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Is it secret, is it safe?

So the blog's finally back up!  Odd, isn't it?  I was down.  TLEC was down. Some people claimed they couldn't get MySpace to work AND Lostpedia was down.  Could this be some intricate HANSO plot to kill our grassroots effort?

Anyway, in all the commotion I couldn't post that Rachel posted a new audio file.

Looks like she's off to Paris!

Also, did everyone see that Mittelwerk commercial?  The first couple of words cut off for me, anyone have a full version for YoutTube? (Unless they have something against monsters of ponytails in their TOS!)  Maybe that's why they tried to shut us all down, to keep us from "talking about their accomplishments."  Heh.

Anyway, It's good to be back.  Until next time.

PS - It's on YouTube (Thanks LHorse007!)






wooo hoooo

For the record - I did NOT delete 500 comments on the last post - I don't have the patience for that.

Must have gotten lost in maintanence.

I really wish I could cuss right now.

Oh well!


Hello all


Top 10

no; but I was the one who saw it first

Well that commercial was totally uninformative.... was there something hidden in there that I didn't see??

Wow I don't think I've ever been this high up on the board before

spirited debate? Is that a new password?

I hope there's more when this show wraps cuz that was a MAJOR disappointment.

Speaker- are we always going to have to type in a confirmation word now before we post? I've never had to before today.

woo hoo top 25 again!

what a dissapointment! I stayed up late to watch this, and the commercial didn't show a thing!!!! UGH!!

so like we were saying,...
we were told to watch tonight... and that was it?, that was nothing... but speaker brings up the last few words.... are we suppose to pay attention to those? errrrrrrr

yeah mabye somthing he said during it might be a password or somthing

peter- i know the feeling i have to get up in 5 hours for work.

From TLEC:

"Spirited debate. It's the corner stone of our pholosophy here at the Hanso Foundation. We are reaching out to a better tomorrow and that means listening to our critics. Even those who would lob unfounded claims from the darkness. We're confident in our mission. That's why we invite you. Talk about us. Discuss our accomplishments and continued progress. We are here for you. Thank you, and Namaste."


Sorry, that was me above.

uncangel - what? I haven't had to.

nuttin at end....


my curse word ^^^^

I cant believe that I saw Mittlemullett on TVTVTV

does this mean they monitor our message boards?

New Hanso commercial. Just on the last few minutes of Lost tonight.
This time it's the second in command himself.

Dear Lord. Finally

I haven't seen it yet, but from the sounds of it...

Maybe it's another one of those Hole things? You know...you get a couple clues that are worthless on their own, but with their mates...BAM!

hehe...still gonna watch...just cause.

could there be a password on there to hansoexposed.com?

Top 35?

no website???

The commercial was most definitely NOT nothing... it was a CHALLENGE. They are unafraid of our Empress Blake. (As they should be, from everything we've seen. Although their "Fixers" are no better.)

woah..wats up with the Hanso site?


Mittelwerk commercial? Did I miss something

that was so stupid, i watched two hours of tv that i had already seen to see mitleweek say we can talk about him ?!?!

At least Mittelwerk's ponytail was looking espically good for the camera.

Someone post a youtube link as soon as they can. I am sure that there is something there, maybe out the window or something. I am going to watch the later broadcast and record the last commercial break.


What needs to be done to get regular watchers how to be convinced to watch 2 - 1 hour reruns. As Distrustful would say - Grrrrr

I missed it!

I changed the channel like a moron.

grrr is right john

I have been loosing it ALL day trying to find out what TF!! I was all over myspace trying to get everyone I could think of as a FRIEND so someone could IM me but NOOOO... Luckily I had J on MSN so she and I gabbed... I in fetal position and she hanging from the curtains...

was that the same guy from the bio pics on THF.org site?

Boy were we duped into watching two hours of TV and pay attention all those commercials for ABSOLUTELY nothing.....

dec- ya that was thomas mittlewerk


Actually, Mr. Not Locke, those were NOT reruns for me. I never saw them the first time.

And anyone who complains about watching LOST (even on reruns)... are you SURE you want to be here? Just checking.

what I'm frustrated about is that the holes never amounted up to anything but another password, which led to the hanso site shutdown... which still didn't really give us anything, she said she could help connect the dots... and yet she hasn't.. I still believe she is the plant...

be careful gidget girl if you are reading this, I don't think rach is P, I think she is a hanso crooney out to find you.

i got it on dvr, so i will watch it in sloow motion see if i missed anything

ppt: i know exactly how you feel .. been going crazy today.. i may need to break out the hard liquor!

well they know that we have found the hansoexposed web site already so mabye they are tring to give us a a hidden password in his words somwhere knowing that we will be trying it on the exposed site

Has there always been sound on the old hanso website or it is that new?

Aww come on guys you know we all want to go to Olive Garden for dinner, get a Chrysler, a cell phone and maybe we learned about the word "if"

Anybody been trying "spirited debate" as a password on HansoExposed.com? Seems likely, but no idea what the username might be.

blost -- On the red page? You heard that too!??!

J, you still here?

Maybe "spirited debate", Mittlewerk's first words, are a password somewhere? Boy, that guy is creepy, where did they find him, back in the lab with Dr. Frankenstein?

blost that has been there since it shutdown

Mr Frosty - Did you get my comments? 128 Kudo's by the way...

She Devil (2nd - just mssed...)

Everyone else Hello (plus the aforementioned) and was that NOT the greatest clue you have ever seen??? I am SOOO glad I waited through 2 full hours for THAT

AND I didn't even have any beer left over from the sons grad party I actually had to go out and BUT MORE GRRRRR

OK I'm fine now...

Amen for you PPT.. Man oh man.. I can breathe again. Although, the curtains will never be the same.

YouTube yet anyone??

Hey SHedevil when you were in windsor you said that you went to a park on the river. Was it the one with the big black locomotive or the one with the fountain?

To Matt the Pale:
Yes I heard the sound on the red shutdown page.
It doesn't sound like much.
But I don't remember it being there.

Oh, I likes this game!

BUT Definitely should be BUY

john - when i posted, there were no comments so i really thought i was first *pouts*

Anyone got a link on youtube yet?

Thanks fifi,
We'll end that discussion.

*Lends a shoulder*

JNL that is one serious smoker you've got...

Thanks John,

I'll work on some more chapters for you....my fingers got sore.

(shedevil - I'm saving them for your birthday surprise.)

J... yahoo?

ppt: um, i dont remember either of those things... has been a while, so cant really remember specifics, i know we went past a tall brown building that said windsor university...or something similar...and ended up at a little riverside park... again, very pretty

I'm still here Brian!!
Hey JNL. Good to see you! I need a beer after that.

no prob blost. if you hold your mouse in the same spot that noise gets louder and louder. after 108 sec. a website flashes on the screen that brings you to an orientation video

Did I see the commercial wrong? Was that SUNSHINE lighting up that office or whatever where Mr. Pinetree Ponytail was?

Wait guys, we might have to be patient until it's played in all time zones.

Yeah, were gonna need to wait.

alright guys gonna go to bed, see you tommorow!

frosty... saving the chapters or fingers for me?? hehehehehe
will take either

No prob SD its just that I live 1/2 a block from the river...

MisterFrosty, It's MY birthday in one month from today. Please save up for something good..

Poor Mittelwerk. Wonder how he got that limp. Seems painful. I noticed his ponytail of terror was no where to be seen. I guess he only pulls that sucker out when his up to evil.

Well no new clues. Atleast we know we are getting another post from Rachel, one that most likely she will need us to help her figure out where the meet is with Gidget Girl. So we will finally have something to do tomorrow.

The Mittelwerk thing didn't give us any clues but I still thought it was pretty cool. Wish he'd whipped out that ponytail of doom heh.

So puppies or kittens speaker, you never did tell me which you like most

Distrustful - Meaning South Pacific!

Shedevil - Tried to get to your myspace email but still screwy

Mr Frosty - DOWN BOY, I mean can't wait for the 2nd chapter...

ppt.. let me look through my photos and see what i have from that trip.. get back to you on that

Frosty gonna be tired by the time if get done with all the zukitty birthdays, wonder if Mulletwerk has a special formula.......

PPT & J - SORRY missed you both. Hey back at ya!

PPT - Which one you see the one I have or the new one I am getting next year? The one I have now has officially been renamed Smoke Monster!

J - Beer? Don't know what you are talking about *hick*

We were SHUTDOWN!!!

So that was sunshine?
(Odd question I know, but it is important in what's boiling in the back of my scheming little mind right now.)

I was deleted from the forum. Really. There may be ONE post of mine left.
Oh well. Speaker says it wasn't his fault, but I'm not blaming it on Hanso, either. Parts of Xanga were down this morning, and non-LOST forum I'm on is also down for maintenance.

Missed the commercial, but I figured there wouldn't be anything on it I couldn't hear about here. And I doubted there would be anything interesting, either. My interest has really plummeted this summer.

Okay, so something fun to alieveate the disappointment-
downloads/wp_badapple/menu.htm (split in two lines to be certain of getting it all in. Splice 'em together, folks, just like Eko taught you.)
Click on the far left wallpaper. Notice anything familiar in the readouts on the computer screens?
Offbeat Idea: Could it be that VeggieTales has succumbed to The Hanso Foundation, as well? Say it ain't so! Not my Bob and Larry!

john- thought of a name for our bbq crew yet?

alright, I'm going shopping on ebay, be back later

Now I can brag about Rachel... I told you all on July FOURTH that Rachel was going to Paris next! Who did? I did! Don't believe me? Go Here... http://www.insidetheexperience.com/2006/07/

Lys, I saw at least three posts from you today when I read them at 4pm PST.

Ok 1st Post....help me out here. Is there anyone we can trust? SPEAKER! HELP!

I Love My Lips
Veggie Tales

Narrator: One day while talking with Dr. Archibald, Larry confronts one of his deepest fears...

Larry: If my lips ever left my mouth, packed a bag and headed south, that'd be too bad, I'd be so sad.

Archibald: I see. That'd be too bad, you'd be so sad?

Larry: That'd be too bad. If my lips said adios, I don't like you I think you're gross, that'd be too bad, I might get mad.

Archibald: That'd be too bad, you might get mad?

Larry: That'd be too bad. If my lips moved to Duluth, left a mess and took my tooth, that'd be too bad, I'd call my Dad.

Archibald: That'd be too bad, you'd call your Dad?

Larry: That'd be too bad.

Archibald: Hold it. Did you say your father? Fascinating! So what you're saying is that if your lips left you ...

Larry: That'd be too bad, I'd be so sad, I might get mad, I'd call my Dad. That be too bad.

Archibald: That'd be to bad?

Larry: That'd be too bad.

Archibald: Why?

Larry: Because I love my lips. [Scatting]

Archibald: Oh my ... This is more serious than I thought. Larry, tell me, what do you see here?

Larry: Um, that looks like a lip.

Archibald: And this?

Larry: It's a lip!

Archibald: And this?

Larry: It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip! It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip! It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip. Liiiiiiiiiiiips. Lip lip lip.

Archibald: Larry, tell me about your childhood.

Larry: When I was just two years old I left my lips out in the cold and they turned blue. What could I do?

Archibald: They turned blue, what could you do?

Larry: Oh they turned blue. On the day I got my tooth I had to kiss my Great Aunt Ruth. She had a beard ... and it felt weird.

Archibald: My, my. She had a beard and it felt weird?

Larry: She had a beard. Ten days after I turned eight, got my lips stuck in a gate. My friends all laughed. And I just stood there until the fire department came and broke the lock with a crow bar and I had to spend the next six weeks in lip rehab with this kid named Oscar who got stung by a bee - right on the lip - and we couldn't even talk to each other until the fifth week because both our lips were so swollen, and when he did start speaking he just spoke Polish and I only knew like three words in Polish except now I know four because Oscar taught me the word for lip: Usta!

Archibald: Your friends all laughed ... Usta? How do you spell that?

Larry: I don't know.

Archibald: So what you're saying is that when you were young ...

Larry: They turned blue, what could I do? She had a beard and it felt weird. My friends all laughed ... Usta!

Archibald: I'm confused ...

Larry: I love my lips! [Scatting]

Narrator: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say ...

Larry: Have I ever told you how I feel about my nose?

Archibald: Oh, look at the time!

What do we all think about this? Does the Mittelwerk commercial have any real impact on the game thus far?

Until something more comes of it, since there was no website, I don't know what to think..

Has anyone figured out what Speaker's baby pics have to do with this?

Friends - Just reminded by the bride that I have a CT scan going on tomorrow. No biggie just want to make sure the old cranium is functioning properly by noon. May not post again tonight (unless provoked or set on fire (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE))

Mr F, Dis, and all the BEAUTIFUL ladies if any major stuff happens would you mind hitting my myspace? Would appreciate. Will have enought time tomorrow to check there BUT no wheres near enough to see the entire blog.

Hope to catch up soon.

Anybody else wondering what happened to the ROT guys?

Anyways. I owe, I owe so off to work I go...


breezer- To answer your questions... Trust no one farther than you can throw them. Except IL WOLFE. Trust him as far as you can throw him twice. (But that's just so you can throw him twice.) And absolutely nothing. They are fluff. (But neat looking fluff.)

john- hope everything goes well tomorrow! see you later

ABC played us like fiddles. I probably would have watched Lost anyway, but I intently watched 2 hours of re-runs for no reason!!! It was cool to see Mittlewerk on TV, but not worth putting so much effort into "waiting for it", whatever it maybe... which was nada! You know, they didn't have to con us into watching it. They could have said nothing because I'm 99% sure someone would have seen it and reported it to the Lost Experience community. I will absolutely flip if the whole purpose was to have people tell Rachel and get a post out of her over it. Grrr!


G'Night hope they can find something to scan tomorrow...;)

seeya soon

anyone have the thomas Mittelwerk comercial?

The Grrrr Contingent grows. =D

Hey Veggie dude, I think you are in the wrong room.... The fruits are over there.... *points to the door*

I'm not quite sure what to think of the commercial eather.

Unless . . . Hugh's supposed to be the spokesman, right? Why is Mettelwork doing his job?

Is something wrong with Hugh? Or am I looking too much into this and maybe it's just the Foundation trying to put even more cards on the table to seem legit?

Yeah, the part that bugged me wasn't watching the show--it was sitting through all the commercials without surfing! Sneaky, sneaky...

P.S. DJ Dan's podcast yesterday mentioned Athens, GA. Josh Holloway ( Sawyer) went to UGA in athens, GA

ah PPT, I was just having fun, Lys mentioned them, and my daughter loves them and listen to them everyday.. just being funny thats all

Though it was pretty freaking cool to see Mittelwerk in a commercial...

Add me to the Grrr contingent.

JNL- Good luck tomorrow. Come back soon and give me more recipes!!

Take care!

breezer320: I trust no one. That's why I'm still alive. I think the whole bunch of them are fishy, Dj Dan, Rachel, P, Mittlewerk, etc. Even Marvin Candle has aliases. Who knows who's real and who's a plant?

Really, who's to say even Speaker isn't the baddie?
We came up with a little theory this morning- that Hanso is a good guy, and the Foundation is rogue and hunting him down, hence his hiding. So by hunting Hanso, we'd be playing right into the Foundation's hands...

Distrustful: Thanks. I hadn't really searched, I just guessed from the times deleted, how much would be gone. What time zone is this in, anyway? It's hours before EST, and that's usually the time zone for American sites. Is it California time? Can we narrow down Speaker's location??

*breaks out wok and ginsu knife, proceeds to cut veggie tales chiffonade style*

stir fry anyone?

does anyone know where to see the comercial?

thx dis!

TLE clues is down too. or can anyone else get in?

Ahhh, anklebiters, I've got that rash too.. It all makes sense now...

Come on... someone be a hero and post the commercial on YouTube.

Hey Matt!! Smile! I can't see you...


I'm jumping in the car now, I should be in Kentucky by....??

Get some sleep you're gonna need it.

G'night gggrrrrr nation, cuz the ARG seems dead to me.

PPT said, "Hey Matt!! Smile! I can't see you..."


night frosty... will leave a light on for yous

Cuz in your pic you have really white teeth..

Easy she- Frosty's mine.. lol

I guess next time we're told to watch Lost, we should just skip it. That commercial was only a little bit worse than watching Hugh on Jimmy Kimmel.

Umm I know everyone is worried about this whole commercial thing, and I thought it was absolutely stupid, but I'm trying to brag here...


anon.. i will share with you. plenty of frosty to go around i am sure :)

I'm out of here, got to go blow off some steam.

PPT -- What pic?

Sorry she, that was from me.. :)

Thx Lys! I tthink Rachel is playing dumb blonde. If she's smart enough to hack into Hanso's website, how can she be dumb enough to be so obvious?

j- *giggle* like i said, i will share! :)

on myspace

Excellent shedevil. :)

NVMD that was fox....
today has been hard

Did anyone commenting on the Veggies even LOOK at the picture? I know some of you are Veggie Haters, but just check it out, okay? Realize that LOST is invading even children's programming. Scary thought, eh?

Random Theory/Observance:
Did anyone else notice how easy it is to kill the Others? Bash them in the lower back of the skull with a blunt instrument (rock, stick, against a boulder), and they die, instantly.

Also, anyone notice that any Lostie girl who has sex with a guy she's not married to gets shot to death within 24 hours or less?

That's all for now. I think I'll go hunt down my posts that survived the culling. Bye.

PPT -- What on earth are you talking about?!

This is my myspace account:


j- i get him first, my birthday is in 25 minutes

I totally checked it out LYS, that's creeeepy.. lol

I know I know I know I should lay off the pipe but...

