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News / 20 April 2007 | 16:41
Yushchenko approved opposition people’s deputies resignation

Yushchenko approved opposition people’s deputies resignation

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko considers that resignation by “OU” and BYuT people’s deputies and cancellation of election lists of these parties are right and legal process. The President told today at the conference in Kyiv.

“Such actions of “Our Ukraine” and BYuT prove that the Ukrainian parliament lost any efficiency and legitimacy,” Yushchenko noted.

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Adrian (16:46 | 20 April,2007)
So no point in renegging your decree then! This parliament is doomed!
oluk (16:47 | 20 April,2007)
Doesn't make sense. Why do this if you have negotiated a compromise with Yanuk?
Robert (16:50 | 20 April,2007)
I don't think the president's opinion is the important one on this specific issue...but I do think that he made a mistake. He should have done the opposite, condemned the actions of a minority party. It is all about precedent. If minority parties can prove the efficiency and legitimacy of the majority coalition...expect it to happen again in the future. Reform will definately be needed to prevent it.
oluk (16:58 | 20 April,2007)
Robert - you are correct - a very bad precedent - whoever controls 150 seats can force an early election - one good thing about this crisis is that it is exposing a lot of shortcomings and inconsistencies in the Constitution
tsenis (17:05 | 20 April,2007)
Robert (my other half) - Or thats what Richrd tells here: Richard (02:53 | 20 April,2007) End of game. Robert = tsenis = liar = Russian. LOL
Jim (17:10 | 20 April,2007)
Appears that President was offerred a better card to play with Constitutional Court, so it enabled him to barter with first card???
tsenis (17:11 | 20 April,2007)
Oluk - The more I read this constitution the more discrepancies, ambiguities and black wholes - I find. It seems some body wrote it while he was drunk or something. I believe it can't be fixed by patching it here and there - should be rewritten from scratch - Or better, take a known working Constitution from a European Country adapt some minor details, and thats it. Ukraine should not reinvent the wheel. and can't afford rerwiting it every other day.
tsenis (17:16 | 20 April,2007)
Robert , my alter ego, please say somethnig - I feel like a diversified personality LOL
Makc (17:19 | 20 April,2007)
Ah but remember, the opposition has to have a reason to leave parliment...AND if the POR try this stunt after the elections, it will not work..why? Becuase it requires the PRESIDENT to APPORVE the resignations. So i disagree with you Robert, No "Bad President"...quite the opposite. : )
snoopy (17:30 | 20 April,2007)
The offer is not, if the translation is right, to cancel the decree but suspend it. There's a big difference. (In any event theren't going to be elections on May27)The mass resignations must be for the purpose of making clear to the ACC that even if the CC to rule on their side it's not going to solve the crisis. There will have to be new elections some time.
CC (18:30 | 20 April,2007)
The president has performed another unconstitutional act by accepting a puported resignations of some deputies. This is clearly beside his competence.Don't tell me the VR has been dismissed, so he has to do what he did. No way!. As far as I am concerned, the puported resignation and acceptance of it by Yuschenko is totally null and void.A complete nullity! This man is actually confused. Yu are searching for solution to a problem and at the same time ignigting the same problem from another angle. Yuschenko is doomed. This is the biggest joke of the year and he has messed himself up again.
CC (18:34 | 20 April,2007)
Ok' on the other hand, if Timoshenko and company have droped their deputy's mandate, the immunity has also gone. So the police can now move in......, its about time to arrest Yulia and her fellow criminals to give account of their various misconduct against the state of Ukraine. This is good on one hand.
ITA (18:42 | 20 April,2007)
All this is RIDICULOUS and this man is dangerous for Ukraine !
tsenis (18:43 | 20 April,2007)
CC : If VR is dismissed so must be the staff for cleaning the floor there. I guess Prsesident should take over their job too.
tsenis (18:45 | 20 April,2007)
Of course he is dangerus - what can you expect from a President who after some 3 years in Presidency could not find the ones who poissoned him ?
CC (18:48 | 20 April,2007)
I agree with you again tsenis. I also agree with ITA that a man like this (without a mind of his own) is too dangerous to lead a people.
Gene (18:51 | 20 April,2007)
How can you say the resignations are unconstitutional? I think it is more to the fact that you were thinking you might win and now you are again against the wall. Why not accept new elections and be done with this mess? Do you honestly believe the voters in 2006 would have wanted Yanu to obtain control of the parliament so that they could have complete override the president and to change the constitution at will? And...can you not understand that this was the only way to stop him?
