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New Narrows Bridge

Narrows' rail bridge a big delivery

Nine massive steel girders for the new Narrows central rail bridge were lifted into place in a series of complex operations.

Weighing up to 94 tonnes each and at up to 54 metres long each, the girders were transported to the river from Kwinana.

Narrows Bridge
A girder is lowered into place


The new bridge will carry southbound trains and was constructed in the six metre gap between the two existing Narrows traffic bridges.

The northbound trains will run on the existing northbound bridge, which is being strengthened, and traffic lanes realigned.

Preparation for the girders was underway for more than six months.

Structural supports known as piles were driven into the ground under the river to support the new bridge, and detailed plans were made for the safe delivery and installation of the girders.

The girders were delivered on weekends, to minimise the impact on traffic.

They were lowered in with a crane so some traffic lanes needed to be closed.

Careful attention was also paid to the weather as installation could not be done in high wind.  


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