But I threw you for a loop EH..

ha! I didn't even notice a new post. That sure does explain the total silence on the other post. heh. Well now I just feel silly.


Here is a transcript of the commercial shown everywhere during LOST.

[An office setting with a Hanso Foundation sign and Thomas Mittelwerk in a lab coat.]

Dr Thomas Mittelwerk
President and Chief Technologist
The Hanso Foundation

Spirited debate, it's the cornerstone of our philosophy at the Hanso Foundation.

We're reaching out to a better tomorrow, and that means listening to our critics, even those who would log unfounded claims in the darkness.

We are confident in our mission. Which is why we invite you to talk about us, discuss our accomplishments and continued progress.

We are here for you.
Thank you, and namaste.

The Hanso Foundation


Hope it can be of some help. :)

lol, lys,I saw it, I had gone to it before but didn't notice it, so I looked a little harder.. that is too funny..

anyone notice the post times are west coast times, even tho I am posting EST times?

[Disclaimer: May come off as offensive to anyone supporting the Hanso Foundation. Please be warned, and namaste.]

It is my opinion that this latest commercial was meant to make reference to the work of Persephone and our involvement while also downplaying us as merely spectators in their game.

Persephone is referenced as logging "unfounded claims in the darkness".

And we are all simply critics and an audience discussing their activities like weak eyes peering out from the darkness only to see ourselves as puppets without power to do anything more than discuss their treachery.

I believe this commercial was a smack to our faces. The community and Persephone together. Making us seem like part of their plan and simply a joke to be shoved off, especially us normal members of the movement.

Will we stand for this insult?
Or will we let it embolden us further to see that there must be -many- faces in the darkness logging more than just our complaints?
Will it make our resolve just that much stronger?

I, for one, am provoked to make that much more of an effort to put an end to them. Are you?

its always done that breezer320.. at least for me is has (I am est also)

Yay it's back! *cheers* and now, the commute home from work

Okay she- I have to wait a month ...

Happy Birthday!!:)(In 15 minutes)

Though, Lys, the Others can certainly jump something fierce. And will we forget about the Lanky Hulk aka Ethan Rom?

That guy was like a tank. I wonder why him and Fenry are so tough but the others get a little rock to the head and they're out.

oh and my personal take on the commercial... was that mulletwork was saying that he knows about Rachel's secret blog... and that they know about ROT and all of it... in other words... it wasn't as NOTHING as it seemed... but that's my opinion.. and who am I?

I'm with you, TTT

oh brother...

Oh brother vex?

Just catching up here.
-So- glad that ITE is back. Horah!

So I was looking around at the title Chief Technologist and I think this is an alright description of one.

From what I have seen so far, "Chief Technologist" is a real position. An interesting title for this "doctor of what".

A Chief Technologist appears to be just about what it sounds. He is the direct voice to the head of the company and the personal advisor and advocate on matters concerning a company's technology policy and programs. This also may designate him as the chief of the board of directors, giving him authority only beneath that of the founder, in this case Alvar Hanso.

Despite our questions of what he is a doctor of and where he went for education, this position seems to indicate that of the most knowledgeable person in the company from an organizational and technological standpoint. So, it appears that in our criticism of him, we may well have been underestimated his perhaps eccentric or subtle brilliance.

A mastermind, one might say.

Kind of interesting.
*shrug* May just be a cover for his monarch rule of THF. The world may never know... until tomorrow. ha

Yeah, J... the blowhard's at it again.

200! Speaker you still haven't talked to me!

Don't I know it.. Appears as though not all of the others can see that though..

Yay, you're back up and running, Speaker!

Okay, TTT.

I'm right there with you--this was a big screw you to all of us who are trying to take them down.

They invite discussion--but they've shut down their site.

So I -want- to do something more. I -want- to blast their hidden crimes into the open.

You got any idea how we -DO- that? Almost everyone who's tried to get us info has vanished/stopped posting/died.

All because, btw, Blake can't be trusted.

Either she's naive, reckless, foolish and so caught up in her vengeance that she can't see and doesn't care if she does the damage she's doing to everyone she touches.


She's the -real- fixer for the Hanso Foundation, working hard to pretend to be naive so she can get info from anyone who wants to break Hanso down--and then making certain they're silenced.

Either way, she can't be trusted any longer.

So what DO we do?

Speaker--stop just remarking on the world of Hanso and help us FIND a way to break them apart once and for all. You got all the Hanso stuff from SOMEWHERE.

Use those skills and get us the truth.

Otherwise, as much as I want to take Hanso down--I'm not currently seeing a way to do it.

Sparrow - how do you do! i'm about to go watch SYTYCD with the wife - hope you have a great evening ;)

OK TTT, you're full of hot air

Great... two of them.

Ok, over at thehansofoundation.org if you don't move your mouse and listen long enough to the sound it gets louder and there is a definate pattern to the sound. Like a code is being transmitted or something. Also if you watch it long enough the words "orienting_test_issue_1989" pop up real fast along with a beep noise. Then you can move your mouse around and the sound persists (before the words if you move the mouse the sound stops). Don't know what this means yet. Anyone got a clue?

TTT: I think that if this is supposed to be a proverbial "Slap in the face" then the next phase of the game will possible take place in the real world. They are already making calls to news sources like speaker here and TLOC. Maybe the next call will be, "Meet me at location X". Come to think of it, Rachel is expecting an invitation to meet Gidgetgirl so maybe something will come up and one of Rachels many followers will have to go in her place. By the way, I am kinda new around this blog so I don't really know anyone yet.

Double OUR trouble..

Final Post for evening. Just like DJ Dan who never really gives us a clue but only supporting information I suspect that tomorrow Gidget Girl will give Ms Degroots daughter, err I mean RB evidence that will then go to... HANSOEXPOSED.com and we will be gerber fed the user (RBlake) and password. I also really think that the pace is about to pick up VERY drastically. Shame I will not be "live" tomorrow only following about 2 miles behind everyone else. (Only one behind me is SPINJA in floridaa with 2.8 days of reading ahead of her.

Final plug for anyone on myspace. Check out MisterFrosty's blog and his VERY warped (althoughI think close) view of where the Canadian group thinks this is going (all due respect to J, PPT and all other igloo dwellers...)


Has -anyone- put the commercial on YouTube yet?

Pretty please?

so uh whats next??

someone over at TLEC has it almost read on YOUTUBE...

Apologies in advancefor the length.

I tried to lay down and this struck me the moment my head hit the pillow.

Happy Birthday, shedevil, this one's for you.

Okay, Theory Time.(We'll call this Ch. 2)

Note the time, please.

'The Numbers and The Valenzetti Equation'

Our fave numbers are everywhere right?

On the hatch, the screen, the radio signal, etc.

The are repeated over and over like a mantra.

I can almost see the Others doing jumping jacks and repeating those numbers over and over as the slip farther into their cult of DeGroot.

That said, Valenzetti.

His equation is said to be similar to The Drake Equation, right?

Which postulates the probabilty of intelligent life is in the universe, by entering certain percentages or probabilities into each step of the overall equation (such as # of planets, % of those with life, etc.)

Without knowing what questions are asked in the Valenzetti equation is it not possible that the Dharma Initiative is going with 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42 as the figures they believe are the right ones.

Meaning that there are six probabilities that need to be answered/entered into the equation to get this ultimate answer.

Needs some work, but...as good as anything else, eh?

Happy Birthday shedevil!! Whoopee..

And MF- Wicked, I love it..You're on to something..


*gulp gulp gulp*

im not as think as you drunk i am

One of the more significant things about the commercial that no one has mentioned:

It proves, without doubt, ABC has NOT pulled the plug on the Experience, nor were they planning to. Now please quit asking about that any more.


So...has Rachel landed in Paris?

THF site doesn't work for me. I couldn't really care less, anyway.
And I'm at least partially with TTT. I take every word in this thing with about a CUP of salt.

As for Mittlewerk's little posturing bit, who cares? If he's good, we don't need to do anything about him, and if he's bad, no one's going to listen to him anyway. THINK, people. I have yet to hear any concrete evidence for or against any one person in this game. It's all riddles in the dark. I will try and keep my theories restricted to the show, not the game.

QUESTION: Has the Hanso Foundation been directly referenced in the show? I can't seem to recall if the Orientation vids mentioned it, or just the DI.

And as far as I know, it is not Speaker's job to give us any new information. I have yet to see him do it. All he is supposed to do is give us a place to find all the bits and pieces from other sites, and make it easier on those of us who can't actually LIVE this game.

That out of the way, I just want to apologize if I come off sounding mean or rude. I'm just very skeptical of pretty much anything that crosses my path. There is Ultimate Truth, but it is obscured by the smoke and mirrors of Half-Truths and Hidden Lies. I don't believe anything in this game just because someone tells me too.

JNL I have my air conditioning on here... oh, sorry thats just the window open...

thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes...

must stumple to bed while is till can
see you later

Lys- I believe THF was directly mentioned in the first Orientation film.

PPT- You have your window open? I just have my fan pointed towards one of the bigger ice blocks. My dog team is asleep so I can keep it cool.

Ha! your cat must like the dogs..

J - Thanks

she - G'night

Lol, yeah, he hates the dog sled team

J & PPT you know I love you both (why is it so cold in here)...

Shedevil - im not as think as you drunk i am
One of my favorite lines

*POOF* for very real!

so is the commercial at the end of the 1st rerun (revelation) or the 2nd one (23rd Psalm)?

gottawatchlost: the 2nd one

THANKS, I'm gonna watch them anyway but just wanted to pay attention and try to record the commercial. It's near the end right?

EST it was about 10:51pm (ya i'm a dork)

Quite right, Lys! You said it really well. We can't just believe anything in the game someone tells us. We must always remain skeptical. Amen to that.

Let's all try saying constructive and/or fun things! Tis a game of entertainment, afterall.

I do believe that the Hanso Foundation was mentioned as a funder of the Dharma Initiative in the Swan Orientation video shown in the show, and then the video at the end was Copyright 1980 to the Hanso Foundation.

That seems to be the tie-in. Please anyone who knows more about the in-show Hanso references help Lys out. :)

buf68, cool thanks for remembering

gotta, you're welcome. I keep track of things for a little lost forum (i'm in charge of keeping up with the game) so ya, I get anal with details sometimes

All kidding asside has anyone checked out the red paperclip guy?? Oneredpaperclip.com this guy got Alice Cooper involved... And today he got the keys to his house..

Got Corbin Burnsen involved too.

Ah! Let's say that there are
4 Dimensions
8 Planets, pre-Pluto
15 minutes in a quarter(1/4, underline 4) hour
16 Personality Types in the Myers-Briggs Classification System
23 Angle of Earth's Axis
42 Duh. The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything!
108 - besides being ALL OVER Eastern Religions, it is (and this is very important, so listen...) the number of stitches on a baseball.

There you have it. The Valenzetti Equation in all its glory.

Lys that's not so much an equation as a list

OK..so, this is what I believe (if anyone wants my opinion)....THF chose everyone on Oceanic Flight 815 because they were either:
1. Good or redeamable: the "good" ones - the ones that (they thought) had good genes; nice people; innocent people (children):
These were the ones on their "list".

2.Unredeamable for one reason or another. (Ana Lucia & others who lost their lives.)

The ones left still have a chance to go either way.

Too simplictic?

Priceless Lys..

A quick correction!

Mittelwerk said
"-lob- unfounded claims"

lob, not log.

So, instead of the less offensive logging of a complaint, I guess Persephone is lobbing complaints with a fast ball. ;)

Or maybe he simply knows about her little purposeful crash into him. At least she sounds more threatening either way.

Leighsa: The equation is already written. TTT postulated that the HF was using The Numbers as factors, without knowing what they represented. Now we know what they represent. :-P

supposedly the video will be here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCGd9XiPXzE

but will take a few mins (thanks to lhorse007 at TLEC)

Just so you know it's really me, I'm usually a day poster, work has DSL, just dial up at home. I saw the commercial...not too interesting. I did read one theory about having us meet the characters in the real world...that would be awesome!!!

Ask Dr. Z.com was a commercial during lost...I just checked it out. It seems a lot like sublymonal.com when it first started...could our next clues come from there? It's a Diamler Chrystler website....jeep.

Well, gotta go, probably won't post again until monday...meetings at work...

He postulates much, but says very little.

Speaker posted "Also, did everyone see that Mittelwerk commercial? The first couple of words cut off for me,"..aka HINT HINT CLUE CLUE keep "Spirited Debate" in mind for next passwords or clues.

Actually I postulated the numbers as factors.:P

The DC headquarters in Auburn Hills michigan has a large picture of Dr. Z and the website AskDrZ.com on it (think HUGE window picture on a building). It has been up for about 2 weeks or so now. So ya, i'm not sure if that will end up being a clue site or not...could just be a promo from DC

Also..Leighsa..I'm surprised you didn't light the Veggie Tales on fire...maybe you mellow out in the evenings...

Just so everyone remembers, those of us on the "Left Coast" (i.e. read California) haven't seen this commercial yet. In a couple of hours, we will have. But for now, it's kind of depressing not having a clue what everyone is talking about. So, I guess I'll go have a beer and feel pointless (once again) for another 90 or so minutes...

i'm in cali also - it's ok if they talk about it - that way I won't miss it.

Walt is the Key: A) I wasn't here I was at work and super busy most of the evening and 2) I haven't caught up yet, posted then went to check email.

Lys: my apologies, I only read your comment and then posted, I hadnt' read everything else yet... *blush*

Well, Monte, at least you know what to look out for and when. We didn't have that chance.

Yeah! I like it!

Spirited Debate!

Great thinking.

A password for tomorrow's clue?

Has www.stophanso.rachelblake.com always gone to the evil red hanso page?

At home no bookmarks so I was trying to remember the site.


Mr. Frosty: "Actually I postulated the numbers as factors.:P" Oops. Sorry. Chalk it up to newbie still trying to learn names.

Leighsa: Apology accepted. You are forgiven wholeheartedly. I myself skip posts that look boring or off-topic. I don't have much patience these days...
*Lys adds Patience to To Do list*

Taking our passwords from Mr. Head Bad Man's mouth isn't something that's been done in the past. This is not to say that they aren't doing that, but if it is, I would look upon that as HIGHLY suspicious.

Good point Distrustful. I have sufficient time, thanks to everyone, now to decide if beer number 2, as well as beer number 1, also is destined to make its maker before said commercial airs..


No worries. Could have been one of TTT's, it WAS long enough.

j/k TTT

Good one Mr. Frosty. So that was the question all along huh Lys. "What's the 6th variable for the Valenzeti Equation". Someone should let the mice now :)

um know not now :D

I loves the typos!

That isn't the only thing suspicious, Distrustful! hm...

Would explain the emphasis on the word, though.
And the commercial's relevance.

Walt is the Key - The Rachel Blog is http://stophanso.rachelblake.com

http://www.[anything].rachelblake.com takes you to the THF front page.

Is someone here from the West Coast? Are you watching the commercials?

so there were no "sublymonal" clues? :)

I'm with distrustful on the password. Why would Mittelwerk give us the password to the stop hanso site? Seems like that would be REALLY suspicious :)

lol. Thanks Mr. Frosty.

I'm in Calif. watching LOST now (Revelation has about 10 more minutes)and I'm watching the commercials.

gottawatchlost -- Pay attention -- it's about to come on.

gottawatchlost -- Wait... I think it aired during the last part of 23 Psalm?

I am from the west coast but I get a cabel channel that broadcasts ABC shows at the east coast time, I am gonna watch at 11 to see the commercial again though. I will post if anything is different.

I thought it was on during 23rd Psalm.

G'night nation.

*official swish*

Anyone know where I could find the comercial?

what channel is lost on, its not on my ABC

Cyborg, the FIRST show is still on right now?

The commercial was certainly relevant on at least a couple of different levels. Just not, perhaps, in the "clue sense" that many people seem to confuse with relevance.

1) They brought out the big guns to say, "Hey, we've got nothing to hide. Come take a look." With sunshine in the background (here's your "sublymonal" connection, Leighsa-- the association of light with goodness and right), Mittelwerk is showing no fear in what's been going on with RB. This is also the first time we've seen a THF rep in a naturally lit official situation.
2) Either it reinforces many people's belief that RB is a plant or it takes the other side and means they're addressing something they have concerns with. But either way, it means it's relevant.


so the audio on hanso site sound like a big ship & wants to drone me to sleep...

Distrustful, thanks for saying what I meant to say... :) way up there somewhere... it was relevant in my opinion for not just the reasons you stated but also in a "we know you're talking, we're watching you" type of way.

I'm in calif. i'm watching it on ABC.

but Dis,...we saw RB run into Mittlewerk outside in daylight!

Ya it is on 23rd psalm.. so in about 50 mins..

I'm deathly afraid of that lighter of yours, Leighsa. ;) That's why I try and help so much.

...natural light...

breezer, that's why I said "official" situation. The hip-check incident does not count as official.

dude your abc is messed up then... flick around..

OK gotcha

Also, (and I'm mildly inebriated so excuse me if I'm way off here) is it not possible that this is a way to say, we know about your "dark places" (Rachel's "secret blog")
so tomorrow when Rachel gets abducted in France... TM will have put together the Crazy chick that randomly ran into him in the street... with the crazy chick blogging away.

Not sure if this is valid or not, but the Admin from TLEC just posted that this showed up at their gmail account:

From: Persephone persephone@thehansofoundation.org

Mailed-By: ss71.shared.server-system.net

To: thelostexperienceclues@gmail.com

Date: Jul 12, 2006 8:44 PM
Subject: Help me

Help me. 2 post ago I was taken that is not the real me they erased my files and hacked my site. Ironic, the hacker gets hacked. Please don\'t believe her. Got to run....

so do we have to go rescue RB?