The Real Nestor (19:00 | 20 April,2007)
They have no clue what theyre talking about, they hide behind the Yanukovich rethoric, they interpret laws to there own liking, a shame and disgrace on Ukraine.
tsenis (19:04 | 20 April,2007)
Robert ?
CC (19:08 | 20 April,2007)
Anthony. This is what I said yesterday
Freе-Speech (20:11 | 20 April,2007)
Oluk nothing the President does makes sence... If Yo Yo wants to disolve Parliament he has to do it in arccodance with Article 90 ... Jim It will take three month before the resigtnations trigger Article 90 .... If anything it is an admission that his original decree was illegal and unconsitutional ... LOL... YTop say he was presneted with an alternative is a bit much. Yulia proposed withdrawing support well before the President's decree..... I wonder how he can achive the necessary changes to legislation is the Parliament can not operate with a constiutional ...
Freе-Speech (20:14 | 20 April,2007)
Article 81 odf Ukraine's constitution states .... A decision on pre-term termination of the authority of a People’s Deputy of Ukraine on grounds referred to in subparagraphs (1), [his or her resignation through a personal application] and (4) of the second paragraph of this Article shall be made by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ,....... Another breaxch od Ukraine's Consitutioan by the unconstitutioonal President who makes uop rules as he goes. ... LOL LOL
Gene (20:15 | 20 April,2007)
How can you say the resignations are unconstitutional? I think it is more to the fact that you were thinking you might win and now you are again against the wall. Why not accept new elections and be done with this mess? Do you honestly believe the voters in 2006 would have wanted Yanu to obtain control of the parliament so that they could have complete override the president and to change the constitution at will? And...can you not understand that this was the only way to stop him?
The Real Nestor (20:30 | 20 April,2007)
subparagraph 1 which Flatulent Speech is siting, relates only to the resignation of a deputy on an individual basis, not as a fractional group, again we see the disinformation which is being promulgated by the Criminal Regime who interprets laws to there own liking, and those individuals who like lemmings will follow them over the edge........
oray (20:36 | 20 April,2007)
Once again we will have an election which will be the third by democratic standards.... each one has been an improvement on the first corrupt one. However what is interesting in this one is that the people voting will have a clear view of what they want and who they want to represent them. If its pro Russian then vote Yanukovich... if its pro west then make sure you vote for a party that will not be bought off or the person you voted for will change once given 2.5 million pounds. These are exciting times for the electorate and in time all people will know exactly who is to be trusted and who is to be bought.
Незнаком (20:43 | 20 April,2007)
Ukrainian parliament lost any efficiency and legitimacy,” Yushchenko noted.---And it seems poor little yo yo has LOST HIS poor little mind and whatever shame he had in the process! Really sad for UKRAINE, the day this yo yo was (elected?) AS PREZ...
Tom (21:01 | 20 April,2007)
"President says MPs can resign"
Freе-Speech (21:19 | 20 April,2007)
Gene read Article 81.... Article 81 .... The pre-term termination of the authority of a People’s Deputy of Ukraine shall also be caused by the early termination, under the Constitution of Ukraine, of authority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, with such termination of the Deputy’s authority taking effect on the date when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a new convocation opens its first meeting. ..... A decision on pre-term termination of the authority of a People’s Deputy of Ukraine on grounds referred to in subparagraphs (1), (4) of the second paragraph of this Article shall be made by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ..... but then I forgot QUOTE: Gene (21:27 | 05 February,2007) ... My only knowledge of the constitution is what I read in the news .... LOL ..
Freе-Speech (21:31 | 20 April,2007)
Article 81 .... The authority of a People’s Deputy of Ukraine shall terminate prior to the expiration of his or her term in office in the event of: (1) his or her resignation through a personal application;... .............. A decision on pre-term termination of the authority of a People’s Deputy of Ukraine on grounds referred to in subparagraphs (1), (4) of the second paragraph of this Article shall be made by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Freе-Speech (21:40 | 20 April,2007)
RN and MARC Please tell me where teh Presiednt has the athourity to decide on resiugnations of the Parliament??? or have you also adopted teh Yo Yo rule of law where anythng goes until someone "The Constitutional Court" rules otherwise... or are you deliberatly trying to mislead again.... learning from Yushchenko...
