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Friends Split By Final Elimination


“This is the last time you will ever face me in this room,” Ajay said as the four finalists met for what was sure to be a heartbreaking elimination. Pati knew that in the event of a tied vote, her low weight loss would guarantee her elimination but Munnalita looked every bit as nervous as the two boys prepared to cast judgment.

Chris called the girls his ‘friends’, which brought a peculiar smile to Munnalita’s face. “I’m sorry to say that tonight I voted for Munnalita,” he revealed. She looked surprised by his decision but remained calm. “Both of them are fierce competitors,” Marty said, and his decision came down to the reasons behind each of the girls’ weight loss. “Therefore I voted for Munnalita,” he said, obviously thinking Pati’s motivations were more convincing.

Munnalita was stunned. “I just feel like I’ve been had by Chris,” she said, calling him a ‘conman’ while the youngster at the opposite end of the panel was instantly defensive, claiming she had misread his comments during negotiations. But despite the high emotions during her journey, Munnalita was gracious in defeat. “I’ve seen the changes in you,” Pati said, paying tribute to her close friend. Munnalita certainly felt like a new woman.

“My spirit and my soul was sort of lost there for a while,” she said before vowing to match or beat the ultimate Biggest Loser’s weight loss percentage. “One of you will win the money, but I’ll win the title,” she warned them. Chris apologised as Munnalita farewelled her housemates and Marty gave her yet another hug. For Pati, it seemed surreal to be saying goodbye to someone who had been there for the entire duration of her journey.

With one of the strongest competitors gone, Ajay briefed the Final 3. “You will have to cope with the temptations and distractions in the outside world,” she warned. Michelle was shattered when she arrived and noticed Munnalita was gone. “I really hoped she’d get across that line,” the trainer explained. Shannan was amazed when he realised each of the Final 3 would all reach their goal weights.

Leaving in style, the three players climbed into limousines. Back at home Chris’ mum couldn’t believe the change in her son; Pati’s folks were stunned by her achievements; and Marty was shocked to see both his parents weeping as they welcomed him back. But for fans of the show, the journey isn’t over yet with the next episode perfectly crafted to wet your appetites for the big finale. We’ll also see who takes out the special trainers’ award so don’t miss the action when The Biggest Loser continues on Network Ten.