That's interesting dharmachick

Interesting, dharmachick. If she was abducted two posts ago, WHY did we get the link to her phone call with GG?

it's been all but proven too. The IP addresses and server information all match the in-game stuff

It's valid.

ss71.shared.server-system.net appears to be within mediatemple.net -- which has connections to the Hanso Foundation website.

No, breezer, we let her rot. And tell her later, if she lives, (we can always hope) that our computers got hacked and we didn't get the message.

Speaker should chek his Gmail account

Although if that email is true, it sheds new light on the commercial.

As a note, mediatemple.net is a hosting service. A big one.

Just because the email came from there does NOT mean it's necessarily legit.

I know a ton of LA companies that use that hosting service.

I didn't want to say this this morning when we got the "recording" but I didn't think that sounded like rachel... similar but not her... but I thought I was just high and should stfu

Leighsa - high this morning? Nothing like a W&B... sister from another mister..

no I mean, leftover from the night before.. LOL... I literally listened to that thing 45 seconds after rolling out of bed...

Wow you are a committed fan...

gosh I forgot how much I really enjoyed and am enjoying the 23rd Psalm episode of LOST.

Okay, time for me to get some zzz's. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me.


Wait a tick... TWO posts ago? So someone ELSE wrote that blathering moronic post about the hacker getting hacked??? Too farfetched. I don't think anyone can imitate Blakeisms that well. Either something would have made sense or... Well, something would have made sense is the kicker there, I suppose. That's also the "name-dropping" post, so if you were named... THEY know who you are. Bwahahahahaha. (Glad my name wasn't there.) ;)

I think the fact that it was the name-dropping post might be precisely the point. If THF has replaced Rachel, what better way to ensure continued loyalty than by giving a shout out to her commenters?

OH that would be classic Distrustful! If tHF went after the people named in the blog... *dies*

Well crap. I don't know what to believe now. This is quite a predicament.

I agree that the GG and Rachel phone call may have been faked due to evidence of a different accent for GG and Rachel sounding almost digitized.

Still, it just doesn't feel right. The LOST Experience Clues is not affiliated with the game besides their one time aid to SaveJoop under special circumstances. Wouldn't it make more sense to send to Speaker, or the LOSTNinja, OtherGirl, even DJ Dan?

This just feels too unofficial. The IPs seem to pan out, but we have some really intelligent people playing this game.

Maybe the "Faux Persephone" will make a statement in response.


FP: "No, I'm the real Persephone!"
P: "No, I am!"
FP: "I am, silly!"
P: "Of course it's me!"

Mittelwerk: *shoots them both*

MtP... bad news, bud. You were named.

*howling laughter in background*

You've just opened a can of weirdness

Now the commercial seems more relevant if Rachel was taken (did ne one else notice at the beginning of that email she said something like "they took me" and then later on she says something like "i'm on the run now"?)

Generally speaking, if I'm following the pieces of conversation properly, Mittelwerk told us to go ahead and discuss THF because he knows THF itself has now secretly taken over the online discussions, and can steer them to its own purposes.

Which would also fit with Rachel being gone and impersonated, and P sending out emails saying Rachel's blog isn't her anymore.


Poop, no one cares enough to come after me.


Yeah, MtP. It is a real pickle. :\

We can't quite run to any conclusions of black or white yet. I remember some people fretting that the last Rachel post was possibly a fake, though. It would also explain her absense.

I wonder if the missing ROT agents have anything to do with this.

All just seems very strange to send to TLEC. They are not in-game. But... maybe in-game is a restriction we improperly make. Maybe anything is up for grabs.

A neat idea IF true.

But a long way to go without better confirmation.

I wish it didn't have that part about 2 posts ago in there, cuz then it'd mean that Rachel isn't persephone

Well, b!X, I'm not sure about anyone else, but if THF thinks to fit me with a bit and try to ride me, they're in for a hard time of it.

www.stophanso.com is live!

Another question for you all... HOW did she send an email if they've got her? Anyone want to tackle that?

oh my I'm tired. I wish this commercial would hurry up.

Oh, and that Youtube commercial link is a go.

I'm not even going to touch that one.... Leighsa, set him on FIRE...

Is www.stophanso.com really in game?

stophanso.com is also dead...redirect to thf.com

Rachel has super email power built into the side of her head...

She can email from anywhere

Cadfile-ummm what is that site?

PPT, here have the lighter, you do it. :)

Ah, but Leighsa, is it super-triple-secure???

Oh, Never mind. I confused stophanso.com with hansoexposed.com

My bad :)

With Pleashaaahh...

*shakes fist*
Damn you Cadfile!

Distrustful: it's RB, of course not.

um.. Sorry!


*flaming tumbleweed*

Where did everyone go?

Well, has anything been forthcoming from the West Coast commercial?

i'm here. watchin lost and waitin for the commercial.

they went to make waffles... oh wait that was me.

It's on Youtube for those not on the West Coast.


i think it is at the next commercial break

B!x, if you're reading this, he posted the headers and is waiting for a response.

Any time now for west coasties

commercial just on. I didn't see anything but hey you never know what we might need to know tomorrow.

Just aired on the West Coast, but I had seen it two minutes before on YouTube, so now I've seen more Mittlewerk than I ever want to see again.

G'night all - If someone posts as me in the next couple of hourse - well, you know the drill!


Speaker- We wait for you to delete their comments in the morning?

OK -- West Coast just got the commercial. First impression - for someone who was just in Italy, Thomas Mittelwork could really use some fashion sense. I am convinced that tie is a clue...

Speaker likes to ghost.

*sets mullethead's tie in fire*

So this email... fake or legit?

I'm leaning heavily toward fake.

Do you think Speakers spelling mistakes are clues?

^on... whoops

Dis: fake I think
but hope it's real *evillaugh*


*leaves with flame trail*

I think Speaker's spelling mistakes are a reflection that the guy has a right to go to sleep...

well that's it for tonight for me - i'm off for some zzzzzzz's. see ya all tomorrow - maybe we'll have a new clue. (I hope so)

Having just watched it on the WC (and seen the youtube), it really -is- a strange, strange choice for a commercial right now.

It just seems like it's saying, "there's nothing you can do to stop us. We're the good guys, so bite us."

I know thats my problem..
*splat* ouch.. let me try that again..

LOL, UnseenPresence. Well said.

I can stop him. I used to want a date with Rachel Blake. Now, I have a new agenda. I want to stop pony tailed misanthropes from displaying ugly ties under white smocks, for fear that it will become the the next thing that Paris Hilton foists on us all...

Not that I dislike Paris, mind you. I think her Internet videos are quite memorable, actually.

Mittelwerk, you haven't seen the last of Matt the Pale... even if you are one of "the good guys" -- I don't care: I'll wipe that smug grin off your face so fast, you won't even have time to say "Namaste."

And as for any people here who work for ABC... I truly regret that I wasted my time watching for Mittelwerk's ugly mug, when I could have better spent it watching "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" on TNT.

And for the record:

TNT does a much better job than you at converting Stephen King's work for television.

Do we know which stories we missed, MtP?

lol MtP -- umm, let us REALLY know how you feel about your TV remote decisions tonight. ;-)

Battleground and Crouch End

Matt, what are you talking about? The Shining remake was AWESOME

*rolls eyes*

Of the ones they filmed, I HAD to miss the Lovecraftian one.

If anyone here missed the remake of "Salem's Lot" that TNT did, it was really a treat. Very faithful, and the stuff that they added was tastefully done and quite creative!

With all the concern over people accidently leaking spoilers I thought I'd go ahead and spoil EVERYTHING and that way everyone can go ahead and bitch to their hearts content and when they are through we can finally stop worring over it. This is a really long post. Sorry about that but ALOT happened.

*****Ultimate Spoiler****

At the end of season 2 Libby is preggers with Hugo's baby. Claire's baby boy Aaron dies, presumably from the sickness that Desmond was so worried about. Charlie goes blind after enjecting himself with a bad batch of the Dharma 'vaccine'. Anna Lucia kills Micheal after sleeping with Jack. Turns out she was brainwashed and is working for the others. Walt wanders into camp looking for his dad. He accidently kills Vincent with his supper mind powers and while the rest of the losties are burrying Micheal and Vincent a boat arrives carrying... Alvar Hanso. Atleast I think it's Alvar Hanso. We never find out for sure.

In the finale, Eko dreams his brother tells him to stop John Locke from pressing the button. John locks(hehe) Eko out of the hatch when he realizes what Eko is trying to do. Eko uses some dynamite from the Black Rock to try anf blast the door open and he accidently kills himself, John and destroys the computer in the process. When the countdown reaches zero a bright light engulfs the island and when it fades we realize that we are looking at a snow globe.

The globe is held by an autistic boy. It turns out everything that happened was imagined by him.... Or possibly he was seeing what's happening on the real island by focusing on the golbe. I am going with the latter since there is obviously a 3rd season on the way.

There you go. Now we don't have to worry about posting spoilers anymore. Everybody knows it all


Earlier my typepad (I think that's what it's called that posts the comments) was down for hours! I'm so glad it's up again! I just saw the Mittelwerk commercial during LOST. I think maybe THF site will be up soon because of his ad.

Distrustful -- Don't worry, the one we're really not going to want to miss is "The End of the Whole Mess" ... or maybe "You Know They got a Hell of a Band."

Personally, I'd rather see two other short stories made into movies:

"Ten O'Clock People" and "Home Delivery." Maybe even "The Mist." Oooh! And "The Long Walk"!

MtP, you don't have a tivo or DVR?

amlocke -- I ain't made of money! I'm a poor college student! :(

Gotcha. I remember those days vividly.

Well... I am about to pass out. Good night, good people!

Has anyone figured anything out from the noises on THF page when you dont move your mouse?

hmm, looks like it may be that the testing video was removed or soemthing of the like. Listening a second time (and actually watching it this time) something about the orientation flashes and goes away quickly.

Fox - That was a while back, I think...if you listened to it for a while then there was a beep, and it flashed a few words onto the screen and it led us to a new video. I'm trying to find the link in my bookmarks, since Lostpedia's still down...

ahhhhhhh alright. Yeah i never visit THF since it went down really unless someone already points me there =D


Ah, there it is. Or here:


We had to add those words to the Hanso URL to get the video.

I'm the same way, I haven't visited THF in ages, unless someone mentions it here and gives me a reason to look. :)

yeah i remember the video, but i thought finding it was a little diffrent. Didnt hear the sound before (probably had my speakers low or off) oh well, that explains it.

Anyone think that TM looked a lot thinner in the face tonight than he did in RB's vid?

Pam - I thought TM looked plumper and healthier. Maybe that full blood transfusion really helped.

So... if that e-mail to TLEC is actually real... how do we beat the impostor Rachel Blake?

Rachel Fake is a true problem if real.

"Rachel Fake is a true problem if real."

That's funny

Glad to see this place is back and running again. Assuming that it was shutdown by someone maybe it was the same person who hacked Rachel if indeed that is real. Also curious to find out more about this phone call to Speaker and also TLEC about watching tonight's episode.

Also another quick note, why wasn't Ninja and The Other Girl shutdown as well.

i've tried to get the new audio, but it wont take my password...
i know it's:
but nothing seems to happen. any ideas? i think the Hanso Foundation has stopped it...

For those of you who cannot load the video. I decided to take a screen capture for you all.


This pretty much sums up the whole thing. So you dont really need to watch it.

BigDog - Sadly, though I think it would be cool to give blame to the Hanso Foundation, it really looks like TypePad simply crashed today for a few hours. That stopped ITE from getting any new posts.

Then Myspace was under maintenance for a little while so people thought it was something but it came back up pretty quickly.

The Lost Experience Clues was oddly marked as a spam blog by a blogger admin, but that was quickly enough resolved as well.

And finally LostPedia fell victim to another fool deleting it out of some attempt to be an idiot and screw with us. Luckily it also came back.

So, it really appears like a day of unfortunate mishaps, but none appeared in any way official or in-game. Just very coincidental and strange.

Thanks Fox:)

TTT, Your rallying cry over at the rachel blog was quite moving...but what can we actually do to fight back against Mittlewerk?

phew nice to see the boards up again ....... quite a nice little passwoird if true....... but why would mittlewerk tip us to a pssword ?

or is this a trap for us ???

Everyone...I HACKED THE HANSOEXPOSED SITE....if you go there now, it will mirror the Hanso site. The proper combination to enable the site appeared to be:

user: tmittlewerk
password: spiriteddebate

This had to be entered 3 times, once that was done, the site changed.

Been in and out of this game for a while now, and something changed for me a minute ago-I was getting the UID and pw promt from hansoexposed.com, and now it's a redirect to the shutdown THF. There seems to be a concensus on this being in-game, (at least in the last thread here) and I just wondered if anyone else had exp'd the same. And, clearing my cache didn't change anything.

Susan - I seemed to have cracked it open.

Well, the pw prompt was interesting at least-now we get the redirect again.

it tells me that we're due some interesting things over the next few days...

Not much going on now that the clue discussion has waned. Now just some talk of hansoexposed.

Personally gives me the willies. Hanso Exposed just sounds like a bad centerfold of an old man.


So, -anyway-, if anyone wants to see Mittelwerk with a transcript of his commercial in a save-able picture form, this is for you:


Hope you enjoy.

Now, I better get some rest.

Goodnight everyone.

Remember, the more you know!

I have not needed to enter anything.
It has just redirected me straight to the 'hacked'site

What If this new area assuming 'spirited debate' is a password for that is a trap.

Not for RB/P but us,
Think about it we have been encouraged by Mullet boy to talk about them if we do it on there terms they can trace our own movements as far as I.P addresses go and therefore could attempt to stop the mass audience from spreading the 'rumours'
Obviously this could only be implemented with in game sites but would be a cool twist.

Mittlewerk is all talk he wouldn't have the balls to come knocking at my door.

but its plausible that they could attempt to censor us ?

they could pick us off one by one.
we would end up not being able to post here (which yes would be very annoying )
they could effectively hack 'our' sites

TPTB would not censor us i dont think. They need as much publicity as they can get.

anythings plausible with these guys

I think it maybe that RB if a fraud is trying to draw P out of hiding ?

wow the last 500 posts last night magically disappeared...

maybe thats the start ?

we can talk about them all we like but they will end up worse off they could even send trolls in ?

so daz talk theories with me i like talking theories.

I cant really talk too in deep on theories as have not seen 2nd half of season 2,

but.........my personal hunch is that P has been working covert during act 2,
and RB is either her stooge or a hanso plant used to bring Persephone and/or us out into the open so they know who they are dealing with.

To what ends im not sure
im convinced one of the two GG or RB will take a bullet at this rendezvous in Paris my money is that GG will be bumped and RB will show her true colours,
Which would basically make WOLFE right all along about not being able to trust her.

Hey does anyone around here listen to the TLEC podcasts?

If so, I was wondering if there is anyway to get the joop songs in mp3?

Thanks in advance.

how come THF site plays that weird sound like a plane with the seat belt sign coming on until you point your curser in the actual window and it restarts im listening to it now and im in this window and it sounds crazy

after 108 seconds of the noise a message pops up it was a prompt for an old clue, if you move the mouse its starts from scratch.

*pops off to get a 360*

oh i never heard it before thats all.but there must be smoiun new there why do all those other sites suddenly point there....where are we supposed to debate what mitre-works is talkin about is he guidin us to a site...and why is there no receptionist.... and why does the HF office look like the set from a porno...

Lost_grrl - The best way for us to strengthen our effort is to shuck off our prejudices and embrace everyone in the effort. We can't silence any voices, nor should we mock newcomers.

The only way to beat megalomaniacal hippies is fight fire with fire.

They are organized and take whatever opportunities they get, using even the seemingly unsavory in the process.

As a community, we must rally together to show support for kindness with all judgment saved up for our wrath upon the Hanso Foundation, not eachother.

All great movements are not crushed; they destroy themselves.

We cannot let that happen. The best way to spit in the face of Mittelwerk is to show him that his mocking us only makes our resolve that much stronger and our community more unified against them.

It may not be here yet, but I feel it. I feel that if we really come together, more opportunities will open up for our involvement and direct participation in the work being done. They formed the ARG due to public demand and unity. They will react if we truly stop our petty squabbling and become unified.

That is what I believe.

is there any way to get the un and password for hansoexposed.com back?

So. Whats-a-happening?

Daz, you getting an X-Box 360?

HurleyR - Download a copy of the free audio editing program "Audacity" (google it) then truncate the end of the podcast with the song and select "save as". Or failing that just email TLEC admin and ask if the origional mp3 is around somewhere.

pondering ........
*paces up and down wondering whether or not to spend money ive not got*

friend is on xbox live im well impressed by it

need girlfriends permission 1st lol

daz save your money for NYC you'll need it...LOL

I just love this video. It makes me happy when I am sad.



I just love this video. It makes me happy when I am sad.



lmao that did raise a smile

Australian episode screening in about half an hour. i wonder whether we will get a different hanso advertisement.

I have an anon stalker whooooo scary stuff.......

good suggestion though anon

lol not stalker just a lurker lol

pick a name lurker. so we can remember you in the future.

put down a name, join the community you know you want to lol

*girlfriend says no ) : *

dont worry daz spend the money on your trip, or why not buy games for your pc. consoles go out of fashion very quickly.

Yeeks. I just saw the video. If Mittlewerk is the end result of home-schooling...creepy. And why do mad scientists always don a lab coat?
That should quiet ALL our fears.