Freе-Speech (21:46 | 20 April,2007)
tsenis (17:11 | 20 April,2007) Molst of teh porobelms were in exisitanec before 2004 reforms. They never showed up because the governmmentand teh Presidency were one.,. So they just kept quite. So much for teh US hanging Judges contgribuition to the development of Ukraine's democracts. You bneed to remember ukraine has only been a rue democracy for just on one year and many of teh President's men do not know how to share power and governance with a democratcily elected Parliament. YES Ukraine needs to have fresh elections - Fresh Presidential election in conjunctiuon with fresh Paraliamentary elections... NEWS being reports is that the Presidnet has decided to back down on his decree. (I guess someone told him he was not winning in the polls or the Courts...) The Forum shuts off at 5:30 when all the news breaks...
Freе-Speech (21:59 | 20 April,2007)
CC Your Mig news link is interesting. Could Yulia have forged resignation notices. ... If Yulia has infact resigned and the Presidnet does have teh right to recive those resignation then yes she would no longer hold immunity and the Courts cand prosecute her for contempt of Court and a host of other breaches of law ... ... There is no option in the constitution that alls for reignation of Factions only individuals. After all teh manadate and right to viote is given to an indivdual not the Faction. What happens is a Party within a faction does not agree with teh Faction leaders. Expect Yulia's party to split over her autocratic style of management. A real Apple strew... soured by spiteful orange juice. Apples and oranges never mix.
The Real Nestor (22:04 | 20 April,2007)
Define 'Personal Application" I doubt you can even spell it right.......Melbournes City Idiot..........
The Real Nestor (22:18 | 20 April,2007)
Hey dimwit, you got it wrong yet again, imagine that........The President also informed that the side of the Prime Minister agrees with almost all the proposals, except for the main one, concerning the early election. At the same time, the President pointed out that his position on this issue remains invariable, and the early election must take place, but earlier it is necessary to make several steps on the legislative level.
Freе-Speech (22:21 | 20 April,2007)
No one is saying or claiming that an individual member of Paralimnet can not resign. Of course they can. But it is not the perogative or authorty of the President to recive notice of any resignation. Articple 81 of Ukraine's constitution clarly outlines teh porcess of resignations which are presented to the Parliament. Again we see the President assuming opower and authority where he deos not have it. C~ontray to teh misleading and false statements made by Tom and RN there is no special provsion related to resignations of factions. Reports in teh media also indicate that yulia has forged resignation notoces from members of Paralimnet that have not consented or requested to resign. If this is true then this is a very serious breach of law.... I call on Tom and RN to outline where in teh Constitution ... more lies promoted by the USA Clock Work Orange Gange of Ultra-Nationalist Facists on the brithday of there hero Hitler...
The Real Nestor (22:21 | 20 April,2007)
Flatulent Speech(21:46 | 20 April,2007) : NEWS being reports is that the Presidnet has decided to back down on his decree. (I guess someone told him he was not winning in the polls or the Courts...) Another complete lie by the forums master of deception and disinformation, can't you get anything right you bolshevik weasel?
The Real Nestor (22:22 | 20 April,2007)
And by the way Flatulent Speech, I'd be careful who you slander as being a Nazi, you're not the only one who has an attorney......
The Real Nestor (22:24 | 20 April,2007)
FS, the VR does not presently exist, the next higher authority is the President. Idiot.
Freе-Speech (22:24 | 20 April,2007)
The Government suports Fresh elections... Fresh Presidnetial election is the only way forward. Let the people of Ukraine decide who should represent them., Not the unconstitional dicator who makes up the rules as he goes ... Again please`outline where teh authority of te President is given in Ukraine's Constitution. next you wll claim that the President has right of veto as to who is elected to Parliament... LOL LOL... Which section of teh Consitution has teh President enacted in aceoting the resignations... some forged at that...
The Real Nestor (22:26 | 20 April,2007)
Please outline in the constitution were the PM has the right to call for early Presidential Elections? Again we see the bolshevik ACC making up there own laws and interpretations, due to their lack of respect for the rule of law and democracy.
The Real Nestor (22:27 | 20 April,2007)
Go ahead call me a Nazi again..........thats the best you can do, jack ass.
