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1005_shock_chein_10.jpg10_Un Chien Andalou
(1929, dir. Luis Buñuel)
Best Seen: Translux Films DVD
Time Code: Chapter 1, 1:27
A brutishly handsome young man—Buñuel himself—sharpens a razor on a strop while a lovely young woman sits patiently in a chair. From the balcony of their room, he spies a cloud sliver slicing across a full moon, and inspiration strikes. Holding open the unresisting woman’s lid, he slashes her eyeball in unsparing closeup. (It’s actually a calf’s eye and socket.) Pretty much contextless and utterly disquieting, this scenario kicks off the galvanic Buñuel–Salvador Dali short, a self-described “passionate appeal to murder,” which continues to inspire épater-le-bourgeois types and freak out film students.

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