Oh! And Good Morning, All.

catch you all later

if you add any kind of subdirectory name to www.hansoexposed.com such as
/rblake you get the login box back
There is definitely something going on on that site as a few hours ago I tried
www.hansoexposed.com/images/ and just got a 'not authorised' message, now I get the login box again.

good morning folks! How are we all on this fabulous zuday eve???

Hi, Hi, Brian-Big day today, maybe?
Gotta go 4 now.

*girlfriend says no ) : *

Posted by: daz uk | July 13, 2006 at 03:02 AM

LOL Daz is whipped :)

daz uk - 'girlfriend says no' as in 'computer says no' ?!?!

Morning All... Ok, question - Unless I misread the posts earlier, are we supposed to be able to use tmittlewerk and spiriteddebate for the hansoexposed site? I'm not getting anywhere with it if that's the case... Thanks!

I'm not getting anything either with that name and password, after trying 3 times I just get a "not authorized" page.

OK Stripes, you're getting the same thing I'm getting then... Thought I was the only one...

still no info about last nights commercial?

Wow, it's quiet this morning...

*finds tumbleweeds #108 and #42 have had babies and runs off to tag them...*

While I am VERY suspicious of the email to TLEC and don't know how "real" it is, I think it would explain the downtime on RB's website... Took them a couple of days to think of something to post on her website for all of us?

I know people have questioned TLEC being the one to get an in game email, but they also seem to have gotten the phone call that Speaker got, so why not?

*peeks in*

The commercial bothered me - if Mittlewerk wanted people to engage THF, why isn't the site back up? Why wasn't contact information shared?

Good morning all!

Back to work for me...


:-) Morning!!

Morning all!

Happy ZuEve!

ZuEve - when all the children dress as their favorite zupets and go door to door seeking treats, sweets and Lost Experience Clues

I still can't get lostpedia to work... is anyone else having this problem?

Good morning Skirtz!

Good morning everyone!

*gives hugs to all, and gets out breakfast foods - cereals, muffins, etc.*


*waves bye*

Have to work.



Angel - Actually now that you mention it I can't get it to show up either...

BTW, thanks for the breakfast, :-)

Skirtz - it keeps telling me i've been timed out.

Angel - I get "the page cannot be displayed" error

Good morning everyone. I am home from work and off to bed. I hope Rachel doesn't post before I wake up. Wouldn't want yall figure out gidgetgirl's message before I even get a crack at it

But I gotta sleep sometime.


You think Gidget's package will tell Rachel how to acess hansoexposed.com?

Nighty Night All

*sings cadfile a lullaby*

Mittelwerk doesn't seem to be limping as much as he was when Rachel bumped into him, though he is still quite bow-legged.

gotta pop out for a bit..

see ya later folks :)

Bored bored bored bored bored!!!!!

ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto...

and I'm not finding any excitement doing my laundry either!

hi everyone
i'm sorry if someone has already asked this but aint got time to read through all the posts. Is lostpedia still down, or is it just my pc being stupid?

Hi Evie... Seems Angel and I are still having problems also

Anyone still here?

Skirz & Evie... I feel much better knowing that it's not just my hunk of junk that isn't working.

Beebear... yup, here, present and accounted for...

I keep on refreshing RB's page (and this one too) every two seconds hoping for a post :)

Morning all! damn Mittlewerk is one creepy dude, glad i didn't waste 2 hours of my life waiting for that last night.

I'm hoping we get a little more info today.

Good morning, all!

So did anyone else have nightmares about Mittlewerk talking to them in their livingrooms?

No joke seth, no joke... CREEPY

he kinda looks like a molester, i wonder if he drives a van?

lol @ Seth. I can see that!

creepy, creepy guy... especially when he's trying to be nice.

was tm's ponytail gone? his eyes sure are freaky!

probably one of those big old vans with the Spade shapped windows all blaked out with a few doors and the hood a different color from the rest of the van. "Do you vant some candy little boy?"

You know, the weird thing is that we haven't seen or heard any overtly evil stuff from him on camera yet.

Has anyone tried to get onto TLEC? Is it me, or is their site down again?!

I'm on it now americanpi

anan-yeah, but you can just see the evil in his eyes and ponytail.

Americanpi - I'm on it too... lostipedia is still down though.

Gud monin all!

Americanpi - I'm on it too... lostpedia is still down though.


mornin' harcar

mornin' harcar

morning harcar....

Good morning Harcar


But we can't tell if someone is "evil" or a "child molestor" just by looking at them. Don't need a little more proof that Mittelwerk is actually up to bad stuff? Like... documents with his signature on it, or maybe an audio or video of him committing a crime.

Here's what Rachel has told us about Mittelwerk:

1. Doesn't have a degree. (Not a crime.)
2. Drives an electric car. (Not a crime.)
3. Is a vegetarian. (Not a crime.)
4. Researches maps. (Not a crime.)
5. Cures cancer. (Not a crime.)
6. Got a totally awesome ponytail. (Not a crime.)
7. Smells like pine trees. (Not a crime.)

So what's the big deal?

(Just playing devil's advocate here.)

OK.. I'm in now too. Site is updated, maybe I was trying to get on then.

Thank you Skirtz and Angel

To practice medicine without a degree IS a crime.


Well, that depends on the laws of the country that you are in.

In some countries, homeopathic remedies (read: pseudo-medical treatment) can be practiced without a license, but I believe that in most countries you do need a license to practice for certain things ilke surgery, prescribing medicine, etc.

morning all

but matt, can those people legally call themselves "doctors" ??

The stuff going on at Vik HAS to be a crime, no?

last night's commercial was so strange... at first i thought 'wtf?'
however, i must say i am now persistantly searching for a clue and rereading/watching/listening to old clues and sites to see if there is something we've missed. Perhaps that is what the commercial was meant to do?

also, i have noticed a lot more people have started second guessing the credibility of ms. RB and the evilness of THF. seems like the commercial did a good job of raising some eyebrows. Mittlewerk invites us to discuss THF. which is what has been going on since the airing of the commercial!

So, anyone find a use for that commercial last night? lol

harcar -- That depends on the country and region. So far as I know, there are a lot of bad consequences in the United States (varies from state to state) for calling yourself a doctor when you are not: fraud, impersonation, and if someone taking your advice dies or is seriously injured, you could faces charges of murder or attempted murder.

In New York, for example, it is a felony to pretend to be a medical doctor.

However, that only applies in the cases of medical doctors -- Mittelwerk only claims to be a doctor, and so he may some other kind of degree (or claim to), but so far as I know, it is not illegal to pretend to be have a PhD, but it is illegal to pretend to be a medical doctor.

that ponytail SHOULD be a crime!

lol at seth :)

and questioning RB's credibility is not neccessarily admitting to THF's innocence, for all we know she could be impersonating P and is a mole for THF.

look out, it's the fashion police!

I think there has to be more to that commercial. Why would TM tell us to discuss THF but not give us a place to do it where they could see the feedback?

I believe that if one pretends to have credentials he has not earned and is hired on that basis, then it is fraud and a crime anywhere on this planet.

Yeah i dont think the Doctor thing is right. But in a way it is like Mr Eko practising as a priest.

We're already discussing it and have been since early May. We don't need his permission or his website to do so.

Tresbien: Only if you make money from it fraudulently... would that still count if the company hired him anyway, or he started claiming the credentials after he was hired? >_> Wouldn't someone kind of have to *accuse* him of fraud, like... THF?

Morning all...
slow time at work this morning. I was so hoping to come on this morning and find that there was a new password or new site or post or something... Had plans last night and didn't get to watch the commercial...

that's what i would say tresbien - FRAUD in big bright neon sign letters.

eko was ordained by his brother wasn't he?

No, I don't think you're right Matt. Of course, if the company doesn't care that you've misrepresented yourself then they wouldn't take legal action. But that would affect the company's/organization's credibility to have a senior executive lie about his credentials. They'd be a laughingstock in the real world and would terminate that person. If you get a salary, you are earning money fraudulently, correct?

Good Morning (or afternoon, evening, night) everyone!
I thought it was just me that couldn't read or post anymore yesterday *whew*

I thought it was cool to get the commercial but at the same time disappointed that it was what all the hype was about. I had it on video(in case I missed what we were supposed to be watching for) and I re watched it a few times. I am inclined to agree that there is something there that dosent make sense yet because we don't have all the pieces. At least I hope so.

seth - i agree with you. by all means i do not believe THF is innocent. my point was in relation to the purpose of the commercial last night.
imo, the commercial was meant to spark conversation. MittleVerk pretty much said: we're not evil, go ahead and discuss us...

i DO think that other clues are in the works for us soon... seems very much like they are setting the stage for some good stuff..

hi tybee! i thought i got booted for forgetting to type
everytime i posted

mtp- a crime is still a crime even if you have not been accused of it

lol harcar, I was kinda wondering that too yesterday

It seemed to me like the commercial was also partially to explain why they had aired commercials that mentioned websites that are trashing them.

Tresbien said, "If you get a salary, you are earning money fraudulently, correct?"

Yes, that's right -- you're stealing from the company through willful misrepresentation. However, if the company that's hired you decides that they want to keep you, then they don't have to press charges, and you can keep claiming to have those credentials. I'm saying perhaps this is what Mittelwerk has done... And in the game, Hanso's reputation would not immediately suffer because most other companies and persons in the world don't know that Mittelwerk isn't a doctor -- except us of course, because we know otherwise.

So it's illegal, but since the company doesn't want to press charges, nothing is going to be done about it?

well all, i am off to meet some friends for my bday lunch!

see everyone later!

*skipping away*

I really hope that airing that commercial will mean the the THF website will be back up soon.

Yes, that's what I said but you have to agree that if it's true he has no degree whatsoever and it becomes public knowledge the Hanso Foundation Board of Directors would demand his resignation. It would be a terrible scandal if found out, and the best way to handle such things is to take responsibility for the error quickly and move on.

i also think that having all of the major discussion boards related to TLE being down last night is a clue of some sort, either that or they just wanted to stir the pot a bit.

I can't get into hansoexposed.com useing tmittlewerk and spiriteddebate. I tried 3 times and nada! What am I doing wrong???

I agree with an earlier post. I think the commercial was telling us the THF is reading the posts on RBs site, and possibley others. I think they want to play up the fact that all the websites have been compromised by our favorite evil megacorp.

Colleen... You're not doing anything "wrong". The login box is actually real. Meaning you aren't supposed to get in.... yet.

Tresbien -- Yes, I agree, but (un?)luckily for us the ARG doesn't work like the real world. :D

I dunno, for this blog it was the site software from SixDegrees that was down, and it was down for all of their stuff.
And Lostpedia is still down.

I was worried! I didn't have anything to do (my mom was happy) without this working!

Good morning all. Yesterday my hard drive crashed. Had to go out and buy a new one then spend hours loading and installing my OS adn countless programs back in. I swear THF was behind it all. lol j/k. As I had pretty much everything backed up I had no great losses but the real pain is redoing all my favorited websites. I had 180+ so that is going to take awhile, even if I can remember them all. hahaha

dharmachick- coincidence? i think not! imo RB is a rat, a damn dirty rat.

How else did we expect THF and MittleVerk to respond to the attack. Did we expect Tom to post secret blogs and hidden podcasts. THF has resourses that allow it to respond by using commercials and sending poor actors on Jimmy Kimmel. I been wondering why Tom and the other HansoFoundation bigwigs had not responded to the attacks. I think its about time we heard something from them.

lauren-that certainly does suck! i had one fried by lightning a few years ago and lost everything.

thats why I keep all of my important stuff on a diff computer and have an external hard drive for back up...hope you get it all fixed up

Open Letter to Captain Planet

Final Words Allow me to say one more thing. If you are going to take the time to sit down and critique the work that I have done on this website, I please ask that you do it politely and in a way such that it cannot be misinterpreted as insulting, snide, and haughty.
"I finished it- but look I'm not trying to be mean or anything- and while your arguments are good- all we have on either side of the debate is assumption and circumstance except that RB says she is P and we don't know if we can trust what she says so that is really no more help than any of the guesses and rationalizations we are making". Anything can be misinterpreted any way someone wants to see it- especially without the social and verbal context that is missing in IM. You don't take perceived personal criticism well apparently and were looking for it to be a personal attack but it wasn't. Your over-exaggerated fight or flight response is not my fault.

That should be common courtesy, of course, but some people have to be reminded of that.
Yes indeed, they do- allow me to refresh your memory. Tuesday you said ‘stop patronizing me’ and I replied that I wasn't patronizing, as that was not my intention, and your response was "F_ _ _ YOU", the rest of our private messages went quickly down hill from there, and you are saying to people that I insulted YOU first? No- you didn't like what I was saying but I was not saying it impolitely (regardless of how you may have looked for it to be that), in fact I went out of my way to couch everything I said to you in all sorts of platitudes so that you wouldn't feel you or your work were being attacked personally since that was not the intention and that is also why I took our discussion out of the conference so that you wouldn't feel put on the spot in front of an audience.

I know you see it as all about you but frankly I was viewing it as the broader arena of comparing the pro RB=P camp to the anti RB=P set of theories and not you personally as frankly that work is the fruit of countless discussions with your ‘friends’ and ‘teammates’ and embodies more than you alone, but once you are put on a high enough pedestal perhaps you forget those of us in your shadow.

Furthermore, if you do decide to argue against the points that I've presented, please also present your logical reasoning behind your disagreement. After all, you cannot just claim that something is wrong; you must also explain why it is wrong.
"the only point that I am trying to prove is that while we are entitled to our opinions- so far that is all they are- no matter how well based on our perceptions and deductions they might be". So you see I didn't say you were wrong I was only pointing out that your arguments- while good ones, are still unfounded on factual evidence. I also said: "I'm just trying to play devil's advocate- nothing more- and I could do it on either side because there are gaps big enough to drive a semi truck through". I am unresolved as to which side of the debate I will come down on so there was no intent to persuade you to change your mind only to keep an open mind, and not just you but the team as a whole. I wasn't attacking your work just trying to use it as a medium for reminding our group not to get too attached to any one idea just yet because the jury is still out. And furthermore- 'this assertion is not based on factual evidence' seems pretty darn logical to me.

And are you not accusing me of the same thing I mistook from you on Tuesday? I had the impression that this article was being presented as your proof and approached my reading of it from that standpoint. I jotted down my first impressions trying to see it from the point of view of the other side and find flaws. As a proof it would be unprovable and entirely flawed. As your outline of your mental reasoning behind your opinion it is understandable. I thought we cleared that up in our private conversation right before it all went down the drain. Your ‘rebuttal’ centers on the presumption that I was doing the same- trying to prove what can not yet be proved; making your ad hominen attack all the more insidious because I state over and over in conference as I have quoted that that was precisely not what I was doing. Thus making you appear all the more unreasonable that you chose such a public affront as your approach.

I am open to disagreement on the work that I've done here, and in fact, the better the argument that someone presents to me, the more likely I am to believe them or change my mind. Take the criticism.
First as I said I wasn't attacking your work- your work is good (in as much as it is your work and you are not the secretary for a wider collaboration- no man is an island) but that still doesn't make it based on hard evidence just because you are adamant that you are right.
Criticism I take- cursing gets you ignored and incivility will not be abided. That’s why I stopped responding to you on Tuesday- I’m not going to sit there while you curse at me because you have imagined some slight against you. Today it is much less imaginary as I have been the object of your venom that I wholly contend was unwarranted.

And, my final words on the subject: since you want to drag private disagreements out into public forums, I’ve responded in kind. At least this way you can't misrepresent my comments as they are now for the greater community to see. And you'll get an apology when you take it down and I get one from you because stick and stones, little man, sticks and stones.

With the kindest regards you're due,
'Bad Logic Girl'

Adept Breed

what the hell was that SH*t about?


Ummm i didn't post that, SOMEONE is posting under my name!

LOL, I was just about to ask the same thing whocares..

what the heck is going on? and who were you referring to ANON?

once again, why do i awaken to RAAAGE

Somebody needs therapy.

LOL, I was just about to ask the same thing whocares..

what the heck is going on? and who were you referring to ANON?

Nicole, If I remember right (trying to jumpstart what few braincells I have remaining) I think someone was referring to Matt the Pale as Captain Planet a few days ago, best to just ignore that rant anon posted

someone needs some fresh air and sunshine, maybe a week spent laying on the beach

sorry for the double post

logicgirl, they weren't posting as you.... they were ending the type to you, in other words, whoever wrote that up there, was writing it to you.

So there's no new site for us to go to, huh?

Just when ya think you've caught up....bizaaro world.

*goes to shower heatwave and work day off*

See ya later.

I'm assuming that it was the result one of those "there's no clue, lets attack each other" fights.

These people knwo this is only a game right? Its going to be all right. I dont think any of us have an idea what the whole thing was about ANON.

Bad Logic Girl

Tell me something. How does:

"I am open to disagreement on the work that I've done here, and in fact, the better the argument that someone presents to me, the more likely I am to believe them or change my mind."


"you are adamant that you are right."


dharmachick lol i was gonna say the same thing

all too frequent the past few days

Captain Planet=Matt the Pale

Brian posted a pic of CP and said it was matt yesterday.

is this like some website administrator? bad logic girl, you got ties with the internet mob? lol WHAT IS THE DEAL, I can't even eavesdrop cuz I don't know what's going on lol

wow - I'm all for discussion and disagreement, but that was a bit much... Now of course, was it really the person responding to MtP or was it someone causing trouble??

Adept Breed

Agreed, bravo.

Now there is a fight w/them all posting anon...

please stop?

Why is this an ANON post. Hell if someone if flinging sh*t they should at least let us see who the are. Then again it's probley best not to get involved.
Bravo Leader LOL I agree if this had some context I could at least know what the hell its about.

ok I'm going to just make believe this isn't going on... anyone have any ideas about what GG is going to give RB today??