Freе-Speech (22:32 | 20 April,2007)
The VR contineus to hold office until the next paralinent takes office Idiot ... If I was an Apple and now that bYulia has no imunity I would take her to court claiming that she falsified documentations presented to the President claiming that they ahd resigned... ... It seams that the President is engaged in a conspirsy to defruad to people of Ukraine.... An applciation made by an individual... Only Indiviuals can resign or terminate their own mandate .... Yulia and Ysuehnko are seeking to defraud the nation.... again... Look at the opinion polls Yushenko will wein 49.9% of the parliamentray seats if an election was held in mid April... News is that President has decided to back down on his decsion to disolve Parliament in exchange of a a political compromise .... Your not in Ukraine so I guess your not up to date. Turn into for english news on the latest events...
Freе-Speech (22:36 | 20 April,2007)
the call is for thePresient to rwssign in order to allow fresh Presidential elections, renew his mandate and allwo the poeple of Ukraine to decide who should represent them as their head of state. Hetman... Nothing prevnets the Presidnt from resiging.. If teh Consitutional Court rules against teh Presidents decree Yushchenko will have to resign, havig lost all aithourity and respect. if he wants an agreed position then its within his hands. A stroke of the open and his resignationn and fresh Paralimnetray and Presidential elections are on the way.... VUT First Ukraine needs to consider necessary electoral reforms befroe electiosn will be effective... Again look at the polls.. The cards are against the President ... who is losing support every day ...
Gene (22:42 | 20 April,2007)
FSs strength appears to be spelling. See quotes: teh Presiednt has the athourity to decide on resiugnations .... or ... Molst of teh porobelms were in exisitanec ... or ... teh US hanging Judges contgribuition ... or ... Presidnet does have teh right to recive ... or ... You bneed ... or ... that alls for reignation ... or ... teh manadate and right to viote ... or ... Articple 81 of Ukraine's constitution clarly outlines teh porcess ... or ... teh Consitution has teh President enacted in aceoting. Go to it FS. Impress me further! :o)
Gene (22:47 | 20 April,2007)
Oh...wait...we got more: contineus to hold office until the next paralinent ... or ... An applciation ... or ... they ahd resigned... ... It seams ... or ... thePresient to rwssign ... or ... Nothing prevnets the Presidnt from resiging ... or ... havig lost all aithourity ... or ... his resignationn and fresh Paralimnetray ... or ... reforms befroe electiosn. Good job FS.
Gene (22:48 | 20 April,2007)
By the way readers, FS is from Australia so English is his native language.
The Real Nestor (22:56 | 20 April,2007)
Even PACE, whom you like to quote so often has stated that The Assembly recognises that both regular and pre-term elections constitute a legitimate democratic instrument for the people to choose and control the authorities that act in their name. Early elections are a normal practice in all democratic countries of the Council of Europe and as such could be accepted as a key building block of the political compromise......They regretted that the government “has not complied with the formally valid decree (until proven otherwise) and has not allocated the required funding for these elections Anymore Bullshit you want to sling FS?
The Real Nestor (22:57 | 20 April,2007)
Whats the matter FS, you don't see the need to quote PACE anymore? You have no Political, or Moral backbone......
The Real Nestor (22:59 | 20 April,2007)
All you can do is keep repeating your misguided manifesto, over and over and over, until someone shows you to be intellectually corrupt, then you run and hide.
The Real Nestor (23:02 | 20 April,2007)
and like I said before Fs, if you understood the language you'd know that the possibility of suspending the decree is based on numerous concessions, Early Elections is not one of the concessions, "The President also informed that the side of the Prime Minister agrees with almost all the proposals, except for the main one, concerning the early election. At the same time, the President pointed out that his position on this issue remains invariable, and the early election must take place," So stop tryiing to convince yourself............
Tom (03:28 | 21 April,2007)
Yush: He is glad authors of the PACE draft resolution call an early election a democratic and legitimate instrument enabling the nation to elect and control its government. The document also says snap elections are common in European democracies and serve as an element of political compromise. OH-SNAP!
Yuriy (10:45 | 21 April,2007)
Article 81 is pretty clear on when a deputy relinquishes his/her duties, and in the case that a deputy resigns the decision is made by the VR. I would like someone to point in the constitution where it says that OU and BYT can resign without the consent of the VR. However, I would also like FS and others to recognize part 6 of article 81, where it says the authority of a deputy terminates if the deputy leaves his/her faction, such as when Kinakh and others left their factions.
