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The tracks are arranged into two albums "Please don't throw me to the Christians", which is a collection of very old stuff, and "Swifts" which includes the tracks first put out as the Swifts album in 2001 and tracks recorded between then and 2005. Finally there are a couple of demos from what will hopefully be a new album of songs later this year. These are just included as a 'taster' so please don't feel you need to play for the download.
To play the tracks right click on them, to download left click and then click "save link as ...". Mac's are different but I guess if you have one you probably know what the equivalent actions are. Have fun and enjoy the tunes!

Please Don't throw me to the Christians
produced by Wild Willy Barrett, Recorded at Gawcott Studios, Buckingham and PACE, Milton Keynes between 1979 and 1981 (ish)
Performers include: Eddie Stanton, Wild Willy Barrett, Hugh Jones, Mark Freeman, Alan Offer, Dave James, Vietnamese Rose, Paul 'whisky' Ward. (apologees to all those I've missed out).

These tracks are really the result of two albums, or maybe one album recorded twice. The initial session was done in 79 shortly after I met Willy and a single off it was relesed on his Black Eye Label. The second single was a re-recorded version of Milton Keynes (you get the origanal here). The album's release got so delayed that it sounded nothing like I did at the time, so we went into PACE studio in MK re-recorded some tracks and recorded new ones. This never got released either as I changed labels to Polydor just as the recording was completed, or did it? According to the distributors catalogue and various record collectors lists there is a "please don't throw me to the christians" album. If it does exist I've never seen one, and I've no idea which set of tracks make it up ... so if you've got a copy take care of it and drop me an email!

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Please don't throw me to the Christians

The Emporers Head

Decline and Fall

From here to Obscurity

Lucifer wants me for a Sunbeam *

Only the Good

Milton Keynes (we love you)*

Union Jacks in the Rain


Suicide note *

Africa (oh for a car)

A Clockwork Orange

East of Babel

All the Angry Young Men

Simply Idolatry

Party Time

The Hitchhiker and the Punk

Tales from the Raj $

Gypsies Too

Colour in Braille *

tracks on "Please don't throw me to the Christians": words & music Eddie Stanton � BlackEye/Desert Songs/ATV/Sony 1979-81 (p) Eddie Stanton 2007 except * (p) Blackeye Records and $ (p) Polydor UK 1982-83


produced by Eddie Stanton, Recorded at The Giant Wafer, Llanbadarn Fynydd, Mid Wales and Eddie's Home Studio in Ystradgynlais between 1999 and 2005.
Performers include: Eddie Stanton, Ed Lewis (who also engineered the stuff at the Giant Wafer) and Martin Portman. Also credit to East-West whose sample libraries, especially 'Beats Working' helped to feed a voracious computer through some of the later recordings.

You can really split this collection neatly into two. The Swifts album, recorded either side of the millenium, started off as a joint project with Martin Portman, a brilliant guitarist and generally nice guy. Once we got in the studio however we found our ideas about production were miles apart and we finished off our own songs seperately.
The sound of these tracks really represents the stuff I was doing throughout the 90s, most of which I can't make available at the moment, mainly because other people have the tapes. The tracks recorded from 2001 on involve quite a marked change of style. I've presented the links below split between the two sets of recordings, the track order on the CD also follows this pattern.

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The Gods

Life on a Beach

Cosmic Luminous Stars


Hunting Country

On a mission

all tracks on "Swifts" words & music Eddie Stanton � Copyright Control 2007 (p) Eddie Stanton 2007

Demos of new stuff:
Here are a couple of tasters of the album I'm currently working on, feel free to download them - no payment expected as ...THEY ARE ROUGH DEMOS.

Someone I loved


Both tracks words & music Eddie Stanton � Copyright Control 2007 (p) Eddie Stanton 2007.