Hey All,

My suggestion is that you don't stoke the flames on this thing.

You have no choice but to read it, but don't comment on it.

It will only make it worse.

Please... I'm begging you.

Can you do anything about this ANON war BS like post there IP or something.

Skirtz, my guess is RB won't be receiving a package. She's gonna get there and GG will be missing like Zander.

whocares-lol glad to know someone agrees
Skirtz- why do i get a mental image of an envelope... containing... DOCUMENTS... lol

DarkSidez - You know I didn't even think about that possibility!? I figured we would either find out more about GG or something like that...

Maybe when RB gets there GG will hit her with her jesus stick
(lol refrence to last night's lost- please don't take wrong way)

I think that GG is sending the real meating place to RB. I don't think its Paris. I think that whole thing was for THF spies benifit.

Agreed, DarkSidez. That seems very likely.

whocares- thats a good theory

Would be nice if there actually is a package though. If there is, gotta go with Bravo Leader that its an envelope with papers inside.

Captain Planet!:

adept breed? que es esto?

hey i didn't necessarily say papers... just seems like every clue involves documents, it's almost like a paper chase

Remember right before the iron incident. The hanso goon appeared to be rummaging thru rachel's bag. Think its possible that he slipped in some sort of tracking device before RB bonked him on the noggin? If so Hanso knows where she's going and been and can use RB as pawn in all this. That could be why they haven't come after her lately.

or maybe RB will be exposed as a Hanso plant because GG is Persephone!

to be using Rachel as a pawn, then GG would need to be in on it, she tends to be sending our girl to the most out there locations

Bravo Leader, papers/documents its pretty much just semantics

Back on topic,

Last night's commercial..Mulletwerk basically says we know about RB's site, and are monitoring it.

Then, if it's real, TLEC gets an e-mail from Persephone saying help I've been taken?

If Mulletboy and Co. are watching and see the amount of people are questioning her authenticity, is it not possible that the Hanso People actually used their OWN e-mail servers to send that P msg. just to throw RB's validity into further question?


this is so freaking juvenile... and wasted space, take your kindergartner antics to someplace else people...
my daughter acts more mature than this, and she is 5!!!

just had to have my say, before I went on ignore mode.

*sigh* I hope I don't have to come in here and put out the flames again today. I was really planning on kicking back with a gasoline cocktail and watching a double feature of "Backdraft" and "The Towering Inferno" on TV today.

Darksidez-Yeah the tracking device thing sounds plausible. It is weird that they are just letting her run around like a loose cannon, maybe they are hoping she will lead them to a bigger target.

just woke up again, saw the stupidity above... *sets it on fire* now that that's been handled hanso exposed has been updated... are we still sans password?

yes Leighsa

leighsa-yep, nothing yet. but, "spirited debate" could possible be it, but no idea on a login.

*just fell in love with Fire Marshall Bill*

those are my favorite movies.

Yea I agree, the whole RB/ THF relationship thing is weird. Why is she the only one not being dealt with for what she is doing? Mabey we need to look at her motives more. Mabey they are using her to exspose there leaks. She may be their unknowing pawn.

Yeah Jane Z,
Thats what I'm thinking.
The question is who or what are they hoping she leads them to..

MisterFrosty... love the mulletboy thing,lol.. okay on topic

what has always made me suspicious is the fact that Rach had her site out with the clues on it for Hanso to easily find, like GG said, she was able to find her, and the clues were always something that didn't really tell us anything, or something we already knew, my thoughts are if TLEC is real.. that P was taken, Rachel is not P, she is plant for Hanso, GG may be P and the reason she was with hugh or whoever was to get info... Rachel has been used to ferret out P... which is the reason Hanso is leaving her alone, the reason she has money from widmore, the reason she wasn't worried about them viewing her site and clues...

therefore, if GG is P, and the message is real and she has been taken, then Paris has already went down, and was one big Trap, however, it is possible that gg is not P, but is getting info just the same for whatever reason..... but I still no matter do not believe that Rach is P, and I could be swayed either way on whether she is a plant or not... but as of right now I think she is


could they be using her to find Alvar? Chances are, they don't know where he is either.

I'm trying to recapture some lost websites that i favorited. I'm looking for the addies for the ARG site monitor, site for decoding binary,etc. and site for anagraming. If anyone has those posting them for me would oh so much be appreciated. :)

Well since RB seems to keep finding people involved with various things and those people consequently keep disappearing, maybe they are using her to get rid of anyone that has loose lips...

Another thing gets me about yesterday's recording. She says to GidgetGirl you know my 'real name', so I guess we are to assume that her real name isn't even Rachel Blake?

So is RB just a pawn or a willing participant in Hanso's stuff... I am feeling she believes that she's doing something great, but is being puppeteered (is that a word?) the whole time.

Hey, whoever posted that, quit stealing my name. :) But that is what I always say to the kiddies.

Leighsa, he was a character played by Jim Carrey on In Living Color, don't remember any movies, unless I'm missing something.

i'm hoping that we will discover something more about RB or GG today
*crosses fingers*

She meant her favorite movies are ALSO "The Towering Inferno" and "Backdraft."

I also like a good volcano movie every now and then.

you said you were going to watch towering inferno and backdraft... THOSE are my favorite movies... *LMAO!*

(and also FireStarter with Drew Barrymore)

I know pretty well who FMB is..

Skirtz I'm thinking that maybe it's the latter -- she thinks that she's doing something important but doesn't realize that she helping them.

Lauren: http://www.paulschou.com/tools/xlate/


and I don't have one for anagrams.. I have that as a widget on my mac.

Oh yeah and Lauren...

(duh on my part) I forgot the most important


dharmachick-that theory would make the most sense. Maybe GG will tell her today that she has been helping Mittlejerk instead of hindering him.


site monitor: http://lowkeysoft.com/LostARG/monitor.php


Thank you so much, Leighsa

Do you ever think about how there can be in-game tie-ins to the show, if the show takes place years behind us?

DarkSidez, I think she was referring to the fact that GG knows rachel as Rachel,

however, what caught me was that the statement itself didn't make sense...

rachel knew GG was involved with a married man, how did she know that? were there conversations between them that we didn't know about or hear about? never once did GG say that she was involved with a married man, she did say "say what you will about him" meaning what? that rachel had said some bad stuff about him? when? and who is he? we are all assuming it is Hugh, but they never said so specifically, and if it was Hugh, then Rachel should have known how she would know who GG was when she got to the meeting place seeing as how she has pictures of her.....


Thank you, too DarkSidez

bravo leader: to be honest, one of the events that takes place within an electro-magnetic bottle..is time shift.

an electromagnetic bottling effect renders anything within it's field invisible to anything outside of it and within it time shift occurs.


I think RB means that GG knows her as Rachel Blake which is her REAL name, however all she GG by is GidgetGirl.


so....do you think RB=P or not?...you seems to switch at the end there :P

ok I am going to ask about things that I am sure have already been discussed, but I am a child in this game.

1. Did anyone slow-mo the smoke scene last night and see the faces? Who are they and what does it mean? (Psalm 23)

2. What is the password for the DHARMA site, or is it a red herring?

3. I went to THF site, saw the flash, heard the noise, came back to this site, got annoyed by the sound (2 windows), tried to go to other sites in the game and kept hearing that NOISE for another 30 mins. Any thoughts?

Sorry this is long, but I am trying to catch-up

The more you think about it though, wouldn't it make sense that Rachel Blake wasn't her real name..she has to know that THF would be monitoring her website, I'm thinking its just another alias perhaps Blake is her mother's maiden name?

Rachel knew GG was involved with Hugh from photos, I guess maybe she got an email from GG saying she would help Rachel if Rachel took down those photos of her and Hugh. Rachel also doesn't know GG's real name.

Leighsa - So maybe Mittelwerk is trying to find the island and because of the time shift the ARG and LOST are happening in the same year. Is that what a time shift is?

i agree nicole, if RB knows GG is involved with a married man (hugh) then she knows her face AND name

leighsa- so does that mean that while everything's happening in real time here with the game, and everything on the show is happening at an x slower speed because it's only on every week, that they're actually moving at exactly x speed faster because they're in the bottle :p

nicole - I have a feeling there were other conversations that they had without our knowledge because that would explain the whole knowledge of the adultry, etc.

lostchild: 1_yes, the people in the smoke are echo as a child, Yemi (echo's brother) miss klugh (who you haven't met yet if you're on THAT episode) and various other folx from flashback scenes.
2_ that site is fake
3_ THF music is a glitch happens to all of us... it takes over your computer and mind.

That goes with an earlier theory I had.

****************SPOILER ALERT********************

When Desmond turnied the self desturct switch at the end of Season 2, there was a big flash from an Electromagnetic event. It may have been possible that this event pulled the whole island a couple years into the future. Kinda like the suposed Philidephia Experament.

going to lunch! i'm sure that means something will happen soon. let's not forget that the first contact between GG and RB was GG asking her to take down the photos

Lost child - The faces in the smoke are people form Mr. Eko's flashbacks.

Are you talking about THF music? It plays even when you are not on that site but are in the same window.

lost child - I'm pretty sure that the slo-mo is on youtube.com. Just do a search for it.

Duh, I didn't get it Leighsa, sorry. Brain damage caused by smoke inhalation, don't you know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to settle down with my movies and drinks. All this fire talk has made me crave a flaming shot - may I borrow your lighter?

*lights gasoline cocktail on fire, explodes and runs screaming, flames trailing out from behind*

I am leaning toward RB=P but P is not RB alone. Just to use a 24 analogy from last 24 season. The President was the bad guy caught but was a part of a larger conspiricy. While the Presidents co-conspirators remained behind the scenes, so does Persephone. Rb just gives us the visual contact. THF is letting her ron loose at the moment trying to get her to lead them to the rest. Just a thought.

Hi Guys & (Gidget)Girls - I posted this yesterday on TLEC Blogg, but got no response. What do you guys think...

Just a quick post for all you "Who is GG" and the "R /= P" theorists out there...

While looking for matches to the GidgetGirl audio I listened to the original Hanso Foundation Verizon Voicemail messages, and the voice of GG is a pretty good match to Alvar Hanso's PA - another possibility to consider, although my money is still on it being the voice of the girl with Hugh in RBs pics...

... and while were on the subject of RB - the voice identifying herself as Persephone on the Hanso Phone Line, which breaks through during the Postal Address message and the Alvar Hanso extension, is the voice of RB - no doubt... especially after cleaning up the audio in SoundForge.

LostLinks still has the Voicemail Recordings in their archive - http://www.lostlinks.net/voicemail.htm

See what you think...


What is going on?

bravoleader: your question confuses me... but I'll tell you waht I know... in most cases of electromagnetic bottling the time shift has taken them FORWARD in time... and sped things up... not the reverse forward then when the bottling stopped... back to the original time. BUT this is a fictional show and who knows what they will do, I can only say that the possibility to make time do weird things within a magnetic field is there...

what the writers will make it do vs. what's been done in history are 2 different things... so basically I'm not sure I can answer that question,

lost child - found it I think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLgvMnvng_U

whocares: yes exactly. I'm right with you on that thought process.

Parkie - I listened to that recording, and I unfortunately have to agree that RB's voice sounds like the P voice on the recording...

*sticks fingers in ears, "la la la I can't hear you... RB/=P"*

Parkie - I listened to the voicemail yesterday and even though I am one of the "RB=P" skeptics I have to admit that it was her voice.

MisterFrosty: I do not think Rachel=P, what I am whishy washy about is whether she is a plant by hanso or not;

DarkSidez: it could make sense that it is not her real name.. but if she has told us she is P and about widmore, and how she really looks, then why a fake name?

GG did ask her to take the photos of hugh down, but she never specifically said why she wanted them down, my thoughts are however that GG is the girl in the photos, I was just throwing it out that it is a possibility that she is not, she has never specifically said.

go to sublymonal.com and enter sprited debate to receive information about how the government is ruled by two sides. Also, there is a wikipedia site: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sprited debate

I agree, same voice

I still don't believe it, what if RB is P's "BAD TWIN" *puts pinky by mouth Dr. Evil style*

leighsa - i agree, but i just think that'd be a little too out there, i don't know how they'd go about explaining that to the general public

Leighsa - I am with you. I have a hard time believing, after all the secresy, P would suddenly tell us who she is (and show us, for that matter).

I was hoping the commercial would get the game to pick up, perhaps with a new site. Sadly, it does not seem to be the case.

After I saw the commercial I thought THF site would be back up so I check at right after LOST ended, but it was still down.

P.S. I have a hard time believing RB=P as well.


for those of you who were confused about Bad Logic Girl's 7:53 post above.

And I am not Bad Logic Girl.

And I am not taking sides.

Drop it.


nicole -- GidgetGirl probably told Rachel what was going on so that she'd take down the pictures. That's how she knew.

Stop with ANON BS.

Speaker please show the ANON postings IPs or something. Most of us don't care aboutwhat ever it is your triing to sell us ANON poster.

Mandrake Wig online now!

As far as matching voices goes, I am a bit skeptical because I do think that ABC is utilizing a bit of actor recycling. Remember how we all immediatly figured out that DJ Dan's voice was the same as Peter's voice in the beach recording. So it could be something but maybe not.

Tresbien brought up a great point -- if GidgetGirl is the one in the photos of Hugh McIntyre, why would Rachel Blake ask, "How will I know you?"

If they are the same, we already know what she looks like -- from the pictures!

Anon, go back to the nursery you came from.. your not even mature enough to post your name, what a joke, you have way to much time on your hands, and are taking this way to seriously, my advice.... seek medical help soon., in the mean time... find some other board to waste time at

Well said, and thank you.

MTP, Tresbein, any many others- perhaps we are to believe that Rachel honestly dosen't know to match the voice of GG to the image of the woman with Hugh?

Jane Z

Rachel's not very bright, but she's not THAT dumb.

just ignore the anon poster. There is no point in getting upset - that is exactly what this person wants. So, let's all just enjoy our time here and ignore people who continually won't post a name. (not the I forgot to put my name in 1 post people though like I sometimes do - because it's a pain in the rear to keep typing it...)
anyway, lets see if we can find updates and not worry about people who won't "show" themselves.

oh :( back to the corner for me then


JaneZ: then what did she mean by
" you didn't have a choice to get involved with a married man?" Rach to GG

Is it possible that the married man that GG is involved with is someone entirely different, like Zander? GG said something to the effect that RB should get out while she could, but that she (GG) couldn't because the man she loved was involved. my thinking - Maybe against his will, or he's in too deep now?

Of course I could be completely off base

RB's blog isn't loading.. guess it's dead, huh?

hi speaker,
the lostpedia page has been deleted b/c they think it isn't anything but spam and not important enough to be included. i certainly disagree as I visited the site daily for clue updates. is there anything you can do to help?

it loads for me jaynes

who told you that... who are "they"?

weird.. i'm just getting the background.
bad firefox.

I tend to forget details, of subject kinda- My husband just got a service call from a lady named Catherine Hanso- I am totaly not joking lol

really? what is the proper link? i can't seem to find it and I found an archive of a debate for deletion as well.

It's the skepticism surrounding GG's call to RB that makes me think GG is not Hugh's girlfriend.


It sounded like Penny Widmore, and though Desmond was not married, GG neither denied NOR admitted to being involved with a married man. I know the skepticism is even higher for it being GG=PW, but it's another theory to float perhaps.

On another note, did anyone else expect the commercial last night to reveal a new website that would possibly bring up a message board that supports hanso? I felt like that is what I was waiting for, but it never appeared.

if you have IE or Netscape or something try that - I find that sometimes I do better when I switch browsers.

I went onto lostpedia and click several links until I found a discussion (debate)detailing why the page should or should not be deleted...and apparently the deletes won. check it out..it really stinks.

I was looking for a website at the end - but I sort of knew it wasn't going to happen because I was on this board when it was shown on the east coast - so since no one posted any BIG news I knew it was just a commercial - or was it?

Allison, I expected some kind of website to be advertised, so I was kind of disappointed when nothing showed up.

I tried the wikipedia entry for sprited debate and it didn't work. But there is a lot of information about the game that decides the state of the worlds "government" especially Canada's and the US on the sublymonal.com with the password sprited debate

JaneZ: I feel your pain, we've been laying too long... check this out...


oh, don't cry, everyone's opinion counts... just wondering where your thoughts were on that? my thoughts are if Rach is not that dumb.. and knew GG is involved with a married man.. well in the first place, if she doesn't know to connect gg with hugh pictures, then how did she know she is involved with a married man? and GG said to Rach"say what you will about him" which would lead me and would think many to assume that Rach then knows who the married man is, and has said some bad stuff about him... that being the case..how could she know all that, but not know who the man is or gg is? this just does not make sense, and I'm talking in circles... so I'll stop now

gotta go to lunch now

does anyone have another website/blog as detailed as lostpedia was for daily updates?


do you have the link or is it totally gone? I can't even get on Lostpedia at all.

Lostpedia is gone. I wish it weren't, but such is life. I do not have a link at all.

where does one go now for daily updates? any info would be great.
much appreciated,

I haven't been able to get on the lostpedia all day... I had thought from Speakers thread that it was up again, but it seems to have once again gone into hiding...

Must be those tumbleweeds!

Maybe the man GG was talking about isn't Hugh, but Thomas. It might be a stretch but it's possible.

i am confused...is it just part of the game, or is it really gone? i think it is really gone and am hopeful of finding another place for daily updates.