Freе-Speech (12:01 | 21 April,2007)
Yuriy I agree with your above post and have always agreed with it. But there is nothing in the constitution that complells a member to vpote accoding to the factions stated position. Yushenko has claimed he is acting to preserve teh consitution and teh stated imperative mandate. This is teh main critisim of teh Venice Commission who has called on Ukraine to abolish the Imperatiove manbdate position. I would like to know how the Presidnet is going to implenment the pre-requesite changes to Ukraine's electoal laws if the Parliament can not sit. Another administratiove F**k up by Ukraine's most unpopular President...
Freе-Speech (12:08 | 21 April,2007)
Tom (03:28 | 21 April,2007) He is so supportive of it that he has acted in such a way that is cfontray to teh Venice commisionss recomendations. His decree is in support of the Imperatoe mandate provisons of Ukraine's constitution. he has acted agsint teh p[rovsions of the constitution in that he has exceeded his authority. He has now consenbted to teh resignation of memebrs of parliament (Some who had not consented to their resignation notice) preventing the possiblity of the Paraliment making nescessary changes to law that would faciliate the holding of elections. He continues to refuse to accept resonable compromises to seek resolution of the current crisis. He refuses to subject himeld\f to the will of the people but not agreeing to holding fresh Presidential and Parliamentary elections at the same time..... Bring on the Court's ruling ... if only to settle the leagility of Yo Yo's folly...
Freе-Speech (12:15 | 21 April,2007)
Yuriy whilst I acknowlege Article 81 cl 6 the extent of this provison is not clear. It appears to refer to theinital formaton of the coalition not expansion. Yes I agree that a member can not resign form their party (Note I agree with the Venice Commision and PACE who are opposed to the imerative mandate provisions - There should be a direct manadte system which is what I have and continue to advocate) But again there is nothing that compells a member of parliament to vote in any way. we see members crossing the floor on issues all the time. ... And what happens if a party within a block goes their own way...or the Faction disbands as was nearly the case with our Ukraine? yes teh consitution is in a mess BUT it was also this way before the shift ot a Parliamentary system. It just bever became apparent until now... Thanks to Yushchenko's efforts to divide Ukraine and act in the interest of the United States then the Interst of Ukraine
The Real Nestor (19:27 | 21 April,2007)
Fs, how does it feel to be led around on a leash? hehehe But then again YOU probably enjoy it................
Gene (20:45 | 21 April,2007)
It is so interesting to hear the pro-Yanu supporters talk about PACE, the constitution, etc., to try to criticize the president. However, do you honestly believe the voters in 2006 would have wanted Yanu to obtain control of the parliament so that they could have complete override the president and to change the constitution at will? To criticize the president and still try to use the words democracy in that critical assumption, is deceitful, especially if you cannot criticize Yanu and the PR for this illegal attempt to manipulate the VR. This is not what the people who voted in 2006 would have wanted for either leader...and you know it.
Freе-Speech (21:07 | 21 April,2007)
PACE was very critical of the "Imeratiove Mandate" provsions of Ukraine's Constitution calling for it to be scrapped.... yet this is the provsion that bYushchenko wants to defend... LOL... Pace also stated in its report .... Although Ukraine understandably has its own historic reasons to avoid the accumulation of power into the hands of one political force, it should nevertheless consider in the course of future constitutional amendments whether it would not be better for the country to SWITCH TO A FULL PARLKIAMENTARYSYSTEM with proper checks and balances and guarantees of parliamentary opposition and competition.
Freе-Speech (21:09 | 21 April,2007)
... In fact, regardless of the teething phase of the current political reform in Ukraine, the parliamentary–presidential system opted for by the Ukrainian lawmakers in 2004 has an in-built structural problem: it can work smoothly only if the presidential and parliamentary powers represent the same political vision. Cohabitation works in the case of highly mature democracies, which is not the case in Ukraine. Largely because of this structural cohabitation dilemma, **** all established European democracies apart from France have opted for the fully parliamentary form of governance. **** (They fogot about Cyprus) ... What we have also seen since the establishment of the current parliamentary majority coalition and the formation of PM Yanukovych's government is the struggle to move towards a fully parliamentary system, *** which in the existing constitutional order has been perceived by the opposition as usurpation of power by the majority **** ....
