are cute and if she does it (she didn't actually say "if"! =D) it would be embarrassing but at the same time it would makes her happy because it somehow has a cute and youthful feel to it. She even sings a little "Oo~ki.na.ni.ku.de.mo~tenashite" to demonstrate how utterly not cute the new version is (we beg to differ!) but regardless she still thinks it's brilliant. =D Tsunku... book a recording studio now! (5)

The evening end of the show and the sun is setting on the 29 minutes of Doki Miki Night. It's twilight. It's Morning Musume's "Kanashimi Twilight"!


First, some more about the prize up for grabs for the "Radiossu Special Campaign" she mentioned at the beginning of the show. For this one week, April 16-22, it's the CBC Radio "Radiossu Campaign Premiere" and Miki has prepared a special Doki Miki Night prize that's up for grabs for three lucky people who can answer Miki's quiz. The question is:
"What was the content of kyouryou no akachan's (Baby Dinosaur) Miki (1) entry that Miki chose as the winner?"
The three winners get a Kanashimi Twilight poster signed by Miki! =D Get writing!

The news today: firstly, Kanashimi Twilight. As it's already been excessively plugged, there's no harm in doing it again! Morning Musume's 33rd single and Yoshizawa Hitomi's last hits the shelves on April 25th. The SEXY 8 BEAT location notice moves onto Saitama Super Arena for May 6th which is, as we're sure Morning Musume fans are well aware, will be Yossi's graduation concert (Miki's big day is getting very close but we'll miss Yossi as the leader). Then less than 3 weeks later on May 26th, GAM 1st Concert Tour 2007 Early Summer ~Great Aya & Miki~ (aka "the best concert tour ever!") will start. =P

Tonight's OyasuMikitty (no OyasuAyaya this week T_T) is for Miki to showcase her wonderful impression skills. XD Recently, GAM appeared on Utaban with a comedy pair called Dylan and Catherine (to see who were better friends! (6)) so Miki is asked to impersonate a parody of Dylan McKay! For those who don't know, Dylan McKay is Luke Perry's character in that wonderfully 1990's Beverly Hills, 90210.
"I didn't say Brenda! Ahhh, I definitely didn't say it! OyasuMikitty!"
Miki wonders if she did a good job... Because we're talking about Miki doing impressions here, the answer is necessarily a resounding NO! XD

"Oo~ki.na.ni.ku.de.mo~tenashite..." =D


(1) Here's a translation of that CM. Miki, in a cute voice, reads a one-sided dialogue that starts with her waking up in the morning. The italics indicate that she's in character. It's also assumed that the significant other is male, but because of the gender-neutral talk, it's really up to your imagination. You may listen to it here, starting at 15:26.

*yawn* I slept well. Huh? Where is he? Where, where, where?
On the toilet, perhaps?...he's not here...Ah, the shower...HE'S NOT HERE!
Seriously? By any chance did he leave on his own? That's cruel!
I thought we were going to go for a stroll together, being that it's finally my day off.
*door closes* (man returns)
Ah? What's up with you? You went to buy cigarettes?
I thought you left me alone! Urgh...if you leave me alone, you're gonna get it big time!

Beginning every Monday evening at 11:30, it's Hyper Night "Morning Musume Fujimoto Miki no DokiMiki Night"!
If you leave me all alone, I'LL SMACK YOU. (I can assure you she ain't in character here. XD)

(2) Check the audio rip of the "Rainbow Pink" performance here (temporarily). Miki gets rudely interrupted at 1:30.

(3) In the third inning of the April 1 Eagles-Buffaloes match, two grand slam home runs were hit by the Eagles, one short of the Japanese pro baseball record for grand slams in one inning. The batters were Jose Fernandez (3B) and Yamasaki Takeshi (DH). The Eagles won that match 10-1.

(4) tsundere is an egg-type of personality that's all gooey in the middle when you strip away the hard shell. =D However, "Nantettatte tsundere... watashi wa tsundere... you are tsundere!" somehow doesn't quite have the same feel-good ring as the original. XD

(5) We didn't send any in but had ideas of our own...

Eigo? YES? NO! (English? YES? NO!)
Based on Morning Musume's "Egao Yes Nude"

Irenai Wakai Michishige (I don't tolerate young Michishige (Sayumi))
Ikenai Kagai Ecchi you ni (The red-light district where I shouldn't look for action)
Hakenai Chiisai Bikinipanteii (I can't wear tiny thong undies)
Based on Fujimoto Miki's "Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi"

If we hear either of them the next time MIKI (1) is featured (it'll be the same question as she didn't announce a new one) then we're going to have to claim royalties!

(6) Actually, it seems that Dylan and Catherine are closer than friends. They're romantically involved!
See the Dec 19 article here.



H!P46 spends a while on the hicbc official Doki Miki Night summary page each week for two reasons: to read the extra comments and to view the pictures along with the interesting captions. Those two parts are called "Mikitty no Heya" (Mikitty's Room) and "Mikitty Keitai Shashinkan" (Mikitty Mobile Photo Studio) respectively and are the last two segments at the bottom of the page. The two make up a written supplement to the radio show and hence the terrible pun above. The page used to be updated on the Sunday night following the show or even later but for some reason they're now up on Tuesday. So the point? With H!P46's parts finished (the light corners! =D) alarmingly faster than usual, why not add this in this week as well to keep him boring people on the forum? XD Will it be regular? We'll see... ^_^


Mikitty no hamidashi
(hamidashi means something that sticks out: just an extra comment)

Please keep supporting me as I do my best with GAM and Morning Musume.
Please look forward to the CM on Shige-san's show. (Mikitty)

Staff no hamidashi

Early life experience, appearance at Rakuten Eagles season-opening ceremony with GAM partner Aya-chan!
By the way, they were surprised when they found out they were pitching just 30 minutes before they went on.
About the glittering MIKI (1) Grand Prix material, Mikitty loves meat!!
And yet it's not meat unless it's fat meat... tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is borderline but it's still delicious, etc.

Both Aya-chan bought matching during a GAM work break.

Caution: Don't stare too long at the pictures! I know they have gorgeously feminine necks/chests but it's rude to stare! XD Plus you might get stuck, unable to move away... XD

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