Wombat: try this:


thank you very much :)

Poor Lostpedia... :(

Wombat - the numbers forum can be useful too, try http://www.4815162342.com

Guys I think you're reading way farther into this than you need to...

WHY would they make this story stupidly convoluted for no reason...

GG=Hugh's skank.

stop there, no need to go any further

I liked Lostpedia, I thought it was helpful.

GG=Hugh's skank.

stop there, no need to go any further

Posted by: Leighsa | July 13, 2006 at 09:25 AM

Then why did Rachel ask how she would know her? Rachel took freaking pictures of her.

thanks again : )

Is it possible that the most helpful and resourcful site for LOST is now ... not?

IE is working Skirtz.. thx.

very possible....

very possible....

very possible....

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to agree with MtP - has Rachel NOT looked at the photos she took?


Also, I think because we're to assume that GG will be attempting to be incognito perhaps... AND perhaps Rachel wasn't putting 2 and 2 together... I mean damn she thought an island in the great lakes was near the equator... I don't give her too much credit.

I've met people from online who have seen a million pictures of me... I have 22 tattoos and they still say "I'll meet you under the wrigley field sign so that I know it's you"

whats going on with rachel and gg and stuff? im so confused. gg is the person in the pics??

yw jaynes

Leighsa -- If that is so... why are we following someone that dumb?

I looked at TLEC and I didn't see anything about P being taken?? Is that on a message board or something?

LOSTie456 - no confirmation on who GG is at all, just lots o' specuation

and while we're at it for the sake of argument that letter that TLEC got that we were wondering if it was real or not last night...

let's say it IS real...

Fake Rachel would know that GG was involved with a married dude by reading the blog... but the pics have been taken OFF the blog so she WOULDN'T know what she looked like, and would have to ask the question

OH kay

David thought it was fake:

Administrator said...
After gathering all the information posted in the last comments thread and taking some time to process it, I have come to the conclusion that the persephone@thehansofoundation.org email we received is fake...and techinally saavy hoax that wasn't executed to perfection.

I'll let you know if anything else comes of it but for now I'm not going to worry myself much more about it.

If you're curious, you can search through (ctrl F) the comments thread on the last post. Basically we received a real-looking email from someone claiming to be Persephone. It turned out to be somebody working really hard to mess with us.

Gotta go...meetings.

7/13/2006 09:42:13 AM

MtP, my PERSONAL answer to that question: I only work 3 days a week.. I have a lot of downtime... following a moron beats posting on a prince board.

Maybe...Maybe not
*pouts lip Evil mini-me style*

Since GidgetGirl is in hiding I guess it would make sense that she comes to the meeting in some sort of disguise. That sounds plausable.

That's a good point, Leighsa.

Unless she has a trait that really stands out, which is unlikely if she is "in hiding", and if they are meeting in a busy public place (which would be the smart thing to do for both of them), she maye still need something that can quickly identify her.

Also, if we consider the possibility that RB is trying to rope people in to get caught by THF, she would want her to give away some info that would make her easier to find.

When Rachel asks how she will know GG, GG replies, "You'll know me". I took that to mean that Rachel will recognize her in some way, probably from the pictures.

what happened last night?
were there pictures of gg that looked like the girl in the pictures with t.v.w.? I am so confuzzled

lostpedia's still down, wonder whats wrong with it. I had a great time last night reading over Th fight between MTP Vex and TTT, the claws were out. The last thread was all in all a very aggressive one, maybe all the built up agro is what took down all the sites...

no pictures... just a commercial near the end of one of the reruns last night that showed mittlewerk telling us to have a "spirited debate".

Basically it makes more sense that Rachel's been hiding and wearing wigs etc... and GG thinks Rachel is wreckless so

GG must be hiding as well...

(I'll be the one in the black wig with the big glasses) or (I'll be the one sitting with Hugh McIntyre sipping martinis)

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you want LOSTPEDIA to return I suggest visiting this page and having your say.


ok. i couldn't watch the last LOST, just the first one, because my dad doesn't like it and he got tired of it. oh well, im pretty much caught up.

I never went to LostPedia

so mister f., what do we do??

Is this page not accessible from "insidetheexperience.com" anymore? I had to do some searching to find it

Nevermind, after several tries it's working again

Has lostpedia seriously been deleted??? please tell me its only temporary, cos that was like the coolest site ever and covered lost a hell of a lot better than any other site. It says on the wikipedia site "Lostpedia - Deletion endorsed unanimously. 14:14, 5 July 2006 (UTC) Review " but that was 2 weeks ago...

i'm confused too...just trying to hang tight until more info is revealed.

yeah, i dont get what we do with the link m.f. just gave us above.

I suggest creating an account and posting your opinion on this page...enough voices may have an effect.


i have no energy to create another account for anything

Or start a review of the delete here.


wait, i think the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lostpedia was just an aritcle that had a link to lostpedia.com am i right?

I think we're confusing Lostpedia and the Lostpedia page at Wikipedia. The Lostpedia page at Wikipedia has been deleted, but the separate Lostpedia website (using open source wiki code) has simply disappeared.

Anyone have an email for admin at Lostpedia?

is the dick cheever you tube video real?

MF -- Is that actually where Lostpedia was based? Thatt looks to me more like a wikipedia article about Lostpedia that got deleted because it was a reference to another Wiki.
I could be absolutely wrong about this, but that's was it looks like to me, especially since the date is different.

leighsa thought you might want to know that if you do a whois on thedharmainitiative.org it is listed with driveshaftband.com and thehandsofoundation.org. So I think it is an ingame site

From damntheman on the TLEC blog

I just got a message from Mandrake Wig telling me to check the RoT message boards tomorrow. :)

Lostpedia was pretty much the only site that I could get to from work to get clues, everything else is blocked as being "personal pages" or "spam" or something similar. That blows that it was deleted. Is the information available on the Lost portion of wiki? That's why I'm assuming the Lospedia was deleted, because it was redundant information.

maybe its just having maintenance work again, remember a few weeks ago it went for a while and everyone was sure it was gone for good too?

whats been happenin people

Seen the video and heard the audio file. mmmm well same old same old, guess were just waiting for the paris or where ever the hell RB's going next video to pop.

I seriously cant wait till Act3, just because im sick to death of not having any play time in the past few weeks with Act2.


Catch you later...

TOMORROW - I don't want to wait until tomorrow - c'mon give me some clues today.... we need another puzzle to solve....

no, sam, but ok


This site was the only thing that helped me understand this whole game.
no offense, i love this website too, but i cant follow along with you guys half the time. Lostpedia broke it down so well.

dharmachick i totally agree i dont think lostpedia.com has been deleted, just the aritcle about it on wikipedia has been but that happened a while ago.

all i know is www.lostpedia.com is gone and I want it back :(

yeah seriously wombat. this blows.
big time.

make pyramid
poems until it's
back again once more

i say give it a day or two, then start the petition. In other news i see hansoexposed.com has been updated, maybe its nearly ready to be in-game? Hope so i think we need another site

Pyramid poems dont really work on here apparently

aelis: the servers don't even match... I just did the whois myself.

what is the password/ un for the hansoexposed site?

I don't know if this has been addressed since last night but...

I emailed admin at TLEC and they gave me the links to the Joop songs by GateKepa and TahoeJeff



Punk Rock


If you haven't heard them download them because they are the funniest things TLE has produced thus far.

"thedharmainitiative.org it is listed with driveshaftband.com and thehandsofoundation.org."
Posted by: aelis | July 13, 2006 at 09:57 AM

None of them are official sites. Theres no d in hanso.

You know, we could always donate to the LostPedia if we like it so much. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. >_>

Got a message from Mandrake, he's said "stuff's happening, Jerry." I asked him if it's good stuff... or bad. I'll relay what I get next.

donate? i give this game enough of my time...i'm not giving any money.

LOSTie - we dont know them and i dont think we'll need them when its in game. I only knew it was updated cos of the ARG moniter (Which i only found out exised yesterday)

sam & leighsa....sorry didn't even notice that thnx

yeh, all great. but same as the dharmainitiative site.......needs UN's & PW's...............

so not that great
as we dont have em
and we dont know if its in game
im going to bed

I guess that was my bad, the bureaucratic double speak on wiki gave me a nose bleed....ggrrr what a frustrating place wiki is..:P

i really
wish pyramid poems
worked on this website
because I really like them

phew! alot of discussion went on in the 2 1/2 hours our internet was down here. i missed fire marshall bill : (

bigsugad - asking for the UN and PWD usually means its just not ready to be seen yet, like rachelblake.com was before. And it (hansoexposed.com)mostlikely is in game cos its the same serever as THF.org, try anything.hansoexposed.com and see where it takes you. Do the same for djdan's site.

harcar but
you haven't missed
my several attempts at
pyramid poems, though I know
they do not work at all

good day
my friends
i've come to talk
put now i have to go
i need to go to work :(

that an
attempt at a
pyramid poem? a very
good one if it was

MisterFrosty-did u get any answers?
Is it possible that it's just maintenance? The links there were abit wobbley as of late.

looks pretty
cool even though
it isnt really working
the way its supposed to

hello friends!

*brb - catching up*

How to Write a Pyramid Poem
The poem you will write will be four lines long. Each line has certain kinds of words. To start, choose a place, character, object, animal, plant, idea or event from the story to write about.
Here's the formula:
Line 1: a noun, the topic of the poem
Line 2: two adjectives describing the topic
Line 3: three verbs ending in "ing"
Line 4: two short statements or a sentence and a question

Center your poem so that it will be in the shape of a pyramid when you have finished writing it.

then two
then three words
then four words next
then five and so on

Has anyone already discussed Speaker's "Is it secret, is it safe?" By IT could he mean the password or login for hansoexposed.com - SECRET or SAFE

maybe I just need to stop looking into Speaker's messages

we all
really that
bored that we've
resorted to this? Oh
Lord! Save me from the
incessant madness that is
this group of nutjob lost fans!

anon, but
its so much
easier to just do ascending words lol

*sets anon's poetry rules on fire*

lol leighsa... good one!

Hoo Leighsa
Way to goooo!!
That actually looks right

frisky, cuddly
running, playing, sleeping
all day having fun, when will she catch her first mouse?

just a thought...could anyone get a hold of a copy of RB's conversation with the Nurse who told her about mittlewerks blood exchange and compare it to the latest mp3 phone convo with the supposed gidgetgirl?

Bobcat - it's a quote from Lord of the Rings. Doubt it has another meaning beyond that.

are having
fun with this

going to lunch ***********************************

I must agree
That it looks so
much better when it descends like so, though anon's way is the correct format

That didnt
work the way I
thought it would !

to go to
work right
now. You kids
have fun with this
and let me know if there
are any shmupdates in the
next hour and a half. Please??


So if the secretary was wearing 'days of the week' panties and she was wearing 'zuday' today, then that means our P/W will come tomorrow and the U/N will be yesterday?

Would invent lunch, if it didn't exist, so I cud go there too.

vicious and wily
running, hunting, fighting
forever alone; when will he find peace?

now thinks
I am really
mentally disturbed

LOSTIE: I care not about poetry rules... as a poet.



Mister F: are you drunk??

Frosticles: Abso-frostin-lutely. :)

Oh and Frosticular:

The correct terms

Flursday - Triday -Zuday
so the U/N would be on Flursday as today is def Triday.

shedevil, back from birthday lunch so soon.

not sure if this has been mentioned, but hansoexposed.com updated this morning... guess that is where we will go next, yes?

more of a birthday brunch :) one of my friends was traveling today and we met early... oh, but big party plans for tonight, yes-sir-re-bob!

shedevil-let's just hope we get to go somewhere! i personally am hoping for a new and improved THF page.

Leighsa lol


R u sure?

Cuz I would have thought because the secretary was standing up and the camera had an upskirt shot of her 'zumuff' that maybe the U/N could have been Hughskank and the P/W Paris Hilton....

Seth, from what TM said during the commercial last night, it does sound like they are getting ready to re-open the THF website. You may just get your wish


Happy Birthday, I would have said that earlier but my 'puter is lagging BIG time today.

R U drubk yet, or what?

I'm actually not just a little in-jokey thing with Boobs-a-lot of there in Chicago.

Wasn't THF officially slated to reopen in mid-July anyway?

Hi all! *catching up*

don't know if anyone knows this, but you can still access that hanso site using this address

puck-you haven't missed much

Allison, Thanks!

no problem, Bobcat

Hi everyone

sheDevil...Happy B'day

Mittlewerk's "spirited debate" also spells: Tipster Be Aided.
I was anagramming to get the new password. Could he be sending someone a message?


I haven't left yet! I'm going to be late for work laughing at you...

*leaves for real now... sets secretary's zumuff on fire*

Seth- Wow, you are definitely right, still pretty slow it looks like.

If for some reason you want to download the old hanso website, i'm hosting the flash file on my personal lost links page: http://www.geocities.com/jimpbblmk/english/lost.htm


blinder masn how did you find that little nugget of gold out?

bigsugad, it was posted on a thread here some time ago

i went to http://lxicon.com/ and then clicked on access disabled indefinitely and it's at the bottom

anyone else getting redirected to http://www.go.com/ when they try come here sometimes?

do you know sarcasm when you read it?

that was also posted a while ago, sly.
interesting tho it is, i definitely like the flash website a lot better

it did say that only some of the old hacks may work though

greghost - I never have

never mind, no change to the site, its still the same.......i take it back, i mean nugget of poo not gold

bigsug - i totally thought you were being sarcastic! o well.

i never said that the site had changed, just that you could still access it

bless you running to my defence harcar you sweetheart ;) no im too tired to be sarcastic tonight. roll on the weekend!

so how have you been?

thanks all for the bday wishes...sorry for the delay, my sister called me on the phone to say happy bday

I've just checked the Lospedia site and all I was getting was a blank main page, reloaded it and now it looks like its back :D


well i thought wolfe might show up and we could have a round of movie quotes.... make it a pre-zuday tradition

yep - it's back

Hey all -- back from lunch.

..and apparently so is Lostpedia!! Yay!

When WOLFE gets back here, Ima hafta kick his ass (though I praised him for being a troll before)... ;)

Turns out that David from TLEC guy is the actual guy who started that blog, and a nice guy at that... I talk to him on email.

aw, but I missed pyramid poem time. I used to love those!

must i start this again?

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner, that is what I'd truely like to beeee... cuz if I was an Oscar Mayer weiner... everybody'd be in love with meeeeeee!

you just want everyone to take a bite of you that's what you want

see i knew lostpedia.com hadnt been deleted (*breaths a sigh of relief*)

that's right

Random bits of nothingness:
Yes, I am succumbing.

1. Leighsa seems to be a "Keeping Up Appearances" fan... (Frosticles reference)

2. I don't get the re-naming days of the week thing. It seems every day is zuday to you folks. Can't find the method in all this madness!

3. More and more grumpy players saying "I DON'T TRUST ANYONE...*mutterexceptmaybealvarhansomutter*" The Foundation is truly working towards a better tomorrow, eh?

4. Know who else worked towards a better tomorrow? Monsters Inc. Yep, the folks who sucked screams out of poor innocent kiddies.

5. I feel like I should be a target here. I can't believe no one's voiced it yet. I mean, I show up right before this hyped commercial and start talking about how I don't believe Rachel and maybe Alvar is the good guy, and no one even batted an eye. You guys aren't as sharp as you hope you are. Sorry.

6. Too many posts!! My brain is mush! It has taken me three sessions to get through everything. SO if I forgot something, or repeated something, tough. My brain only holds so much random info before it explodes into a migrane.

A. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SPELL AND PUNCTUATE PROPERLY. It will make things much easier for everyone. Play nice!
B. IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST SILLY STUFF- go ahead, but can y'all make a little spoiler thingy? Like **FLUFF**, or **FUN**?
Again, makes things easier for the folks who actually got more than 108 minutes of sleep last night. Thanks.

Couple o' things... (K, more tha a couple...)
1) Pandora - what blog are you referring to? I seem to have missed that one...
2) hurrah for the return of lostpedia...
3)How freakin' long does it take RB to get to Paris? Shouldn't she be there already since Europe is a billion hours ahead of us here in the US and she had to be there TODAY? (Ok, I exaggerate, but you get the pic, it's what, 7:50PM there or something like that??)

YEAHHHHH it's back - I'm so excited. YEAHHHHHH

I am back from lunch and I need a break from all the stuff that got piled on my desk while I was at lunch.

Why cant monkeys play cards in the jungle?

Hey, just checking out the Hanso Foundation site, when I noticed that there is noise on it. Is this something that's been around & I'm just noticing it, or is this new? Sounds like a plane.

Lys - I completely agree with your 7th point both A & B.

Yeah Skirtz, her meeting should have been over by now...she's just testing our patience at this point.

lys-seriously, i think that is not the board for you.

there are too many cheetahs!

**FUN (I think)**
Skirtz: She hit a few time-space continuum anomalies on the way. She's in Paris, but she's in the middle of the French Revolution.
Don't fault her, could happen to anyone...

Looks like Lostpedia is back. There is a question regarding what happen to which "Brian", a user who makes a lot of updates, replied by asking why other Lost sites were also down.

Now I'm a Texas Tumbleweed
just lookin' for a home.
I rolled across the vast prairie,
no place to call my own.
Sometimes I find a fence and then
I tend to stay a spell.
But I am tellin' you for sure,
"bob war" is puredee hell.
While on my way, most every day
I meet the nicest folks
and even laugh along with them
at Tumbleweed type jokes.
They never saw a Tumbleweed
that's at its very best;
when God gives it a coat of ice
this weed's been truly blest.
The spiny branches, now encased
in ice that is aglow
from sunbeams shining down on it
does make a lovely show.
So spiny plants, and poets too
all need the Master's touch;
without it poets and Tumbleweeds
don't amount to very much.