Freе-Speech (21:19 | 21 April,2007)
Yuriy. In anser yo your earlier question the PACE report states: ...The Decree was not recognised by the coalition partners of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine or the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, who claimed it unconstitutional. On 3 April, 53 MPs submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine seeking abrogation of the Decree as contradicting Articles 90 and 106 § 1 (8) of the Constitution. Apart from that, the expert conclusions of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 3 April 2007 (No 22/214-1-19) which may be regarded as corresponding to the position of the majority in the Verkhovna Rada, contest the interpretation of Article 83 § 6 in the Decree according to which a coalition is formed according to the election results and "exclusively" by deputy factions....
Freе-Speech (21:19 | 21 April,2007)
... It refers to the wording of this paragraph containing only the requirement that the Coalition be "composed of the majority of the People's Deputies of Ukraine from the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine". It also refers to § 9 of the same Article 83 stipulating that "creation, arrangement of work and termination of the activities of the Coalition of Deputy Factions in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are governed by the Constitution of Ukraine and Rules of Procedure of the Verknovna Rada of Ukraine. According to Clause four of Article 61 of the rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (that was effective at the time of the Decree's issuance) the coalition of Deputy Factions could include both Deputy Factions and independent deputies". ...
Freе-Speech (21:20 | 21 April,2007)
... It further underlines that changing the numerical composition of the Coalition after it has been formed including through the accession of independent People's Deputies of Ukraine does not mean changing the format of the Coalition. .... The above expert opinion also considers Article 2 of the Decree which suggests to the People's Deputies to continue delivering their "authorities that are not directly connected with the powers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" as violating Article 19 § 2 and Article 76 § 4 on the grounds that a) the authorities of the deputies are determined by the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine and not by decrees of the President of Ukraine, b) the Constitution does not empower the Head of State to interfere with delivering authorities of the MPs and c) that the term "authorities that are not directly connected with the powers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" are not defined in the Constitution....
The Real Nestor (00:03 | 22 April,2007)
He he he he, don't give up your day job idiot, cause you're for sure no attorney......hahahahahaha
Yuriy (04:15 | 22 April,2007)
FS, you wrote a lot above, I just want to respond on two main issues. One, if the rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada say that the coalition of Deputy Factions could include both Deputy Factions and independent deputies then the rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada clearly contradict the constitution. It wouldnt be the first time that parliament or any Ukrainian politician has disregarded the constitution. I am not saying that I am for imperative mandate, I am just saying that in the current constitution there is a form of imperative mandate. Yes it is ambiguous, but not ambiguous enough so that most people cant tell if Kinakh switched factions. He and others violated the constitution.
Yuriy (04:26 | 22 April,2007)
Second, as far as becoming a full blown parliamentary system, where one body of government is basically the law maker and law implementer, I am against this. Some say Ukraine is not mature enough to handle cohabitation, Ukraine should become a parliamentary system. First, I would like to point out that the other direction would be a dictatorship, where one person has most of the power. A presidential system by the way, is closer to the middle, between full power to one person and full power to the parliament. Anyway, I think that precisely for the reason of Ukraine's immaturity that Ukraine should not give most the power to one body of government. I do not trust Ukrainian politicians, therefor I do not think it is good for one group of politicians to be allowed to rob the country. With two groups of politicians in power, then at least they will be constantly pointing out how the other is robbing the country, and they will be trying to impress the people as well.
Yuriy (04:35 | 22 April,2007)
Sorry, to make it clearer, above I am saying that I do not support a full parliamentary system because I think it gives too much power to one body of government. And although some say that Ukraine is not mature enough to handle sharing of power, I think that is immaturity is a reason to have sharing of powers, because Ukrainian politicians are too immature to handle all of the responsibilities that come with having a lot of power.
Freе-Speech (07:11 | 22 April,2007)
Yuriy. It is a question of whether Ukraine wants to adopt European standard or not. Becoming a full Parlaimentary democray is the best way forward. PACE made it pretty clear where the problems lie. The Imperative Mandate issue was one the the strongest criticisms made in their report. They have consistently called to have it scraped. Yushchenko in the past had also questioned this provision - YET NOW WE SEE him and Yulia promote this as the main reason for his pre-planned action of destablistion.. .....
