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Charles "Pop" Dickinson, President of the Aero Club of Illinois (left), Jack Stinson (center) and
Marjorie Stinson (right) at the formal founding of "The Early Birds Club" - 1928

Welcome to the home page for The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc., first known as The Early Birds Club. This legendary group was founded in Chicago in December of 1928, shortly after the International Aeronautical Show and air races held there, to preserve the history of aviation and, in particular, the history of aviation before the Great War. A large number of pioneer aviators and aeronauts attended the event in Chicago and "Pop" Dickinson, ever willing to advance the cause of aviation, encouraged the idea that they, the pioneers of flight, should formally organize. Prior to that, at the 1928 Los Angeles Air Races, a group of early aviators (including Logan A. "Jack" Vilas, Bertrand "Bert" R. J. Hassell, Ernest "Ernie" L. Jones, Parker D. Cramer, Benjamin D. Foulois, Holden C. Richardson, and Percy George Brockhurst "P. G. B." Morriss) had discussions about organizing an early aviators' group. They initially called the group the "Association of Old Time Airmen," the "Old Timers" and the "Early Birds." A letter sent to prospective members read, in part, "There is a move on foot among the old fliers to organize -- and this move has crystalized into the formation of the tentative organization of the "EARLY BIRDS" or "OLD TIMERS"--open only to those who actually soloed prior to the outbreak of the war."- so, membership was limited to those who could provide evidence that they had soloed in any aerial craft, lighter-than-air or heavier-than-air, prior to December 17, 1916, the thirteenth anniversary of the first flights of an aeroplane, by Wilbur and Orville Wright at Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina.
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"What Is An Early Bird?" - 1930

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CHIRP Journal of The Early Birds

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Many pioneer aviators either did not apply for membership in The Early Birds, or did not survive to apply for membership. Short biographies and images of some of those pioneer aviators who "went west" before World War I or were never members of The Early Birds can be found on the Pioneer Aviators web site.

The Early Birds of Aviation (and its legal successor, The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc.) was to go out of existence once the last living member had passed away. With the passing of 99-year-old Early Bird George Debaun Grundy, Jr., on May 19, 1998, The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc., ceased to be. This web site was therefore created to preserve the name and the memory of The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc., its members, its activities, its accomplishments, and its place in aviation history.

All images on The Early Bird Web Site are from the Carroll Gray Aeronautical Collection, unless otherwise noted. Furthermore, unless captioned to the contrary, images on this web site date from before December 17, 1916, the period of eligibility for becoming an Early Bird (that is, for applicants from non-European countries). Over the next few months, this site will expand to offer text and images about The Early Birds. If you have an interest in the Pioneer Era of Aviation, please bookmark this site and visit often to see what's been added.

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The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. Associate Pin
Courtesy of Lygia Ionnitiu

Early Birds Air Mail Sticker - 1938

Early Birds founding member Charles "Pop" Dickinson, President of the Aero Club of Illinois (left),
pioneer aviator and air mail carrier Max Lillie (right) - Cicero Flying Field, Illinois, 1913

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