Lys - What do you gain by this statement?
"5. I feel like I should be a target here. I can't believe no one's voiced it yet. I mean, I show up right before this hyped commercial and start talking about how I don't believe Rachel and maybe Alvar is the good guy, and no one even batted an eye. You guys aren't as sharp as you hope you are. Sorry."

You just like being mean? If you look at most of the jokes and fluff I believe you will find that we are a bright group of people with a good sense of humor.

Sorry if you don't enjoy our brand of conversation and brain storming. Perhaps you should just stick to reading the Speaker's posts and then getting your conversation somewhere else? It might make you happier.

One sunny day Jesus, Moses and a small, elderly man were playing golf.

Jesus was the first to tee off and he hit the ball a little left and it ended up in the water hazard. Because it was Jesus, his ball floated and when he got down to the hazard he walked upon the water and hit the ball onto the green.

Moses was the next to tee off, and like Jesus he hit the ball into the water hazard. When he got down to the hazard, he parted the waters and hit the ball onto the green.

The little old man was next, and he too hit into the water hazard. Just then a big fish swallowed the ball and began to swim away. A hawk swooped down and grabbed the fish in its talons and started to fly off. As the hawk passed over the green, it tightened its grip on the fish which caused the ball to pop out of the fish. The ball landed on the green and rolled into cup.

Jesus then turned to the old man and said, "Look Dad, if you're going to play, play fair."

Lys - would you go to a friend's house and start making up all these rules they have to live by when you're there, or do you follow your friend's already established rules?
quit complaining! JEEZ!

Lys, by the way, your fun statement was a perfect example of the FUN we do have here. You have it in you after all :)

I like Tom and now I want to work for the Hanso Foundation now and grow a ponytail.

skirtz-my feeling exactly
lys-if we aren't smart enough for you, than maybe you should get off of our short bus before one of us drools on you

Skirtz, pay Lys no mind. Lys isn't a real person. It's a hot air balloon. ANd it hates fun. It's a fun hating hot aire balloon. True Story.

(Man I'm a softie, I always feel bad when I scold someone... Boy, I had better get over this or my kids will get away with murder!)

Lys - when you go to a friend's house do you start making up all these rules they have to live by according to you? or do you live by your friend's already established rules?
QUIT COMPLAINING! JEEZ! if you don't like it, go somewhere else. our space is what we make of it.

thank you brian for lightening the mood... :)


your kids murder people?

Aw, seth, I like being contrary. Not to start arguements, just to get people thinking in different directions. Sometimes I voice a different opinion than my own, just so the group isn't stuck saying "yeah, totally, I agree, etc."
But I AM a stickler for good spelling and grammar. And I do like it when folks are nice and consider other's needs. Typing one little sentence up there just saved everyone else the trouble of reading this. Is it so hard? Am I truly asking too much? Because if manners are too much to ask, then yeah, you're probably right and I should go away.

sorry for double post - i refreshed quite a few times and it never showed up so....
*bats eyes and pouts* sorry.....

jimp- only on the full moon, and it's really not their fault. damn werewolves.

hellooooo wolfe!


Daz UK,

See I'm not crazy. Aggressive and kind of a A*******, Yup. But I'm not crazy.

You can't trust Persephone and GG said it, she is dangerous.

I'm here, I promise, I'm just quietly lurking and shaking my head at another in a long line of people who don't seem to get the point and fun of this board and are singlehandedly trying to change it*sigh*

*checks to see if there is a full moon out tonight*

jimp - not yet, but since they are both under 3 years old.....

Skirtz-- I agree with you on that one.
Do we have to have posts over and over again about how much people goof goof around here?

So, not only are there engine noises at the Hanso Site, there also is no Oceanic Flight 815 site. But the other sites are up. Any ideas? Or am I just slow here?

can we start movie quotes now??
*jumps up and down doing Hercules clap* wolfie! wolfie!

She's not dangerous she's reckless and I agree. She is also a Hanso spy and not Persephone. I think she may have assassinated kennedy and faked the Rover Moon landings too.

Hello Shedevil,

*Waves Back*

I have a question - does anyone out there use AIM and have a screen name they are willing to share? When this blog went down I was going a little batty trying to figure out how to reach out to people. (And I don't use myspace...) (Or of course any other suggestions would be welcome - ie, a chat room or something that people use...)


No, I don't make rules everywhere I go. Those two things, proper spelling and courtesy to others, I beleived were common ground rules to the internet.
And I do have fun. Read my posts! I have lightened up considerably from my first post. I'm just asking that we could maybe implement what I'm doing- start with a basic word or phrase to sum up the post, so others don't have to read every word. It should really make life easier. That way, if you're not feeling especially humorous, you don't read the silly stuff, and if you're not interested in serious, you read the funny stuff!

"I'd hate to take a bite out of you. You're a cookie full of arsenic."

I would love too, but I won't be here long....work and stuff.

People are Bastards!!!!!!

like the joke brian, tickled me it did!

Wolfe, you work?

You don't just pretend to work and post here all day... like me...

hi guys, im at wor but i have a little break, wats up?

"I just want to say one word to you - just one word.... 'plastics.'"


If you are a sexy, redheaded cookie full of arsenic I would still take a bite out of you.

Lys: freaking WOW.

Not a fan of KUA AT ALL! Heck, I had to google it just to know what you were talking about. I called Frosticles that on myspace... it stuck. :)

#2: it was a joke between me a frosty..

#3: I'll never post a *FUN* or *FLUFF* thing above my posts, because this has been going on here for MONTHS now... unless Speaker, the mod and admin of this site asks us to do so sorry.

just got bad twin from library

going to go read it now


LOL, anon
oh man I heard that phrase one too many times.

holy moly! lostpedia is back....yeah!

Lys - I do appreciate your idea. However, when we are in the throes of a conversation it can be cumbersome to have to include a header every time. It might help you to utilize ctrl + f to help you find something specific. Also, many people, myself included, address a person in the very beginning of the post if it's not necessarily for general consumption. (As I started this one with "Lys.")

I also find it funny that in a rant about misspellings you misspelled something

sorry wolfie, im blonde

Anyone know if the Hanso Adoption Site that Other girl talks about today is in game?

lys - have a day off mate, its getting boring. and to be honest im really only five years old and its past my bed time thats why i cant spell popaly, sowwwy!

agreed, leighsa.

I don't think that humor needs a label. If Speaker himself started doing that (other than his reader mail disclaimer), nobody would *ever* read the blog.

The Graduate anon

harcar - Hercules clap!! LOL, I just read your post while I was backtracking... I loved that guy and his Hercules clap on AI...

Out of lurking now! Oops, should I have posted *fluff* above that... right!

oh sury 4 al teh mispelings, gues im not considurate

Now it's time for everyone else to lighten up. If you don't like me, ignore me. That's what I do.

Sorry if I come off harsh. I don't mean to, really, I'm a nice lady in real life. I'm just not very sensitive, and my tone is lost when my words get typed out.

But really. I'm surprised no one's accused me of being a mole or troll. You've lobbed pretty much everything else at me, including -oh, never mind. That was from another opinionated poster.

So what was the original subject of this thread?

"soon we will be safe in the fire swamp"

*smacks WOLFE before he has a chance to smack me!*

anon: it seems to me we're currently IN the fire swamp

Gee Lys, maybe you could READ the thread and glean the subject.

EEEEWWWW some really creepy articles on that Hanso Adoption site. I think it is in game. Makes me think Rachel is a "good guy"

Anon, The Princess Bride

Don't feed the trolls.

I know what you mean skirtz. When Speaker went of the air I was suffering from withdrawl myself.

You could always go over to thetailsection.com, the lost messageboard. They have a section just for TLE. Or try Lost Ninja's site for austraila


Trust me you shouldn't fear a smack on the butt from me I do far worse things.

*The wolfe walks up behind Puck, puts his arms around her so she can't run away and starts kissing her neck right below her ear lobe*

Ok, off to tend the laundry and the child who has decided that nap time is for sissies or something like that... be back later
love and other indoor sports...

Leighsa: Yeah *blush* noticed the goof after I posted. Oops.

Bigsugad: It's not "mate", mate. I'm a sheila.

Who else thinks RB and Kate look similar? Does it matter?

About taking out the people that log on to the "new" site, they'd better not. Lawsuits abound for ABC if they hack innocent people's computers.

I can't get that sound thing going on the down HF site. Not that I really mind. The original site's music scared the stuffing out of me. I had to log off my Windows account to get it to stop!

someone's looking a little randy today....

*sets anon on fire with new lighter from leighsa*

hey guys whats the link to the adoption site??

did have it but its now not in me list!! GRRR, wanna check it outproperly while sod all else is happening around here bar lys having a propper moan up


Everyone. Let's lighten up on Lys. She HAS lightened up on us considerably. Seems like a very nice person to me, with good ideas (about the game, not *FLUFF*).

She's done nothing to deserve the tearing apart we're giving her. She's no WOLFE after all. I bet he's ashamed of us for getting this upset over so little after he toughened us up like he did!

And as for a movie quote:

"Is that all you got? You ain't so bad!"

'Laugh it up Fuzzball'

*elbows WOLFE*

MisterFrosty- STAR WARS!

MrF - are we playing movie quotes? or was that a personal aside to wolfie?

here Lys, drink a Fosters.

bigsugad: www.hansoadoptions.org

Any ideas on the red "o" in "over" on the Q& A page or the red "e" in "excite" on the Trouring a site page?

First- The noises on Hanso have been there since the shutdown. It's not new. The only thing worth seeing on that site now is the orientation video clue.

Second- Hanso Adoptions is not in game. It's just an elaborate fan site.

Okay, read the beginning again. If you remember, I said it took me HOURS to read the thread, so I thought maybe someone with a better memory could save me the trouble of starting over.

Rachel's going to Paris. Why? Has anyone said?

Sites were down. It seems to be the season for it. They're dropping like flies, LOST-related or not.

Mittlewerk: He's just plain strange. I'm wondering if HE even knows whose side he's on. Are there even sides? ANyone ever seen the bus scene in "Conspiracy Theory"? Everyone working for the same company, on some levels they work together, but on other levels they're enemies? I really feel like a pawn.

By the way. I've stopped drinking Sprite after that creepy SubLYMONal webpage.

thanks Brian! some fan sure had some free time! ;)


Almost right!


You're Zukitten Ninja skills are no match for me!

Lys - you are a little behind, I think. Rachel is going to Paris per her recorded conversation with GidgetGirl. GG said she has a package for RB and has to deliver it in person. GG is in Paris, so RB is going to Paris.

*gives Lys a littel hug round the shoulders to welcome her in*

we dont bite that hard, honest

That whole header thing seems like it would be a pain. Things have worked fine just the way they are for months. I say why mess with success.

I originally joined a TLE group on yahoo when the game first started and they had a policy like that. Everyone had to use SPEC or META or half a dozen other tags at the begining of their posts. That was a pain and I couldn't see how it accomplished anything but starting arguments over whether a tag should have been classified as SPEC instead of CLUE. That along with the anoyine habit of yelling TROUT anytime there was a word in you post that someone had used before, well... I didn't stay there long.

Most everyone is going to read all the posts anyways so a header is a waste of time. Well in my humble opinion.


MrF it was Empire Strikes Back to be more specific of the Star Wars trilogy (at the time)

having now got a 360 I will be busy for today but will pop back later

Hello everyone btw ( :


Oh please, I could take you down so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you!

daz which game did you get?

MisterFrosty- I didn't know we were going for specifics! It was the Empire Strikes Back, if that's what you were looking for!

Have fun, Daz!


One large icicle for you.

I don't really think it's necessary to bash Lys for what she said, I don't think she (or he, who knows) was really trying to start trouble, just voicing what a lot of other people have already said. In particular, I work all day and can catch some stuff here and there when I'm not busy, but when there's 1,000 posts I can't possibly read them all. Then when I get home, I again have no time to come here and read them all. It's really frustrating. Her idea about posting something like a **fun** tag when it's just fun posts would make it easier for those of us who can't spend a lot of time sifting through everything. If we saw that we could just buzz past it without reading it. But, ultimately, the fault of this board is not with the people posting here, it is with the set-up of the board itself. They should have anticipated the response to this game and made it a threaded board where you have to login. Then you could have a "Clues" topic for clues only, and an "Off Topic" for anything else. And you could control the trolls and anonymous posters, also. And if that wasn't possible, they should at least have Speaker or one of the admins regularly create new threads. Having one thread a day or one every couple of days is ridiculous - no one should have to sit down and try to read 1,000 posts at a time just to catch up. I try to get through one, get busy with something, come back to it and refresh, then can't find my place again. Again, frustrating!

ghost recon and oblivion

Fixed your comment Puck:


Oh please, I would god down so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you!

Sorry, I don't take food from strangers. Especially when I've never heard of it before. Nice tie, though...
*pulls away* Thanks, but please don't hug me. I'm a "personal space" person. Appreciate the thought, but you're creeping me out.
Of course, quite a lot creeps me out. I'm a conspiracy theorist, paranoid, obsessive compulsive, and epileptic. (By the way, if any clues flash or flicker quickly, y'all will just have to fill me in. Can't watch it.)
Maybe this list will explain my personality a bit.

'I'm stuck in this pit, working for less than slave wages, working on my day off, the steel shutters are closed, I deal with every backward-assed fu** on the planet, I smell like shoe polish, my ex-girlfriend is catatonic after fu**ing a dead guy, and my present girlfriend has sucked thirty-six dicks.'

well bewildered

i think there just red!


im too tired to fiure stuff out tonight, just want to feel like im particiapting slightly!

Fosters. Australian for beer.


This post is total fluff. Fluff like PB&Fluff. Or a fluffy pillow. You know. That kind of fluff. Look at all the fluff! I love fluff!


Seriously though, let's lighten up on Lys folks...

'I'm stuck in this pit, working for less than slave wages, working on my day off, the steel shutters are closed, I deal with every backward-assed fu** on the planet, I smell like shoe polish, my ex-girlfriend is catatonic after fu**ing a dead guy, and my present girlfriend has sucked thirty-six d&^ks.'

I hope none of you actually think that the Hanso Adoptions page is real...

amlocke- I assume you meant "would go down" and no I wouldn't!

daz Ghost Recon is sick, havent played Obliv yet.

*ignoring all those who dis our little community* here's a movie quote for yaz:

I am a big fan of the "Everybody's got to pee" theory of assassination.

MisterFrosty- CLERKS! I just watched that movie last night!



hey its Ashley! long time no see!

wow Daz... she let you get one huh :D

off to play recon ttfn


Zukitten, you are strong but know your enemy.

If you take me down it is only because I want you to.

I took you down as I did your master.

I am the master now and soon you will be a cage.

*blushes at mister frosty's last post*


Daz - prepare to give up an easy 20+ hours of your life to Oblivion alone



Ugh, the idea of a male me...

It's Lys (leese), short for Elizabeth, not Lysander!
And I pitty the poor guy who's mom named him Lysander.

Hey Brian! =) I've been making myself scarce until some real action starts goin on around here...

lol, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who likes that movie so much that it absolutely required caps. :)


yes...... on the deal I dont buy a playstation 3 when they come out lol

Lys... if your pet peeve is spelling and grammer, mine is people who say that they dont want to read the thread but have an idea. It says "I cant be bothered to read what you have spent hours debating, but I think you should listen to me"

the matador


One medium ice sculpture.

yo go shedevil! i just saw it last night - great movie!

here's one of my favorite quotes-"why don't you make like a tree and get the f**k outta here!"

Ashley, hopefully that happens soon :)

Everyone else- I know we're at wits end with the lack of clues but stop taking it out on Lys!

WOLFE- I can't be caged, any redhead will tell you the same. However, I know of plenty wolves in cages...

Here's one:

"Booty traps."

"You mean booby traps."

"That's what I said! Booby traps!"

Lys, don't worry someone thought I was a boy also at first. I set them straight :) Then someone thought I should use a hypen in my name.. They never came back after I had my say.

'Gozar was very big in Samaria.'

Hey amlock,

I have two words for you:

You have no business critizing anyones sexual preferences.

My blog was down also wierd right

seth - boondock saints

Oops. Pity. not Pitty.

And I'm also a teetotaler and don't like swearing. I was going to ask y'all to keep your dirty language to yourselves, but now I think I'll get drawn and quartered for it.

Someone very wise told me once that swearing just proves you're too stupid to learn real words.
Now I know you all are smart, so why do you act dumb?

Ashley- Goonies, a classic

seth -- Back to the Future?

Ashley I love the Goonies! Rocky Road? HaHa.


Mr Frosty - Ghostbusters!

My blog was down also wierd right

Lys, no offence. For all I knew, your name was an acronym for Lick Your Self. :) It's not an obvious nickname. Sorry, ma'am!

I didn't criticize his preference did I? I just fixed his statement.

Someone very wise told me once that swearing just proves you're too stupid to learn real words.
Now I know you all are smart, so why do you act dumb?

Posted by: Lys | July 13, 2006 at 12:40 PM

Never mind guys... Tear Lys a new one.

"Sex is like pissing. People take it much too seriously."

Ashley I love the Goonies!
Rocky Road? HaHa

Brian: here's a sticker.. it's the price tag from my new lighter but it's a sticker nonetheless.

Lys. Seek help. Seek professional help right now.



one large goober flavoured sno-cone.

One last one and I must be going:

"Oh, right, to call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people! I've known sheep that could outwit you! I've worn dresses with higher I.Q.s!"


Goonies is my all time favorite movie.

Okay, how about this one:
"Has anyone ever said to you at work: 'Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays?"