Freе-Speech (07:15 | 22 April,2007)
Oray (20:36 | 20 April,2007) You say that with each passing of election Ukriane's becomes more and more educated ... true... Another reason why they should also have the opportunity to re-elect who is best to be their head of state. Yushchenko continues to lie to all. He lied to Yulia and he lied to the electorate and he is lying again. Fresh elections would be good if teh Prtesidnet was also prepared to face the people then the people of Ukraine would have a real choice to decide who should represent them. As it is up to 27% of Ukraine will not have be able to decide who represents them. Do you honestly belive that Fresh elections would solve the problems facing Ukraine. No way./ Do you honestly belive that having power centered in the hands of a single dicatorial President would solve problems No way.... Joining NATO is the solution... No way....
Freе-Speech (07:24 | 22 April,2007)
if you belive, like I do that Ukraine is and sahould be part of Europe then start adiopting European standards and systems. If you want a undemocratic USA style system then do what Real Nestor and other now-facists have done ... Move to America and buy a gun so to defend your self when you attend University. The land of the brave.... where each person has a right to own a gun. Where people are suffering because they are too fat. they are black or hispanic or some other minorty... Sorryy but In think Europe has it over the USA anyday. The Parliamentary system works well in Poland, Hungray, Germany, Switzerland, denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Greece, England ... etc.... ALL counties wheer Ukraine's real futire lies. If Ukraine had been a full Parliamentry democracy well before now then it would most likely have been already a memeber f the EU by now.. Instead of witnessing a striuggle for power between the President and the Parliament..
Freе-Speech (07:28 | 22 April,2007)
Freе-Speech (07:34 | 22 April,2007)
Yo Yo can not deliver on his 10 point plan... and he l;eft of the real issue that is behind this and that is NATO expansion... or to put it in proper persective US dominace of Europe. If there is ot be fresh elections then the President MUST hold a referendum at the same time on the question of NATO. Scrap the Imperative mandate system and adopt a direct mandate system as previously proposed and suggested by PACE.
Anthony (10:51 | 22 April,2007)
I think this little bit from PACE sums a lot of the situation up- The effect of short-sighted political goals of individual politicians is also felt behind the current crisis. PM Yanukovych signed the Universal in August 2006 only to come to power and then use it to usurp the President's power,
Yuriy (12:14 | 22 April,2007)
FS, I dont see Yush defending imperative mandate as much as just defending the constitution. In general, I dont like imperative mandate, but the point is that a form of it is in the constitution and parliament was ignoring it. Also, in a way conflict is good in Ukraine right now because it is causing plenty of debate, and involving more people in the process. It is better than one president or one major group in parliament alienating half of the population.
Yuriy (12:20 | 22 April,2007)
A nice map showing who won first place in each district in the 2006 elections is available at It shows that if deputies were chosen by district then only the top three parties would have representatives in parliament. But the deputies would be responsible to their voters and not party heads, and any form of imperative mandate would not really be applicable. Because if a politician switched to another faction, then the people would decide if they agreed with his decision or not in the next elections. If Ukraine changes the electoral system then it might also be a good idea to shorten parliament;s term from 5 years.
Freе-Speech (23:58 | 22 April,2007)
Yuriy. Yushenko is trying to interpret the constituton to suit his own needs. The Constitution states that the Constitutional Court is the only boady that has teh authority to intererate teh consitution. Not the President. You must also remember that Yuchenko was enbarkiong on a compaign to destablise Ukraine's democracy well before the imperative mandate issue became an issue of concern... As out lined in his unconsitutional decree. The map on widkipedia is a little misleading as it is based on first preference votes. Not voters preference. You will also note that teh results have changed little since the first round of the 2004 Presidential election. The other thing you need to also take into consideration is the fact that the election is a nation wide electorate. To this extent public opinion polls have been fairly accurate. Accoding to rent polls Party of Regions will secure 50%(225 seats) of the Parliament. They will hold a majority in their own right. This is a step
The Real Nestor (03:20 | 23 April,2007)
Fs, your so full of Shite its coming out of your ears already, you're a joke.............
oluk (04:25 | 23 April,2007)
FS - Wrong again, Yush is acting on the basis of his considered understanding of the Constitution (he is not interpreting it as you say - if there is space for a different understanding then the CC makes and interpretation, as is happening now). Everyone, everyday acts on the basis of their understanding of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine. Of course, some simply break the law and disregard the Constitution. Don't put too much neo-soviet spin on what is a straightforward matter. Yush is following proper process and Yanuk is not.
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