"No. Hell naw. I reckon you'd get your ass killed if you said something like that."

Office Space :) Great Flick

fish called wanda !! woohoo


Whipped Daz, your whipped!


amlocke- I'm a her!

harcar-best movie ever! i hope part 2 does eventually come out

I think I just broke my desk banging my head against it.

frosty - a fish called wanda

ashley - office space (great movie, btw)

Okay, I'm bored with this already.
What do we do now?

"Yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's a** when it hopped."

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

way to go allison! frida is one of my favorite people, although i'm not too fond of salma hayek, she was ok in the movie.

Ashley, wanna set things on fire?

harcar-i am very fond of Salma Ahyek, especially in Desparado grrrrrr


A big snowball right in the butt.

Okay one more:

"Awhile ago, this humongous comet came crashing into the Earth. Bam! Total devastation. End of the world at we know it--no celebrities, no cable T.V., no water. It hasn't rained in 11 years. Now, 20 people gotta squeeze inside the same bathtub. So, it ain't all bad."

Oooooh, I'd love to!

On the subject of improving the board though, a spell checker would not go amiss.

I have to keep www.onelook.com open in another window cause my speelin is jus that badd.

I mean really, is amiss one word or two? Thanks to onelook I know it's one but still and even so it would be nice if we had a spell checker onsite:)

seth - part 2 to frida??? she died man!

oops, ayhek=Hayek

shedevil - Apocalypse Now

Now first off, I warned you you might be offended, which is more than you've done with your f-words and crude remarks. So, as you all have said before in many ways "If you can't take it, go away."
I'm hanging around, tolerating it. You can tolerate me too, can't you?

I am RIGHT with you one people who don't read what came before. That's why this is frustrating. I feel I must make sure I'm not repeating people, so I have to sift through everything. Quite often there's hundreds of posts to sift through, and I can't be on the computer for long or I get headaches (side-effect of epilepsy).
Now we're all just whining. I'm going to take a nap and see if I'm nicer afterwards.
Don't post too much! :-P

haracr-no, All Saints Day, part 2 of Boondock

You all need a diversion... Let me think... hmmmm...

I know!

Go here:


shedevil - Apocalypse Now

Cadfile, misspell things, I like it. Screw em if they don't know what you're saying.


While your hair expresses your personality(Fiery and Unpredictable) it also shows your weakness.


instead of a nap, why not take a hike?

can anyone make this page flash really quickly like in Dragon Ball Z?

Wolfe- I only have two weaknesses and I don't think that you know either of them!

it a fct pple cn stll rd wht yur sying wthout spllng crrectly...


Hey party people........ Whats the ne leak? password? Webpage?.... CMON!!! GIMEE SOMETHING!!

amlocke-nice one!

Is Lys really gone? B/c, seriously, I don't think I could take much more of her. Do we have to have this same convo every f***ing day? (Oh, sorry, "fraking day.")

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed... or buy anything sold or processed... or process anything sold, bought or processed... or repair anything sold, bought or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that"

Hahaha, I was almost tempted to write "the EFF word" a bunch of times but figured it wouldn't be very productive and would take a lot of space.
But then I also thought that quoting movies back and forth is also unproductive (is that a word? anyone a GRAMMAR teacher around here?? anybody?) so to hell with it.

Seth--Sequel to Boondock Saints? OMG!! When?

although i am partial to witty snide remarks, i hafta say just ignore the snotty people.

So I just started reading other people's posts.

So I'm not the bad guy today.


That should change, but I have to work!

Puck- Is one of them pink unicorns with long pretty purple tails?

Say Anything

Lys --
This is not meant as mean, but as helpful: The comment section does get long. If you want to make sure that you are not repeating, try using the search function on your browser.
Every browser has one, and usually the keyboard shortcut is Control (or Apple) F.

Oooh Leighsa, I likes em fiesty.... Is that how you spell that, who fraking cares!

I think this will work. Thanks Leighsa

That was a Tank Gilr , btw.

One to poner while I'm gone:

'I've had plenty of Joe jobs. Nothing I'd call a career. Let me put it this way, I have an extensive collection of name tags and hair nets.'


Only people with low self-esteem tend to cut other people down. You seem like you are very skillful in that area. Maybe if you spent more time on yourself rather than talking smack about other people you might make a friend not only here but in real life as well. So pull the corn cob out and move on.


"Say Anything"

What do I win?

ARGH! ON, not ONE!
Eye halve a spelling chequer...
Anyone ever heard that one?

Brian, I thought you were my one advocate. *sniff*

And the "Don't post too much" was said in the nicest way, okay?

Instead of a nap, how 'bout I have a nervous breakdown, call Mittlewerk, and confess that I know everything and am really Hanso's nures, and he's having a heart attack and I don't know what to do because Pen and Persephone are coming for tea any minute and...boohoo!!!

Did that make you grin, at least?

Oops.. Ashley won that...


What does she win?

ashleebear-not sure when, it was supposed to have been 2006, but it has been delayed for some reason.

Man, remind me never to dis this board. You people are mean lol.

I did disagree with her thouh so don't hurt me...

Lys, it was a joke, but you really can't tell people whatto do. It's not your right. We didn't tell you how to post. It's common courtesy.


There are two ways to put out a fire.

You can try to use water to drown it or you can get it so hot that it will burn its self out.

*Slap on Puck's A$$*

MF -- the same movie that I quoted from, though I guess mine was too tricky. :)

FOR LYS: Only people with low self-esteem tend to cut other people down. You seem like you are very skillful in that area. Maybe if you spent more time on yourself rather than talking smack about other people you might make a friend not only here but in real life as well. So pull the corn cob out and move on.

Ashley- NOOOO! How did you guess my weakness?! :)

I love the turn of events that usually happen around here...
First is was WOLFE, then it was, well. I don't really know. But hahahah, there's always someone, it's "Mob Mentality."
Haven't you guys ever seen To Kill A Mockingbird?


All of my comments are in good fun, don't take offense.

And if you do take offense to ramblings over the INTERNET, you should get checked.

For VD.

Man, I need to just get off work already.
Sorry guys.

Yup, ashleebear you got it first

Is the BOX around?

would anyone else like to see lys have an epipleptic seizure?! anyone?

Aw, Seth, that was mean.
Don't kid about that, it's some dangerous stuff man.

:::raises hand slowly:::

Don't you mean the Jar WOLFE?

Seth shame on you. NOT!

I just gotta say that was brillant FleaFlicker LOL. That's the first thing I'm saying to my boss tomorrow ...and probably the last hehehe.

I love that :)

Fleaflicker: Sorry, really. I don't mean to take others down, honest I don't. I think you guys bring out the worst in me. And that DOESN'T mean y'all are bad, just that the combination of me and you is bad.

WOLFE: I should think you'd be happy that I'm drawing all your flak. Or maybe you're like me and don't feel fulfilled unless at least one person in your life doesn't understand you.

1. The jab at swearing was meant to be food for thought, not an insult.
2. My behavior: This happened on the last forum I was on. I came from the womb determined to change the world. I will settle down. I just like to throw all my ideas out at once. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't. It's worth a try.
I have got to stop reading the responses. I can't shut up. It's not in me. ARGH!

i think we have another TTT in our midst with the mile long posts! what you reckon guys, lys is another TTT. They both come on here with ' I am mightier than thou' routine

check check, one two

plus bewildered, the only facinating bit of stuff on the out of game adoption site is this old buddy old pal!

have a goosy gander at this little puppy!


that'l get ya gooseberries-a-dangling!!!!

I just finnished catching up, and I for one don't require "FUN" tags, I always lmao at you guys. Besides its my understanding that Speaker wants it this way, hence childhood picks and tumbleweeds.

Thanks Cadfile. :)

Anyone else feel like it should be Friday already?


Thanks I'm gonna dd that pick to my 'spank bank' folder.

Now something on topic...
I think that GG sounds an awful lot like Penny Widmore.

Spank Bank


Lys--OMG!! BACK OFF! I know I should just ignore you, but people like you (at least, the way you come off) bug the sh** out of me!! You are not going to change anyone here! So take your own advice and ignore the posts you don't like! I have a job & a life, and I manage to skim through the clutter just fine. And sometimes, I come here FOR the "FLUFF"--I need some outlet for my vast useless movie trivia.

OK, rant over. I will now take my own (and everyone else's) advice & ignore the Blog Nazis.

April - we talked about that already. In fact, I had mentioned it at one point.

While GG is probably Hugh's girlfriend, she does sound like PW.

Okay, I have a dilemma I need your guys' help with:
My boyfriend has this old Backgammon board at home. He taught me to play a couple months ago, and I've been playing online when I'm bored at work.
BUT, even with all this practice- I NEVER can beat him!
Does anyone know any strategy to this game that might help?

that'l get ya gooseberries-a-dangling!!!!

Posted by: bigsugad | July 13, 2006 at 01:03 PM

THAT is hilarious! reminds me of dingleberries... *wink, wink, nudge nudge...*

*repeats like a mantra*

ignore the boar
ignore the boar
ignore the boar...

*gets in a meditation pose*


Allison, I saw that you had mentioned that before just wanted to second it, that actress has a very distinctive voice.

Leighsa: I have a shiny new Zippo and maybe some lighter fluid, what should be light first?

Ok, back from laundry...

Seems to me the biggest issue we have in this blog is gender confusion !! :)

(And no, I'm not addressing sexual orientation, just referring to pronouns!)

I think it's just the accent AprilisLost. I thought she sounded like Rose Tyler when I first heard her even though they don't really 'sound' alike it was their accents that where similar. Then again it could be Penny. :)

Poor Rose. :( Now I am all sad. I need my dancing banana video....


dingle-dangle, its all the same man!


"Beware the Self-righteous for to change you they would kill others before they would change themselves."

If change is all you seek then you deserve what you have gotten. The journey to find truth is the only path for the righteous. And truly righteous person never believes they have ended thier journey.

May someday may you find the path of the righteous man.

Until then, Stop Flaming...you suck at it!

Namaste B****!

Ashley: for your initiation into the Lost pyromaniac club... start with the teetotaller

April and Allison...

I'll bet you $50 bucks that Penny Widmore NEVER appears during the "experience".

Skirtz, maybe we should have Lys style tags stating our gender before each post. lol

sorry bigsug that was me
i really don't think dingleberries are the same...

I think we have the same "we're not going to change the damn board" conversation everyday!

Wow, I just agreed with the WOLFE... something is really wrong.

Vexing - I DO think its a stretch they would use Penny. That being said, the first thing I thought when I heard the recording was "Wow, that sounds like Penny Widmore." It is improbable, but then again, so was RB being P at first.

Leighsa: They can't be as much fun to light as say... a lush?


Oh man, is it ZuDay yet?

Where is Rachel?

Ashley - I love backgammon, I'm just not very good at it... I can beat the game on my phone, but only on the easy setting

Vex, your probably right, but its a theory. It would be cool though.

Well put WOLFE!

Just a quick intervention on the penny/GG

Just to let you know, American TV shows tend to make out that US ENGLISH, all speak 'plum in mouth' or the 'queens english' like Penny & GG, so for that fact i really dont think its the same person at all, and in earlier posts on RB's site it clearly stated on two pics, one of Hugh and another of an old guy married "dont the two women in either pic look familliar?"

any one remember that??

So unless Penny's a compltete droopy draws, im thinking itssomeone else!

*rant over*

No, not improbable, IMPOSSIBLE.

It would be a spoiler for people who haven't seen the last season.


There we go. All beter :)

Ashley - PS - I found this website, don't know if it's useful...


I come here in search of the truth. My journey may take me in different places then other but I respect that. I only have a problem with people who tell me how to walk my path.

Dictators are not teachers.

Aprilislost --
yes, those tags are vital. I'll be sure to include mine. ;)

****Spoiler Alert*****
Mittlewerk's "spirited debate" is actually "sprited debate". It is supposed to be entered into the sublymonal.com input box and writing appears talking about how how governments are a part of a game involving judges and the definitions of various debate types.

WOLFE, dont' step on the cracks.

Thanks Cadfile, I needed that!!

*nod head at Fleaflicker*


Well I have started talking about the "path of Righteous man" it is only a matter of time before lys will know my name is the lord.

Thanks Skirtz!

See ya'll Zuday!
Bye Bye :(

Gunslingers of eld: That's just a reading from Wiki... unless I'm wrong..?

bye flea

bisugad- It wasn't the accent that made me think of penny more the quality of her voice.
vex- like I said you're probably right because of the spoiler thing, but if they never show her on camera and only refer to her has GG they could still get away with it.

was the seizure comment that mean? she did say we were all stupid you know

im out of here folks, see you on zuday!

spirited debate

"it is adept breed"

Hey guys, this may be old, but I just found another podcast on djdan's site.

If you go to the podcast archive page, there is a sublymonal add on top. You can type in anything, and it will spell "pyramids". (It used to spell lymon.) After you have gotten pyramids to be typed at least once, look at the pyramid icon at the bottom of the page. It should have a yellow-green "no" sign on it. Click on it, and it will take you to a podcast dated 7/5.

Is this new, or old? I noticed there was not a podcast titled 7/5 on the archive page. Thanks!

quality ofher voice?


nevermind - it's old!

Lay the smackdown on her candyass WOLFE.

Allison, that's old, sort of it's the last DJ Dan podcast that we've gotten.


You know I think we should start a conversation about he ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the Hanso Foundation.

After all they are here for us.


i found it quite hilariously funny in a bitter and spitefull kinda way. but i allways enjoy kickin the underdog hard when he/she's down!

seth -
Well, it was mean if she really has epilepsy. I have a close friend that suffers from it very badly and it's anything but funny.

However, if she was throwing that in just to be a pain in the a$$, then she should rot in hell because it is even nastier to say that.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like spelling like crap, and using really bad grammer whenever Lys is around?

Brian- BYE!

(that second comment being if she doesn't really have it -- heck, you know what I mean.)


i found it quite hilariously funny in a bitter and spitefull kinda way. but i allways enjoy kickin the underdog hard when he/she's down!

Wow, once agian it looks like lack of good clues is leading to violence. Don't know what I issed but looks like Wolfe is on the war path. You know people I think he is very missunderstood. He makes some valad points at times. Hopefully this game picks up before someone gets shot. *looks at Zombified dlesh with bullet holes*

cya Ashley! Be here tomorrow?


She will know she's in trouble when I ask her for a bite of her burger.

Too true THE WOLFE, without THF there would be no Lost. lol ;)

epi posts (sorry) lol

Wolfe,Only if its a Big Kahuna Burger, which I've heard is one tasty burger.

thank you bigsugd, at least someone shares my twisted sense of humor.

can we not watch past episodes of lost on abc.com anymore??

I knew a girl that had epilepsy, we used to satnd her up and put our damp washing on her to give it a spin dry.

I knew you were in game. Because next youu will ask for a drink of her SPRITE(tm).

I knew a girl that had epilepsy, we used to satnd her up and put our damp washing on her to give it a spin dry.

oh man.
that was funny and effed up at the same time

harcar wrote:

"can we not watch past episodes of lost on abc.com anymore??"

It did two weeks ago when I watched some.

hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey hey

sorry, on that really poor poor excuse for a joke im gonna run before the daggers come out!!

speak lata

in pyramid
poems because
they are so fun!

I have to run, too.
Have fun (tagged, of course, lmao) and see you on Zuday!!



My girlfriend is a Vegetarian, which pretty much means I'm a Vegetarian, too. But I do love the taste of a good burger.







much have

What a poetic board, how can people not love this!

oh quickly

any one here listened to:


Listen to it now, and listen to the lyrics, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! its all about Mittlewerk for shizzle!!!







Finally caught up. Went to lunch and came back with TONS to read- but I love it. I have been to many Lost boards and this one is my favorite, off topic fluff, curse words and all :)
I think there is something wrong when I am starting to like wolfe :)

Let's all remember the hanso foundation fondly...



I know I've lost my mind, I was going through withdrawls yesterday while this site was down. Then when I got home I found out some yahoo had gone and crashed into a tree which took out a powerline,that left me without power all night so I couldn't even watch Lost. I was about ready to scream.

wow we are really partying now!

Ok, I need to walk away from this game or something... I saw this headline "Speaker Hastert Admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Skin Infection" and my first thought was "Oh poor Speaker!!"
(It was on my RSS News Feeds right under the Lost Ninja's feed, so I got a little confused!)


You like be bacause you're on the path for a righteous man.

And I had so missed that Lady welcoming us to the site.

"Speaker Hastert Admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Skin Infection"


LOL@skirtz,I've done the same thing... such a sad sad thing

theres a new thread folks

Preach on, brother! :)

Skirtz: TLEC stands for The Lost Experience Clues.

WOLFE: Heh, did u know that that guy you flamed yesterday is the founder of TLEC?

Pandora - ok I wasn't sure if you were referring to TLEC itself or some other blog... Thanks for the answer tho!

Sorry bout that skirtz, confused what we're discussing! Meet ya in the new thread...

if you put in debating in the sublymonal.com input box you get cs:Kategorie:Diskutovani with accent marks over the a and last i in Diskutovani. Does anyone know what this means in English?

Aww-Wolfe you actually acknowledged me :)
I used to be on the path.. not so sure anymore :)
used to be in LAW, but not currently... Just can't get rid of that name because I have had it for so long.

Going to the new thread to post my answers to a bunch of stuff. Feel free to ignore, if you feel you must.

someone just sent me an email with "rules" in it and I thought you guys might enjoy this one:
Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often.

gunslingers of eld - I don't know about the cs part, but Kategorie: Diskutovani just means Category: Debate. i don't know what language it is though

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